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Syrian Surface-To-Air Missile Enters Jordanian Airspace While Targeting Israeli Aircraft

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Syrian Surface-To-Air Missile Enters Jordanian Airspace While Targeting Israeli Aircraft

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On the evening of July 20th, a Syrian surface-to-air missile entered Jordanian airspace.

The incident happened as the Syrian side was repelling Israeli airstrikes. There were no casualties, injuries or damages.

Jordanians published videos on social media of the incident.

As a result, a fire broke out in an empty area in the Irbid Governorate of Jordan, after the fragments from a Syrian air defense missile and Israeli projectile fell inside the Hashemite Kingdom.

Citing the media spokesman for the Public Security Directorate’s statement, the Jordan Today website reported that the fire resulted from the fall of a shell in the Bani Kenana area, which is in the northern part of the Irbid Governorate, near the Syrian border.

In the comments under the news, Israelis are most surprised by the calmness of the Jordanians with which they treat this whole situation. In their opinion, for such deeds, the Syrians should be hated, at least as much as they hate them in Israel.

Residents in the areas of Kafr Asad and Daqra, posted videos on social media, showing the flames at two sites, which are not the region mentioned by the Jordanian security in his statement.

This latest incident came at the same time that the Syrian air defenses attempted to repel an Israeli attack on the capital city of Damascus from the occupied Golan Heights region.

The Jordanian authorities have yet to comment on the fires that broke out along the Syrian-Jordanian border last night.

In the late hours of July 20th, the Israeli Air Force conducted a series of airstrikes on targets in the southern countryside of the Syrina capital of Damascus. According to Syria’s state-run news agency SANA, Israeli warplanes launched missiles from the airspace over the Golan Heights.

This incident took place as the Syrian side was repelling the attacks.


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  1. Jimmy Jim says:


  2. Traiano Welcome says:

    So, it looks like the plan was to draw Jordanian fire to Syria.

  3. <> says:

    Let’s hope Jordan responds and kill some Syrian bitches too.

    1. Concrete Mike says:

      Your country is giving air support to Jabhat Al Nusrah, your the bitch here.

      Terrorist supporting motherfucker!

      1. <> says:

        Syria had a chance to get rid of Iran, instead they signed a defense treaty with them against us. Now I’m supporting anyone that kills Syrian soldiers, HTS or ISIS I don’t care. They made a choice, they will pay for it along with Iran.

        1. Free man says:

          Syria had no choice.
          It would be a mistake to kill Syrian soldiers.
          Syria and Israel will still be neighbors after the Iranian militias leave Syria in the future.

          1. Cromwell says:

            I hope they never leave,same with Russians,if not for them the black flag of Isis would be flying over Damacus, that would have given the Iraelis the excuse to launch a full blown invaion of Syria.all to fight terrorists you understand https://media1.giphy.com/media/xkSJ2jLGVaE4E/giphy.gif

          2. Free man says:

            “I hope they never leave” – This means an unending war with Israel.
            “same with Russians” – I agree. The Russians want to end the war.
            “if not for them the black flag of Isis would be flying over Damacus” – Or a flag of another jihadist organization.
            “that would have given the Iraelis the excuse to launch a full blown invaion of Syria.” – The Israelis don’t need excuses.

          3. RD-180 says:

            The IDF has concluded that the F-35 will keep its stealth advantage for less than 7 more years.
            …And Tehran’s military technology is getting more and advanced.
            In other words, the longer Isral strikes with bombs the territory of Syria th worse it gets for the israeli people.

          4. Jim Allen says:

            IDF is mistaken. F-35 lost its “stealth advantage” the day Syrian air defense forces, whacked their F-35 with a missile from an S-200 system. Damaged the plane, but it was able to return to base.
            IAF lost an F-16 to S-200 shortly before that.
            US military pulled their F-22, and F-35 aircraft out of the Middle East. Issues with corrosion, the “stealth” coating melting off the planes within days of new coating applied, their penchant for falling out of the sky with amazing regularity, and the problems associated with maintaining these planes in the battlefield conditions in the region, and the 40 to 1
            hour ratio of its maintenance schedule
            (40 man hours of maintenance for 1 hour flight time) this ratio is simply unacceptable for combat aircraft.
            F-35 is also slow,
            1.6 Mach max., and are as agile as a hammock.
            I think F-35 is currently grounded after another one fell out of the sky for no apparent reason, recently.
            Russia’s latest radar systems, Have no problem picking these fighters up on air to air, ground to air, even air to ground missile defense systems.
            I wish IAF luck.

          5. Abhishek Arora says:


          6. <> says:

            I hoped Assad would open up his eyes, and see this chaos is because of the mullahs plans. Instead, he protects them and according to yesterday’s reports we bombed AD systems that came from Iran.

          7. Free man says:

            I have no doubt that Assad sees exactly what is happening.
            At the moment he still needs the mullahs regime . And can’t / doesn’t want to oppose them.

          8. RD-180 says:

            Tehran has to emphasize the islamic character of the iranian society in order to diminish the centrifugal forces of Baloch, Kurds, Azeris, Arabs living inside Iran. It is a just matter of political expediency.

          9. Jim Allen says:

            Wait….What ?Iran and Syria are long time allies. Both countries are long time allies with Russia, and recently Iraq has military, and trade alliances with all 3 countries, and Hezbollah.

          10. RD-180 says:

            What you say confirms my analysis. Iran is protecting the Arab Syrian Republic. he Consitution of the Arab Syrian Repubic makes no mention of religion . You cannot get more secular than that!

          11. Jim Allen says:

            Your analysis is flawed. Iran is assisting its Semetic Arab partners. Not fighting it’s war for them. Russia is doing the same thing.
            In contrast US military is protecting Israel.
            Fighting it’s war for them.

          12. RD-180 says:


          13. jaimeintexas says:

            Where do you start your history with regards to the animosity with Iran?

          14. <> says:

            IRGC revolution 1979.

          15. jaimeintexas says:

            Do you think that returning Golan Height in exchange for no more Iranian military presence in Syria is possible, workable?

          16. <> says:

            Nope, it’s a war of ideologies, not a war over land.

          17. Jim Allen says:

            Wanker !

          18. Jim Allen says:

            Perhaps you shou’lda’ started your history about 1,500 years earlier.
            Instead, you’re so offended that Iran had the audacity, and bad manners to overthrow the CIA installed Shah puppet,, restore it’s legitimate Government, and put the boot to Rothschilds Central Bank, and fiat US Petrobuck, currency. How dare Iran take it’s own country back from the Zionist Khazar criminal Banking Cabal,. that occupied their country from 1953 to 1979 stealing the resources. It makes me so sad mean Iran has so wrongly bruised your so hyper sensibilities. And, what criminal wouldn’t be ?

          19. Jim Allen says:

            That is douubtful.
            Don’t you mean Lebanese militia, and a Palestinian militia, some others ?
            I wonder if you’re not confused, Iran is the regional military power in the Middle East. Israel is Rothschilds yapping little lap dog. Barks like a Rottweiler, but when you look you see it’s just a little Chihuahua.
            Israel will fight to the last US soldier.
            On the other hand I’m thinkin’ you’re confused, but are a pitiful Zionist troll.
            An overpaid terrorist supporting troll.
            It appears you’re not able to recognise the names of your own countrymen. The line of work they perform, despite I’ve mentioned this gentleman more than once, including his job, and position he held. I included his considered, expert opinion with regards to this subject, you, and that other arrogant, lunatic, Zionist parrot shill incessantly babble.
            Don’t you find it interesting that his apparent, and easily confirmed expert opinion completely contradicts your narrative ? I do, also I find it amusing.
            The lap dog continues it’s big dog barking, Bragging on IAF’s massive pinprick attacks, on it’s neighbor as it steals resources like the common petty criminal it is. All bluff, and bluster, facts in evidence are tangible proof Israel’s biggest, and best military actions are totally ineffective, failing to reach it’s objective on a daily basis.
            The number of attacks made is irrelevant. Only results matter. IAF results are pathetic, Israel is pathetic. Israeli terrorism is pathetic. Israel is incapable of providing S-300, with a target worthy of launching one missile to destroy.
            Totally pathetic.
            For all your macho tough talk about what you’re gonna’…
            Is just talk, what you are is terrified of Iran.
            You’re hilarious labelling a country that hasn’t attacked another country since since 1775, aggressive, and a Terrorist organization.
            Hezbollah whupped your non-semetic Zionist Khazar ass, in 2006 for disturbing the peace in Lebanon. Israel labels the militia, a legitimate Lebanese militia, and a defensive force, a terrorist organization. Too funny. So predictable Zionist Khazar behavior, to make the poorest attempts to project blame for your crimes against humanity on peaceful secular countries.
            Israel is the second most hated country on earth. It IS the regional terrorist organization, and supporter of terrorism. Israel’s behavior is the same behavior that got your Khazar asses run out of your own country, and stripped of your religion. You are unworthy. Your arrogance contributed greatly to losing your country, and religion.
            The mistake made by the forces that took your country, your religion was in not running down every last one of you, crimes against humanity, and kill you.
            The fact you Zionist Khazar pretenders are destroying the one one country in the world that protects your pathetic asses from the rest of the world making you a small shit stain on the information superhighway.
            I know I pray I love long enough to bear witness to these absolutely brilliant plans come together for you.
            Preferably at a location I can hear the wailing and the gnashing of teeth, as I watch.
            Please have a nice day.

        2. Garga says:

          Dude, did you notice what you wrote? I guess the truth is somewhere deep in your sub-conscience, but years of indoctrination and propaganda controls your thoughts and actions on the surface.

          …. instead they signed a defense treaty with them against us…

          So you know it’s defensive in nature against your state’s aggression, and you are still rude enough to criticize it? I always told you, Iran is in Syria because of Israel.
          Don’t want us there? STOP attacking Syria and stop supporting your terror proxies against Syria!

          1. Free man says:

            “Iran is in Syria because of Israel.” – You’re right, the mullahs regime wants to destroy Israel.

          2. Jim Allen says:

            So what ? Every other country in the word does too. (execpt US Government, the Headcutters, for now)

          3. Free man says:

            So the Israeli bombings of the Iranian forces are fair.

          4. Jim Allen says:

            No on said anything about fair.
            Illegal, unlawful, unwise, stupid, and ineffective have been mentioned.
            Oh, and the former head of Israeli intelligence services, stated some facts, with regards to the subject.

          5. <> says:

            You have no reasons to be in Syria, Lebanon or Iraq. The so called excuse of “we were invited” is just a cover up to plan more attacks against the U.S and Israel, like Qasem Soleimani was trying to do. Like I’ve said before, I have no problem with the Iranian people, but your regime is working to build bases in Syria against us and host Hezbollah operatives there along with other proxies. We can not let you do that, sorry.

          6. Garga says:

            We have every reason to be Syria, Lebanon, Iraq or any other place on this earth and beyond if it is not against the will of the host country. It’s not anybody’s business except for us and the host. The US is on the other side of the planet, if they insist on their misbehaviour, we might be tempted to build bases near their homeland whenever we feel we’re ready.

            So what if Iran build a base in Syria, with CONSENT of Syria government? What Business US has in Syria to begin with? Why is it your business if we are in another country or not? We will do it and there’s nothing that you (not personally you, I mean the occupying regime) can do about it. Don’t be sorry, it’s a done deal.

            Aaaand somehow I doubt it when you say you have no problem with Iranian people. My guess is it’s because we’re not your neighbour, yet otherwise you’d find some reason to hate us and call us names, like you call Palestinians. Years and years of indoctrination will get you there. Look at the fuss your regime is making for a few Iranians in Syria, like it’s the end of the world!

          7. <> says:

            Do whatever you want Garga, I guess it’s a collision course anyway. You hurt us, we hurt you. It will end when one side loses, or when both countries are destroyed. The IDF mission is very simple, do whatever it takes to stop your regime from hurting our national security, whenever we can. I hope we won’t ever meet on the ground because it will be bloody, but for us there is no other option. We will protect our country and families or die against you, and believe me, that’s a hell of a motivation.

          8. Garga says:

            There’s the Israeli we all know and [fill in the blank]. Always the victim, always on the right side and demanding.

            If you don’t want war, then sit tight in your homes and don’t poke your noses where it doesn’t belong. Don’t constantly attack other countries and at the same time, cry pain. And know it’s natural for them to answer your aggression, at some point so don’t act surprised whenever they did to you what you did to them countless times.

            Every country’s armed forces’s mission is a simple one: Protect the territory (which is defined, unlike your state) and its people. Except for a couple of countries who count think other countries as their own territory, want to decide for them and expect everybody else to be OK with it.
            Do you think you’re the only people who are under existential threat? Look around you, you became the threat for everybody around you. You (again, I don’t mean you personally but the occupying regime) killed Palestinians, tried to kill Lebanon and did your best with Syria. Iran is where you’ll finally learn to stop and behave, as many did before you. Someone ought to teach this bloodthirsty regime a lesson and we all know who that might be.
            If you want to defend your home, fine. I even might help you. But don’t destroy my home and pretend it’s necessary to defend yours.

          9. <> says:

            It’s not up to us to decide, me and you are just tools for our leaderships. I don’t feel like a victim at all, nor am I scared of a war against Iran. But it will be a bloody one, and you come to our playground so you’re better be prepared for a long fight. I won’t apologize for what we do against Gaza or Lebanon, in the coming war it will end for good. Goodluck Garga, I hope your regime know what it means for the Iranian people.

          10. Jim Allen says:


          11. Jim Allen says:

            “Invited” is not an excuse. Entering a military alliance with another country, or countries to assist in the defense against a pathetic low life criminal invasion force that has failed miserably, once, and is half way to another ass whuppin’ it’s protection force cannot cope with mainly due to Zionist Khazar criminal Banking Cabal activity against it. Has your sorry terrorist supporting ass making the excuses.
            You’ve hoisted your arrogant sociopath ass by your own petard. Russians call this “level three stupid.” I concur.

          12. Odusina Adewale says:


        3. midell says:

          Natanyahu led isreal have been with ISIS Terrorist.. Headchopers.. And all those not only killing Syria Soldiers.. But masacaring christians and other religious groupe.. Commiting genocide akin to holocust! from the beginning!
          What ever misunderstanding that isrealis or its government had all these years with syrian people.. I never believe that they will went so low as to be actively aiding large scale genocide and mass killing of innocent!.. Pray that the wrath of Elohim.. The guarantor of Isreal security.. Will not fall on Isrealis! Over all these sheding of large numbers of innocent blood.. In the name of Isreal security!

    2. Séamus Ó Néill says:

      I presume you mean old women and nurses…..the way the hated Jew does !

      1. <> says:

        If we were like you described, then the Palestinian problem would be solved long ago.

        1. guest says:

          You hasbara trolls have turned China against your dying entity. Watch out for the dragon little falla.

        2. Séamus Ó Néill says:

          Believe me, the world has caught on to your hoax holocaust, your continual genocide, your thievery and perfidy….10 max and Israel will just have been a bad nightmare

  4. guest says:

    The Jordanian midget will have to call the Zionist masters now.

    1. Liberal guy says:


  5. Brother Ma says:

    A little punishment to teach the Jordanians not to help headchopper Moslems and Israelis next time.

    1. guest says:

      China’s President Xi stresses Palestinian right to statehood.

      1. Brother Ma says:

        Good on him but I only like the Secular Palestinians. Hamas has made too many Palestinians into jihadis via Moslem Brotherhood Turk style.

        1. Free man says:

          I agree. There are no good jihadists.

      2. Free man says:

        So what ?
        Even Iron Zion says here that they should get a state.

  6. johnny rotten says:

    They hide behind a sea of lies allegedly written thousands of years ago, but this is also a fake, they are descendants of Poles and Lithuanians converts who pretend to be Jews, while real Jews do not want to know a shit about the rogue state of Israel, at the end of the story they are simply lying thieves who pretend to be surprised because the whole world hates them, but the whole world has always hated thieves, liars and terrorists.

    1. Brother Ma says:

      Same as the Turks.

    2. Jim Allen says:

      Their Khazars. Their country, Khazaria existed in Eurasia. (Ukraine is a big piece of what was once Khazaria) The same behavior that have the Zionist Khazars continued presense above ground in doubt now, is the bahavior that got them run out of their own country taking heavy losses, stripped of their religion, because they’re unworthy.
      Khazars are incapable of learning. The definition of stupid in the English language.

  7. Damien C says:

    This is a line of sight interception if there was contact made then Israel had also used Jordanian airspace for its missiles so if Jordan is upset by anybody it should be anger against the land thieves who have also flown through Jordanian airspace to launch attacks in the past

  8. Lone Ranger says:

    CIA trolls and hasbarats will cry and rage…

    1. Jim Allen says:

      Precisely their present activity.

  9. Free man says:

    The Syrian air defense system is an embarrassment.
    Why use it at all against Israeli planes? SAA should use its limited resources properly.

    1. Jim Allen says:

      Oh, yes IAF makes massive attacks against Syria. It does. Israel brags about making these massive attacks incessantly.
      But, somehow ignores the fact 9 of every10 missiles launched into Syria fails to reach their targets. IAF attacks result in providing Syrian air defense forces, target practice.
      It’s inevitable the pretenders will occasionally strike a few targets. It’s also inevitable Syrian air defense forces, will shoot down IAF aircraft. Israel attacks frolicking locations it knows SADF will not engage the fighters, or Golan Heights IAF believes it is immune to attack over Golan Heights. This will not continue as Golan Heights is inside Syria’s borders, Syrian airspace is a no-fly zone. IAF depends on US military to protect it.
      Russian Aerospace has air superiority, SADF has recieved a bunch of upgraded MiG-29 from Russia. It’s known these are not MiG-29SMT version fighters, only Russian Aerospace fly’s these. It’s not clear what version of upgrade these are, it is known all upgraded 29’s enjoy electronics, weapons systems, and other state of the art up grades. This will become clear shortly.
      Syria has some air superiority itself now.

      1. Free man says:

        You’re hallucinating.
        The SAA is unable to fight the Israeli army. This is a fact after 9 years of civil war.

        1. Jim Allen says:

          Now, that’s just stupid. Israel is a parasitic bitch. Off it’s meds. You pretenders can’t fight your way out of a wet paper bag. It’s Israel that’s unable to to fight. No one believes you, you been parroting the same lies for 70 years, you can’t do anything but lie, steal, murder, and brag about what you’re never going to do. The fact is you failed, you’ve done nothing in these 9 years but lose, cowards, that need to be protected. Syria is kicking your ass, and your delusions of grandeur, are nothing more than pipe dreams. You’re a laughingstock, impotent. Save your lies for those that still believe your pretend pseudo-toughguy fantasies.

          1. Free man says:

            Jimmy boy Take your psychiatric pills and f0ck 0ff.

  10. nyomarek says:

    Living in Jordan:
    Same if your home borders an airport with horrible jet noise non-stop just there is also LIVE AMMO SHOOTING

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