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Syrian State Media: US Regime Lacks Wisdom And Rtionality, Is Threat To International Peace

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Syrian State Media: US Regime Lacks Wisdom And Rtionality, Is Threat To International Peace

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On April 11, an unnamed official of the Syria Foreign Ministry said that Syria is not surprised by the “reckless escalation” by the US and warned that the latest US statements on Syria are a threat to international peace.

The Syria official told the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) that the recent actions of the US “shows that it don’t only lack principles and values but also wisdom and rationality, which is in itself is a threat to international peace and security”.

The Syrian official went on and decried US forces as the “ISIS air force” while warning the US, France and UK that their actions will not hinder the Syrian war on terrorism.

“If the American regime and its allies like the French and British regimes believe that their actions and statements will stop the war on terrorism in Syria, they are eluded and the Syrian state will continue to fight terrorism regardless of their reactions,” the Syrian official added.

These statements are a response to the latest remarks by US President Donald Trump, in which he vowed to strike Syria with “smart” missiles and dared Russia to shoot them down.

The Syrian official also stressed that Syria will welcome any impartial investigation committee that’s willing to come and investigate the supposed chemical attack on Duma district on April 7.

Although such a committee of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) is already on its way to Syria upon the request from the Damascus government, the US and its allies appear to be more interested in taking military actions rather than supporting the investigation.

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Syria should send a few Special Forces Soldiers to London and Paris and blew a few things up, if this morons attack Syria.


Russian army has been conspicuously quiet with regards to US military preparations, UK barking, Israel criminal threats on Assays life and Trumps mad tweets. RuAF is flying patrols but the navy vessels have reportedly left Tartus – which they wouldn’t do if Russia is planning not to take part in the subsequent fighting. Oh and BTW Kalibr salvo from Black sea fleet – (800 kms at Mach 3) takes approx. 15 min to reach US fleets stationed off Cyprus and those fired from the Caspian (1.500 kms) around 25 min. And hypersonic missiles travel much faster…


When Trump says about “smart” strike I think he is referring to last developed missile with AI guidance, maybe last version of Tomahawk that can not be intercepted neither jamming with EW means


…it could always be shot down with Pansirs… You think US navy destroyers are “smart” enough to withstand multiple impacts of 500 kilo Kalibr warheads? I guess we ‘re about to find that out soon…

You can call me Al

Since they couldn’t withstand listing after the strike against that fishing vessel, I think kids throwing a few stone will get the job done.


The US Navy is unprepared for full-scale war against a peer opponent. Their Aegis-tech is overrated and are increasingly crewed by incompetent seamen, as demonstrated by getting rammed twice by commercial vessels in the last two years.

Aircraft carriers (like the modern US navy) are oriented towards bullying weak, isolated states (or open-ocean naval battles) and won’t last long in coastal zones against stealthy submarines or salvos of maneuvering, high-speed missiles.

Frankly I wouldn’t be surprised if Russia has one of its quiet diesel-electric subs shadowing US warships in the Med as we speak. Ready to strike at a moments notice.

Douglas Houck

Yes, the newer Tomahawks with their ability to reroute themselves is a problem with normal ballistic missile type defenses. This was talked about after the April, 2017 use of Tomahawks. The solution was to intercept the missiles shortly after being launched. This will raise the tension levels as the ships doing the launching will not know if those blips on the radar come for them or the missiles.

Reading some of the US media reveals that the US is assuming Russia will not retaliate. This is how major blowups happen. The US is delusional if they believe Russia is going to sit by and watch. Russia has too much invested in Syria to watch Assad go down in flames. Either the US strike is another PR stunt, or we are looking at a major use of weapons, with no end in sight.


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Dušan Mirić

When the flags are unveiled, the reason is in a trump-et
(I think this is Czech proverb)

Dušan Mirić

When they hit you with a stone, you return with dozen of – bolders

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