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Syrian Transport Minister Says Russia Will Invest $500M In Development Of Tartus Port

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Syrian Transport Minister Says Russia Will Invest $500M In Development Of Tartus Port

Tartus port, Via Google Earth

Russia’s Stroytransgaz will be responsible for managing the Syrian port of Tartus as a part of a contract to lease it to Russia for 49 years, Syria’s Transport Minister Ali Hammod revealed during an interview with the al-Watan newspaper.

Hammod said that Stroytransgaz will invest $500 million in the development of the aging port, which is also hosting a base of the Russian Navy. The development project will include the construction of an entire new port north of the old wharfs. The depth of the port will be also increased from 4-13 meters down to 19 meters. This would allow the port to host bigger commercial ships and military vessels, such as Kirov-class nuclear battlecruisers.

“The new port will be constructed in accordance with the latest international standards and measures and with the highest level of modern technology and advanced administrative systems, which will reduce many expenses,” Hammod said in the interview, which was released on April 24.

Stroytransgaz, which was established in 1990, is involved in the engineering and construction of pipeline systems, oil and gas production facilities, underground gas storages, power stations, as well as civil and industrial structures and facilities. In addition to Russia, the company is active in Turkey, India, Algeria, Germany and Greece.

The Russian company is involved in the construction of the Arab Gas Pipeline, the Taweelah–Fujairah gas pipeline and the Central Asia–China gas pipeline.

The Tartus port contract was first announced by Russian Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov on April 20. The official hoped that the port will be in use by Russian businesses soon.

The Syrian transport minister said that the Russian investment in the port will significantly increase its efficiency by allowing it to host up to 2 million shipping container annually, instated of the currently rate, which is limited to 20,000 containers. This will for sure boost the shipping sector in Syria and benefit the country’s struggling economy.

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effeminacy or efficiency?


what do you think stupid

Jens Holm

Yes efendi :)

We slaves has the rights to keep silent and insist in it as well. Our Masters have their own problems too, even we help the poores of our men making more warwidows for sale.

Jens Holm

Men can be smooth and gently too, if You shave and raise them well. Some might need singing lessons as well :)

Real Anti-Racist Action

Hopefully S-500’s when they become available as well as laser defense systems.


excellent idea and the squatters are out of options if they want to keep on the good side of russia,

Benjamin NAZIyahu

Oy Vey! I cannot get over the fact Russia wont allow my nation to illegally and unjustifiably attack our Syrian neighbors from the Mediterranean anymore. Now we must hide behind mountains and use SDF airspace… otherwise Russian Krasukahs will jam our planes and satellites, rendering our planes targeting systems useless. This is a clear act of anti-semitism! Mazel Tov!

MeMad Max

Why this wasnt done 5 years ago is anyones guess…

Jens Holm

A cynic like me would say, that Syria had not found oil to buy new weapons for after 1973.

But off course I am no nice person.

MeMad Max
Jens Holm

I wonder if that gasline speak arabic too.

Russian big businees seemes to be oil should pay for ancient and newer Russian weapons. A very good gesture Assads share corruption and oild with the Russians too.

Assad might even be named with medal in Kremlin as “Mini-oligarc”. You can take gas with that in this version of Russian Bolsjoj theatre.

Russians even are slow and primitive oildrillers. If it was Saudia Arabia none their would have arms and legs: You feel better and You dont need so much food as well, Putin would say.

Buy for now its only Russia needing better base facilites payd by 19 million or probatly less – they still kill each other, dont they.

2 million containers a year is nothing. 12 harbours in little Denmark do more then that – each.


Willing Conscience (The Truths

Spending 500 million on a port that Russia desperately needs, but won’t provide Assad with the fuel he and the Syrian people desperately need, wow, I hope Assad’s making lots of money out of leasing this port, and levying heaps of taxes on the Russian ships that use it.


Iran has been supplying Syria with fuel, but US sanctions mean that Iran can no longer help the poor of Syria.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

What are you talking about, Iran doesn’t abide by US sanctions, they break them, they’ll keep selling what little oil they have been to Syria no matter what happens, it’s actually your hero Putin who should be taking up the slack and supplying the much needed fuel, not watching Syria run to a standstill through lack of it.
I’m even starting to suspect you’re on his payroll as a payed for Putin propagandist, though definitely not one of the clever ones.

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