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Syrian Troops Advance West Of Saraqib Amid Lamentation And Weeping Of Al-Qaeda Supporters

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Syrian Troops Advance West Of Saraqib Amid Lamentation And Weeping Of Al-Qaeda Supporters

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March 2 appeared to be a bad day for Al-Qaeda supporters and a fan club of Turkish Sultan-in-Chief Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Syria’s Greater Idlib.

Units of the Syrian Army, supported by Hezbollah and the Russians, retook the town of Saraqib from Turkish-led forces in eastern Idlib. Then, the Russian Defense Ministry announced that Russian Military Police officers had deployed in the town.

After this, Syrian forces continued their advance on positions of al-Qaeda and Turkish forces west of Saraqib capturing the villages of Jawbas and Tamaba.

At the same time, Syrian forces repelled a Turkish-led attack on the village of Kafr Nabul in southern Idlib retaking several nearby points.

Something strange also happened on the Syrina-Turkish border. Some sources claim that a Turkish military drone crashed in the area, while pro-Turkish sources accuse the ‘Assad regime’ of a rocket attack.

Erdogan’s short victorious war appeared to be a disaster for the Turkish military that demonstrated its inability to defeat the Syrian Army at a low cost.


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Turd-key thought its al-Qaeda and ISIS hordes would be the new janissaries of their new empire of beheaders. Lesson for Syria to have enough and effective AA and land countermeasures when campaigning against the terrorist invaders. It’s not the first time Syria has had to deal with the fact Russia needs to take the interests of its other partners into account for their Syrian operations.

Terence Silvestre Jr.

I Fell a bit best


Yes, yesterday was almost as bad as Jan 3rd and Soleimani’s assassination.
Wonderful that Russia is still backing Syria, yesterday’s events made people wonder. Russian Police in Saraqib deletes that question.

Still it did point out some weak points in SAA equipment, specifically drones. While Syria can not hope to match Turkey’s Air Force in fighter jets, with a little help from Iran, the drone Masters, it could at least have lots of recon and a few well armed Lightning Bolts.

Al Balog

Totally agree. I had the exact same tense vibe yesterday as when Soleimani died. What happened yesterday in Syria was either going to really bad, or really good. Thankfully, it was the latter with the SAA re-capture of Saraqib.






Looks like the Sultan of something has decided to pull his horns in and allow his army to scramble away from the Tigers Den with their skin mostly intact but with their morale being dragged along behind them the dust of Idlib. Nothing to look forward to now but a dressing down from Putin in 3 days time. Where oh where are al the fukin Jihadi/turki trolls now???? The place was only infested with them until reality knocked them for 7.

Tim Williams

TURK social media is still down to hide the massive setbacks the TURKS have been dealt


Ironically the Turk social media followers will realise that events must be dire, for the simple reason that if events had gone Erdo’s way he would have been pleased for his subjects to see his ‘success’ on Twitter etc..

Shia man

What’s the point in hiding their failures are they not proud of their so called Turkish hero’s deaths?
I never seen Hezbollah ever lie about the deaths of their soldiers they are actually proud of their martyrs


Turkey is waiting to hear NATO s reply to invoking article 5.
Article 3 was already vetoed by Greece.
If article 5 is not after upon by NATO, then for all intents ands purposes, turkey ceases to be a member of NATO.


Turkey hasnt been attacked other than in Syria as a result of its invasion so I dont see how Article 5 even applies.


Right. NATO is a military alliance not organized crime syndicate.


NATO is an organised crime syndicate though, Wegan.
There are thousands of dead in Afghanistan and Eastern Europe to prove that :)


The US has said that no US air support will be given to Turkey in Syria.

Britain is considering helping Erdo in Syria with a lot of hot air.

Tim Williams

SAA must take SARMIN


It should be a nonstop campaign until terrorists are back in Turkey where they belong.


Yeah, but like always in this war, in 3-4 days it is Erdo-Putin ceasefire time again.
Count on that. ;)


Hasn’t happend since the offensive for the M5 started and look where we are at now


And after Erdos treachery is abusing Russia’s ’24 hour unarmed drone agreement, I doubt there will be a ceasefire until the Turkish border is in Syrian hands.


Terrorists families are already moving there.

Mack Dane

As an avid SF reader, I can assure you that the great SAA has been making gains for 9 years now. They must be at the doorstep of Tokyo, Japan by now!

fayez chergui

God bless all for that victory


Latest reports sound good:
-Massive Russian troops surge (100s)
-Massive equipment arriving (supposely Tanks, Anti-Air, Figher planes and more goodies)
-Mil. Police will make sure Saraqib will stay with SAA
-SAA and Iranian air defenses in Idlib too, and rumored Russian experts arraving too.
-Turkish troops have been pretty quiet today
-Maybe enough time to push for M4 before new Erdogan-Putin deal
-All in all stepped up support from Russia, but also from Iran and Hezbollha (their shock troops were critical in taking Saraqib together with SAA elite units)
-US will not give Patriots to Erdo, maybe other NATO will, i doubt it
-Russia seems to have learned from the latest miss analysing of Erdogans intention (the multiple hours after Russian killed 33 turks, where Erdogan had Idlib airspace for his drones for himself).
That seemes to have changed Russian course, and the new surge in support seems to represent this tougher approach.

Sadly we are far from what we hoped a week ago would happen (taking M4, Jish Al Jugur and Idlib City).
But at least it is not a wider breakdown of defense lines, as could have happend had the airspace stayed open.
Now, if Turkey is not going to fully invade and delacre war, at least these gains seem secured for now.
The next operations may be sadly many months away, but maybe the new deal with suprise us positivly.

A pretty good day, comparing with the last. So lets hope till the Putin-Erdogan deal we see some nice progress by SAA, and making Erdos leverage smaller..


To add: The supposed drone downing in SF article is BS. It is defentily a rocket attack. Not the smallest part of a drone, only a huge missile crater..


What was hit, do you have a link.


With luck the Putin-Erdogan meeting won’t end up in more time for Turdks/ISIS/al-Qaeda to regroup and rearm.


Had the offensive been without any major setbacks (as the last days definetly were), than Erdo would not have much leverage.
But now that he showed he is not only taking, and even likely to make true on his promise to fully declare war and invade.. He has much more leverage than we would hope.
Before Russia did not offer anything for Erdo but a 15KM safe zone from Turkish border, together with forcing erdo to pull out all troops from all occupied terrirorys, so he would have been removed from Syria but a 15km strip from the border.

We will see if Russia now offers him more than this 15Km border strip.
And by that we can see how strong Erdos position is. IMHO it is sadly stronger than most here want to believe. The looming threat of a full invasion and war is always on the table, and we all know SAA would not stand much of a chance then.
But at least the next days can provide some gains for SAA as additional leverage..


It’s NATO’s 2nd largest armed forces, but if reports are true that even Iranian forces in Syria have started launching missiles at the Turkish terrorists, then the field is more or less even, they’ve also got a lot of skin in the game after investing so much in keeping the Syrian government in place.


Why are they setbacks? The US had-chopping, heart-eating rapers and slavers have lost 1/3 of their Idlib enclave, the Sultan has done a mini-Russia to prop them up, re-captured a town and some fields then been trounced. This is what wars are like when one side doesn’t have an overwhelming advantage but the mathematics of attrition favour the Allies.

Tudor Miron

My view is that it is Turkey despite looking big doesn’t have resources (political and material) needed for a full fledge war against Syria.


Are you training people in here to expect less and at the same time praising Russian help. We know that Russia helps but it does it in doses, treating the other Syrian allies and Syria lice addicted and the big boss decides the size of the dose that b*l sh*ting. Russia is negotiating its interests and with its terms the longer it takes the better for the Russian interests, they don’t care about the peoples suffering.

Angry Guy

Yes things have changed to the better.

But can anyone tell me wtf has happened with Syrian/Russian air defense
because they are still beeing attacked by turkish drones with no problem
it seems?

Either Pantsirs/Buks are ineffective because of jamming or
does Russia still playing games with syrian soldier lives? I hope those
reports are only turkish propaganda otherwise Russia can expect drastic
decrease in sales of their AD weapons.

Also why are not syrian migs
flying cap missions and shooting down drones if air defense was
destroyed? Does Syria even have any of the mig-29 left?

Tim Williams

TURK electronic RADAR jammers .. took the Russians several days to isolate it and neutralize it ….


Tudor Miron

That is if you do believe in Turkish stories of their mighty drone attacks taking away thousands of Syrian tanks etc.


You are pumping the numbers to the sky

MeMad Max

Alot of the drone kills were also attacks on the kurds.
So the videos making it look like the SAA was getting decimated were actually kurds getting slaughtered.

We also know that at least 5-8 turkish drones have been downed thus far. Some crash in turkish/terrorist territory so they dont get much fanfare, we even know that the terrorists shotdown a turkish drone to boot.


Actually some, not a lot, were from Libya. A Pantsir was destroyed but in Libya a year ago and Turks spred it out.

Jens Holm

And as usual You are blindfolded for own losses.

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

did you not read the article? Syria is advancing, Reinforcements to fight a NATO governments armed forces had to arrive as Syria was prepared for al qaeda and a few extra munitions weapons. not full Turkey hostility.

Turkey won a round. now they are getting the cunt kicked out of them

Russia launched 14 cruise missiles on to saraqib from a boat miles away.

Iran has warned Turkey Turkey wasnt shooting iranians like the USA and israel have been

it isnt a computer game, logistics to bring weapons up to that frontline while turkey had the aerial upper hand was surprisingly swift

Damascus set up a no fly zone. russia said can no longer guarantee the safety of Turkish planes.

the frontline changed from heavily armed terrorists to a NATO members national airforce and army.

and Syria with the help of russia continues it’s advance


Great comment RPTC!

Jens Holm

Putting Nato into this is crap. Turks are their own only. Assads are not fighting Turkey at all.

Turks gave a warning for extra revenge only.

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

NATO wanted regime change, backed isis/al qaeda. all these terorrists in idlib were allowed safe passage from other terrorist stronglholds such as aleppo in the conflict. The whole place is just rabid NATO ‘assets’ Turkey is the only one in NATO claiming some responsibility, behind the scenes NATO are pleased with turkey taking the bad optics and will reward turkey further on down the line

Jens Holm

Nato is no Country and all Nato didnt support that at all. I have followed ít very well.
Denmark in thosematters has related us to USA as close as it goes anf therefore has been very active there, so I do know who is who very well.

After some time rvrn the closest friends of USA has reduced its help to USA in those matters and only passive defensive things. If there had been no attack by Turks to the SDF, whe should have send 20 minesweepers to the northern SDF.

So You can add GB and France. Nato has denied to support Turkey in their matters and only has accepted not to be against them. In the other hand thre has been a lot of bloacking from Turks against USA, GB and FRACE. Thats goes for Iraq as well.

The active Jihadists supporters main has been arabs and Turks.

And to that You can act the wsupport for SDFs being not Johadists but a kind of themselves.

We are a Nation operation in Iraq. Here we are asked to help against ISIS and to educate/teach the Iraqia Bagdad forces, which we alkl do.

BUT in those matters, we are not inveolved as such between them and IRAN. True we are more layal to USA then Iran. Its the same for sanction as fx EU. We do follow the USA advices but has some small openings as well.

And let me make one thing clear. We – as danes – hardly ever has liked or loved Iran, and the Ayatollah relgios state has made it worse. Here we ceratainly dont trust Iran by accident detonating its firs nuke in Teheran airport and like that.

You might name us as non enemies. In the old days we had very good relations building a lot of railroads adn bridges. But that is a long time ago.

Danes do their best being indeendent from the dirty oil an gas being inveters of the big windturbines. That might calm down fiigting for oil in ´ME. I hope that.

I write that fopr personal matters. At the same time danes were very active and good bridge construters, so it was easy to build semilars ones in Iran. Now one danish bridge is too old, and we build a new one, so I do know we were building bridges in Iran in 1937.

The few Iranians here seemes to be nice people when the live here and are well integrated. Most of them are from refugees parants and Gransparents. They marry across etnic borders being sekular muslims.,

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

UK, USA, France and a host of other NATO countries are involved in the destructions of libya, syria etc

Iraq told USA to fuk off out of there and USA will not leave. USA have trained a further 50k + terrorists on Syrian soil called the SDF.

you are full of shit and lying

Jens Holm

USA and we did leave 100%. You might need a calender. But when ISIL upraised and also Kaida gave it a try all the gifts and money to have a Iraqi forces was faked and corrupted away.

USA and and by Nato then was called in by Bagdads. You seemes to have that censured that away.

Thats why are many there and Nato by Jens Stoltenberg.

We have made the Irqian army as well as their airforce work again and we do our best every day and even pay for it. The other good reason is to keep ISIS down and declining.

Here USA and IRan has their own agenda, where I support none as well as our danish goverment.

So we get ballistic by Iran for helping training the Iraqi army and even pay for it.

You are very bad oriented. No one in Denmark treat guest as well as helpers and emplyed like that.

SDFs is not the same thing. AGAIN: Nato never has supported that. We have denied Turks any help having their own agénda i Syria as well apart from danes, australia and a few others were in Iraq with some few hardheaders of ours.

And as I can see it, You dont understand what SDFs are as well as they have an agenda much different from USA(and partly us).

I have never been for that at all, but I dont see Syria as a country and nver has the last many decades. Its a private own property oened and plundred bty the few naming themselves as Baathists.

Its an artificial construction, which never should have made. Its sonstructed as everlasting internal and even external problems, where You systematicly blame each other and even kil each other for nothing or selfconstructed lies.

People in the Outskirts from Damaskus has equal rights as anybody else. The other uprisers often are unimployed having no hop, no job. They just – for good reasons – has blamed Assads for no good.

And if they have used their voices, they systeaticly has been jailed, tortured and killed.

Thats no country RPTC.

A country includes people and invest in them, so all can get a better life.

Only the corrupt oil and gas thieves of Damaskus has that.

Thats my version,

I can only say, that if people treat You hard, if You use common knowledge, the last ans only solution is to shoot understand. Some people only understand bullets, because thats what they do themselves.

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

u might need a map, USA are using SDF forces to control syrian oilfields on the other side of the euphrates. Trump said he was moving troops out of northern syria. he didnt say syria, he redeployed them within syria . the part USA left is now under full control of russia

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

USA troops are embedded with SDF this is not a secret. Trump has even stated he is keeping syrian oil


I don’t think the footage are fake, they were posted in articles here and on RT (Russia Today) , your question is legit, we can only see what happens in the next days. Russia moving military in Saraqib is a good thing but I hope that is not the line Putin already dealt with Erdo


Im curious where did you get such fantasy stories about Turkish drones attacking Syrian air defences? Where did you see any single evidence of such attack? Do you see the difference between Turkish Baghdad Bob propaganda reality on the ground with Turkish drones getting shot down like flies?

Wayne Nicholson

“But can anyone tell me wtf has happened with Syrian/Russian air defense
because they are still beeing attacked by turkish drones with no problem
it seems?”

Apparently the Russian government misread Turkish intentions and shut down operations for a few hours against the advise of the Russian command in Syria in an effort to de-escalate with Turkey.

Take Turkish reports with a grain of salt. Most of the damage done to the SAA was with guided artillery not drones.

Good piece on it here https://ejmagnier.com/2020/03/01/erdogan-idlib-is-mine/

Jens Holm

Most people right here are highly blind biased ones. They ignore facts. I am sure half of the Turkish information is propganda and maybee a little more.

If I write what I think about it the many sheep here wll give me a minus. Soon after, I am mainly correct.

So I will give You one possibility. Erdogan promised a lot of revenge, if Assads killed Turks. Assads did and many. Those were not even soldiers fighting against Assads and Russians.

So I assume Turks get their sharp and hard revenge and stop – Or if Assads dont stop, might atack again.

Its very difficult for Erdogan to win this. Its a balance against the Russians. Since the wars in Iraq Turkey has had less and less friends. That is confirmeed by moving away from EU as well.

So now we Erdogan during 15 years made many problems bigger pretending they are themselves, and they are on own turf only according anything in Syria.

I m sure Turks could make Syrian and little helpers troops exhausted, so they could not move for a long period.

But do they dare. I see Turks as highlky maipulated, but if many coffins come home things might change.

In the other I see Assads. If they met Turks, they would be Nilling Nullingworth within a wek or two, if Russians didnt dare to support them as needed.

I can onkly see Assads are tired and trauatized but here and there also good veterans.

So this is the weatherrapport from here. Here it will be a rainy and cold day, so it will be a cleaning day and only the inside of the windows).

Let me finally reind You that Turks has 245 F16s and make them themselves. Thats an option for an Erdogan in his selfmade corner. But I dont think he dares.

Those migs are nothing compared with, what he has. Nothing.

MeMad Max

no deals…
Kill all the invaders.


TO ALL: Some emergency has come up, i sadly have no more time to answer anyones replies, and this will be the same for some days at least i fear.
All the best to the SAA and their supporters, and lets hope the Erdogan-Putin deal will not be too much like the last ones, and that Idlib will be liberated/cleaned soon!
And all the best to my fellow SAA supporters here, no matter if we may have different opinions or not. We all are united in our hope for a Jihadi free, souvereign and stable Syria!

Hanny Benny

Putins game runs on very long run
just endless if needed
the target:

see and learn
how to use the aggression of somebody
to destroy hisself!

..so he is maybe a crazy dwarf
but he is also PUTIN THE SAVIOR
(look at the map and you must give me right ;)

you have to get first turkey out of NATO, then destroy it easy ;)



Constellation 2023

With or without the help of the EU and the U.S., Turkey will not back off from its commitment to Idlib. At this point, Russia miscalculated Turkey’s reaction. The point is that the Russians did not understand how Turkey weighed the balance between the human cost of defending the last bastion of Syrian Sunnis (who also love the Ahl-e Bayt) and the long-term impact of the ethnic and religious cleansing Assad and Iranian mullahs had committed in Syria.

Tim Rutkevich

Turkey already backed off significantly. First, there were threats of closing Bosporus to Russian ships. The did not do that. Second, all threats Erdogan spitted were against Syrian government, not against Russians. Lastly, Russians have installed no fly zone over Idlib and told Turkey that Putin is busy now on March 5.

Ray Douglas

I suspect Erdogan has got his €6 or €7 or maybe more billions. Money talks and Euros talk as loud as any other currency.

Icarus Tanović

They have already have him Patriots long ago, but I doubt if will be of any help, as we have seen them in Yemen, where Yemenis on daily basis destroying Saudis Wahhabis scum hardware.
Sarmin is next.

Constellation 2023

While two-fifths of the country was under the occupation of the PKK and its derivatives as the U.S. proxies, Iranian mullahs and Assad (with the help of the Russian air force) came after the remaining 4 million Sunnis squeezed in Idlib. Turkey will not back down. Down with the savage Assad regime and its terrorist militias.


60 % of the SAA is Sunni, you have no idea of what your talking about.

Alberto Garza

this is a disaster for the turkish army the saa is weak its air force depleted and still defeated them.


All the way to Ankara. Yes you read me well, to Ankara.
Shakasvelli in the making.

Tim Williams

my gay lovers are dead … now I have to back to the goat …


[Imgur]comment image)


[Imgur]comment image)

Al Balog

And this is their love child ?
comment image


Very funny, thanks :)

Simplekindof Man

he’s saying ” come guys let’s have a quikie on this guy who’s head is buried in rubble at 0:36 ”
“Now before he goes cold”

Lone Ranger

Condolences to the fallen wahabimossad isis operators…
May they rest in pieces…

Lone Ranger

SAA is gaining Turkroaches are draining ;)

Lone Ranger

Glory too the SAA and Syria.

Lone Ranger

Hasbarats will cry and rage ;)

Tim Williams

USA again says no help to the TURKS … however they will provide humanitarian aid in the form of wooden caskets


Tim Williams

Twitter has suspended my top reporter embedded with the TIGERS



F*ck twitter and youtube and google and apple and yahoo all deep state tools.


and FB


Twitter’s a Ziocorporation, they will always support terrorists.

rightiswrong rightiswrong

Is he still off?

Tim Williams

yes … he was reporting about 3 hours ago … then it stopped

rightiswrong rightiswrong

Things must be going very bad for the Jewhadis if the social media is down.

Russia is in no hurry to tell us just how involved they are in these hugely successful attacks, which in itself tells us things are going their way.

Tim Williams

he is excellent .. live reports of what is going on was just like being on the ground next to him … I hope he is back on soon

rightiswrong rightiswrong

Hopefully so.

He also seems to be on point, his reporting backs up with the facts.

Tim Williams

thx 4 sharing


[Imgur]comment image)


Amazing how Syria needs approval from foreign nations to take back its country from ISIS.

Tim Williams

This is the map that the madman wants Moscow and Damascus to accept …


Al Balog

Just as irrational as Ukraine wanting to absorb the Donbass Republics without a ceasefire or special status.


I’m not surprised that Erdoğan claims it was a rocket attack since that is the only reason for NATO to send air-defenses and when things goes bad for Turkey he claim a rocket attack.
NATO’s reason for not helping Turkey with air-defense was that they don’t see any risk for rocket or missile attacks against Turkey.
All i hear is Erdoğan crying like a baby “when i invaded Syria and aided Al-Qaeda and Daesh (IS) the Syrians and Russians was bad to me BOOHOO”.

Tim Williams

Everyone on the planet knows the PATRIOT is a joke … what his real goal was to have US military and the commitment …


So you think that they wouldn’t place MIM-404 Patriot in Turkey even if it was attacked by rockets and missiles.
That is a possibility.
Patriot hasn’t showed god results for interception missiles and rockets so everything is possible.
But Patriot would still be able to close some airspace.

Tim Williams

nope … USA is staying out of this

Tim Williams
rightiswrong rightiswrong

No wonder, screaming Allah Kebabs as they throw petrol bombs.

Jewhadis on tour.


Cool, send the corona virus back


Until some Turkish weaponised refugees die, they will keep coming.Sink them until the flood stops.


it’s full of djihadi rat’s families


Conan the Cymmerian, today he would be “the Crimean”; that means Russian, lol!

Tim Williams
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