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Syrian Troops Are Close To The Biggest Victory In The War

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Militant groups that operate in Aleppo city are in panic.

On December 6, government forces took control of the neighborhoods of Sheikh Lutfi and Marjeh. On December 7, the Syrian army and its allies liberaed the Old Aleppo and entered the areas north and east of the Aleppo Citadel.

Member groups Jaish al-Fatah and Fatah Halab militant coalitions announced that they are ready to withdraw from the city under a deal with the government.

A large group of militants already surrendered to government forces.

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Red Tick Alert

Sweet. Hey America – are you watching ?. Never again will you ruin a Country.

Pave Way IV

Red Tick Alert – Have YOU been watching? America and their Israeli/Saudi masters have been planning a war with Iran for decades. They’ve been conditioning the U.S. population lately with phrases in the MSM with outright lies like “Iran – the biggest sponsor of state terrorism in the Middle East”. The New York Times, Washington Post and CNN bark out this line whenever they can in their fake news. The demonization of Iran has been going on for years.

The U.S./Saudi/GCC/Israeli failure in Syria is not going to prevent them from moving on to Iran. In fact, it makes the long-planned war more likely. Trump can do nothing to stop it – the wheels are already in motion. Expect a false flag or some other provocation to drag Iran into a war in the next few months – that’s the way the cowardly neocon psychopaths in my country work, guaranteed.

And while I recognize some people in Europe are waking up (Ole Johansen’s post below), their governments are still lapdogs to the U.S. – the European politicians WILL drag their countries into the U.S.-backed Iranian war even though they have no reason to do so. Anyone opposing the Iranian war in the West will be labeled a ‘terrorist supporter’ and their opinions will be censored on the internet or their web sites attacked by the U.S. government and it’s European cronies. All MSM news during the Iran war will be filtered through layers of censorship and the alternative media will be shut down.

Nothing has changed.

Red Tick Alert

With you on all respects BUT and a big but … a million man march against the Iraq invasion will become a 2 million man march against any other. How many times have you seen this – http://www.trueactivist.com/watch-the-moment-british-soldiers-throw-war-medals-to-floor-with-these-powerful-words/

We support our troops – our troops support us. We are the UK NOT AMERICA.

Tommy Jensen

Sorry to depress you, but they were only 3, heroes yes, but the cowards are still the majority.

Red Tick Alert

They are not cowards – they are dumbed down a-holes.

Pave Way IV

Protest marches? Yeah, I’ll support you, but I have to go with Snordster on effective solutions. Our leaders are psychopaths – they don’t care what ‘little people’ like us think or how loud we complain. You can’t shame them into morality; they are incapable of understanding the concept.

Red Tick Alert

Nice. Saved for tomorrow.


Those FORMER politicians that we just “unelected” NOW care.


You are right about the Iranian demonization going on for decades now . When I try to point out that Saudi Arabia and its Wahhabi form of Islam is the problem , I miss . Iran is the first completely literate , Islamic nation , with the only Caucasian population. This reverse racism seems to be the foundation of US and Israeli fears . What if not that is it ?


Maybe they just fear people who will not kill each other on demand?


We’ll see about that. Isn’t it about time whiners got off their tails and started fighting back? Instead of lamenting our losses, try standing up and working together for a WIN.

Anybody can whine…but it takes good people to stand up and refuse to accept defeat.

Dave Gray

I like the way many in the west have woken up including me, and are on the side of Russia Russia has held the moral high ground in this conflict and the Americans have shown their true face for the whole world to see .. lets hope Trump works closely with the Russians and Syrians and also removes the sanctions from Russia that are only really hurting the average working Russian .

John Whitehot

and I like the way the zionists try everything they can to deflect the public attention from who are the real “regime changers”. America’s population has been treated like idiots and retards by the zionist led establishment, thousands of US soldiers have died not to protect their nation, but to enforce the interests of jews which admittedly ( to quote Sharon) “Are the ones who control the American people”. And what I like even more, is that the goddamned tricks (the zionists) don’t have a clue on how to stop populations from opposing them every day harder. Apparently, all the money of the world and total control over the medias is not enough – it’s going to become a “lose-lose” scenario for them, all because Russia intervened in Syria. Lmao.

solomon mlambo

I couldn’t agree more with you. Westerners must give credit where it is deserved. Russia is the defender of planet and at the cost of limb and blood. Remember WW11. They liberated Europe from the West’s own project (Hitler). That war was the pope’s and the West’s against their equal project (communism). The Russians must be God’s own human warriors. Lets all rally behind Trump and make the World a better place.


If Trump is to face down the establishment AND their globalist masters, he’s gonna need all the help he can get.

Karai Puku

It happens from time to time. Vietnam, Cambodia – who remembers Cambodia ? Well, Kissinger does. And he feels absolutely no responsibility. It had to be done. So don’t count on humanity, reason, responsibility. Even if something has to be done, it doesn’t mean one is not responsible for the consequences. Worse still, if some political or military strategy shows itself false, leading into slaughter, crime, destruction, the responsibles will deny responsibility. But… It is not entirely different with Russia, or China, only less so. Less power, less options. The world needs Russia and China to keep U.S. in balance, but we also need U.S. to keep Russia and China at bay.

Gary Wells

I’m sure all the surviving family members of the millions of victims of US imperialism in dozens of countries all over the globe would not agree at all with you. The US is a liar, thief, rapist, and murderer.


correction: the USURPERS in charge of the US are liars, thieves, rapists, and murderers.

Gary Wells

I think the Pilgrims started lying, stealing, raping, and killing the native people with whom they celebrated the first Thanksgiving about ten years after the event, so while I agree that there are many good people in the US, I am not convinced that people in charge have been anything other than amoral criminals/


”The world needs Russia and China to keep U.S. in balance, but we also need U.S. to keep Russia and China at bay.” There is no equivalence with Anglo/Imperialism, aka, the New World Order. Neither Russia nor China has territorial nor economic ambitions comparable to Wall Street/London/Brussels. Study carefully Russia and China’s economic plans. Its a multi polar world.


liberals always try to play it off as if they’re no worse than anybody else…after all – shouldn’t EVERYBODY get a trophy?

Karai Puku

I accept your point. But there is, or was Chechenya, or Tibet. I understand position of Russia, and that fighting in Gorki was supported by Saudis, and CIA, but the human toll was enormous Similar with Tibet, occupied by foreign power. Maybe it’s unrealistic, but Europe is now a home of nations, and sooner or later even small nations will have a sovereignty – a type of statehood, borders are not important if you can move freely, and if people on the wrong side of the border, minorities, have their rights. But we would not have it all without Russia. So understand that strategically there is no serious difference between Europe and Russia now. But we all have to thread lightly, to walk cautiously, to talk sincerely


Maybe is someone needed to keep Russia and China at bay, but not the U.S.! Trump wants to build a wall around the USA? Well, so do a roof over it and call it the largest institution for dangerous madness and let no one get out!



Ejnar Ekstroem

Great, promising news this Christmas month.

Gabriel Hollows

Life sentence for those who surrender, slaughter the rest. Death to Israel and their goyim slaves.


I see you storming the streets of Aleppo, leading the charge as Arabs kill Arabs. oh wait, you are sitting home in your basement and never did a thing. My bad.

Ole Johansen



Okay, let me wade into this for a second. It was never the strong in the US who got the country into all this. It was the weak. After GW I left office, a new kind moved into power. Most of these have only faced a decent paper cut, at best. To be blunt, it is the 300lb fat dudes and chicks, who can´t even get out of their own way or some skinny book worm, sniper minded little punk, who was good at politics and liked the money, who fomented this crap. I know I am being a bit simplistic and perhaps judgemental but, I am not that far off the mark.

But, the stronger are guilty of stupidity and blindness; myself included. We trusted these people to live as we were taught, not betray humanity itself. I can´t roll back the years and repair what was done. However, I stopped supporting this maniacal method of dealing with humanity a long time ago. It is not treason. I remember my oath; foreign and domestic. So, being done with weapons decades ago, I will still be out here telling it the way I see it; so suck it up.

Well done SAA and your supporters.

John Whitehot

Thank you, very well said.

Ole Johansen

In Norway they are getting tired of the main stream news, and I can see that on facebook but also even more in the comment fields. The Norwegian people are getting sick and tired of being subjects for brainwashing “NATO Style”.

Last time there was some fakenews presented by the one of the largest newspapers (VG)about Syria and the “bad Assad” and the cruel way wipe out civilians in Aleppo the “crowd went ballistic”, and of like a 100 comments there was two that was not completely squashing the NATO/ US lies. It was a very nice moment for me to see that. That the crowds are raising up and they are not going to take it anymore.

Like 80% of the commentators said straight out that the US and west was behind the terrorist in Syria. There was NO doubt about that. Non took up the discussion.

There are a big change coming now. I consider my fellow Norwegians one of the most brainwashed populations on planet earth. Possibly the most.

As someone that smelled the rat at exact the 11th of September 2001, it is great to see that finally the masses are waking up and smelling that rat kind of smell the elite produces.

I will start to blog about conditions in Norway at my website http://www.fakenews.no in a short time and it will be not a nice experience for the elite in Norway.

We had it and its time to take back the power from bullshit like the Stoltenberg and others infiltrators in our nations… Hope to see you soon at my blog that will come to live throughout the weekend…

Tommy Jensen

Good to see you Ole.

michael Harrison

I’m seeing it in Canada too. The MSM sites that aren’t heavily censored still have comments sections full of people rejecting the narrative that Assad is evil and the terrorists are really “freedom fighters” who want democracy. More like Al-Qaeda is who they are.

Stephen Scott

Same in Australia. The weight of public comment rejecting the mainstream narrative(propaganda ) in one of our major publications got so great you can no longer comment on these articles. Free speech anyone?


“A large group of militants already surrendered to government forces”…CORRECTION…A large group of UNITED STATES INTERNATIONAL MERCENARY TERRORISTS surrendered to Syrian government forces.

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