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JUNE 2021

Syrian State Media Accuses United States Of Staging Chemical Attacks In Syria

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Syrian State Media Accuses United States Of Staging Chemical Attacks In Syria

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US intelligence has been behind previous and continue working to stage chemical attacks in Syria, the Syrian state-run news agency SANA reported on May 29 citing an official source in the Syrian Committee on the elimination of chemical weapons.

According to the report, the US and its intelligence services control and manage chemical weapons attack carried out by their proxies against the Syrian population.

“The US and its intelligence and military services continue to prepare staged operations in some parts of Syria, pushing their agents and their tools to use chemical weapons against innocent Syrian citizens, accusing the Syrian state of deception,” the SANA quoted the source as saying.

The soure also said that the Committee has info about former ISIS elements that are now members of the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). These elements are allegedly now working with the SDF and the US to move some Syrian families to the oil-rich area of al-Jafra on the eastern bank of the Euphrates.

These families are set to become target of a new staged chemical attack, which will be blamed on the Syrian Army.

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If there were no English man in this world then there would be no war in this world. I have studied most of the previous and current wars of this world. 90% wars made by English man by using disinformation, deception and lie.
Am I right please vote?


have u read the book ” Dope Inc. ” ???? u can read it for free pdf just google…..written by lyndan larouche us senator……u will love it


Thanks I will read it.


its all about the british and how they control the drug trade…with all the names….henry kissinger went crazy as the book got published.peace love and harmony bro.


Thank you very much.

neil barron

You got to be kidding the perennial candidate running for President!!! Dope Inc. exactly what you need to read your’e already cracked! pot head. Thats the way the left, Marxist, commies likes it numb and dumb. He has nothing to say that’s why he’s nowhere.


its a book about british control of the heroin drug trade….
now to u…..neil…u piece moral shit,,,, ….did u read it? no….so who is the donky?

start reading and maybe just maybe u will use what we humans call a brain.A brain to think.moral stuupid prick of a human.
Reading u prick..thats the difference between idiotic pricks like u who depend on cnn, msnbc, bbc and co to get information and people like me, who tend to READ books,articles etc… of all different angles and movements…to get a wider and broader look at the picture.
ps. are u still going to elementary school, cause thats an excuse i could live with u idiotic brainless prick of a human


neils world
9-11 commited by moslem pricks with their leader hiding in a cave in afghanistan
JFK assasinated by oswald
Jfk jr. assasinated by sirhan sirhan
london bombings commited by young stupid moslems who didnt even finish elementary school but were experts in explosives
Mh-17 suicide by pilot
TWA 800 suicide by pilot
German wings 9525 suicide by pilot
and finally USA the beacon of freedom and human rights
Israel the democratic nation of peace , love and harmony


I think you are mostly right about the wars, genocides and horrors of the last 3-4 centuries.
But let’s not forget the Spanish genocide of the indigenous people of the “new world”, the Bolshevik (mostly Jews) genocide of the Russians and other ethnic of the former USSR, the Ottomans, Mongols, Beliguim’s Leopold rule in Kongo, Tartars and finally Mao.

However I agree that the Anglo-Americans did the unthinkable in regard to crimes and are waaay ahead of other killers.


Improve your knowledge which is available free for you on websites.

Hard Hawk

you may have read about the wars but study them and learning somethgin obviously base on your comment you have not. English `men`…………… ddi not make any wars just been the convinient idiots who die in the wars their masters have started. England is the first country that declared wars and colonized countries based on the orders of a private owned company. The name of the company is Indian Company that was a sister company to the Dutch Indian Company. The same co pany who financed Cromwell to drop the king reverse the kings orders that abolish allegedly all jews from england the 12th century.

Slaves and subjects dont make wars they die in them thought as they are just expendable cattle for slaughter. And before you conclude anythign in future also learn where bank of england belongs to, as well who created city of london – vatican and district of columbia and for what purpose.


It is The European Elite that had the Scum fight eachother… while the Royals were all one Big Happy inbred Family having Ball Room Parties in Vienna…Multinationals… one Big Happy Family… Same Names, Same Family Tree… Same Shareholders.. Nepotism.. We are just being fooled…they diverted our attention when needed & guided us like sheep for they are the Shepherds

Hard Hawk

yes and no. The elite that rules them all is not known to the public by name and where they are located. So dont confuse the sheep for slaughter if shit hit the fan, with the real brains and rulers of the elite as you call them, with their masters.

So in part i do agree wiht you.


The Rulers behind the Elite are People that can Bleed… they have Learned in all those Ages what an Angry Mob can do to Rulers & their Family…that is why they have chosen to live in the Dark…. I call them Cowards… Parasites… a Brave & Just Leader…one without Fear will walk Among his People… without having to be Afraid

John Mason

Second you on that…..the royals and elite were still having 3 meals a day while their idiot servants fought their battles and were lucky to have maggots for dinner. Next war, no one should turn up and let the royals/elite fight it out amongst themselves then we hang the winner.

S Melanson

I believe you mean the East India Company (royal charter 1600). The East India Company became joint stock in 1657 and so was a public, not private company when the company subdued most of the Indian Subcontinent. The company had no need to give orders to the government as her ships were armed and she built a private army twice the size of the British army. It was with her own resources and private army that East India colonized most of what is modern day India and Bangladesh. The Indian mutiny of 1857 ended 100 years of the companies dominance in India as the British Government nationalized East India in 1858.

As for Cromwell, he was no friend of the East India Company and certainly not a friend of the Dutch. I suggest reading George Luis Beer’s excellent manuscript ‘Cromwell’s Policies in its economic aspects II, published in Political Science Quarterly 17(2): pp 46-70, March 1902. Old but classic and very readable.

Lastly, are there any sources you could refer me to, particularly Dutch Indian Company financing Cromwell?

Feudalism Victory

Lol no.


what the fuck is new about that story???
who the fuck, in his right mind not on lsd,heroin or coke would think that the jew slaves are “finished” in syria…they will be finished once assad is gone….they will use chemical weapons….they will use the lie…..they will use stupid donky jihadi assholes from the jew slave state of saudi and turkey…..


And isn’t this the TRUTH. The USA will do in Syria whatever it is allowed to get away with- and who is the ONLY person who gets to choose what America can do in Syria? Putin!

Putin had a recent party in Russia recently, and had his choice of guests. Who did Putin choose to party with? The insanely evil racist jew who rules in Israel. And the theme of Putin’s party? That jews can do ANYTHING against non-jews cos of what ‘happened’ to jews in WW2.

Now Russia finished off Germany AND Japan during WW2, as I hope everyone here knows. In both cases, jewish America stepped in to claim the credit, and jewish media barons spread this FAKE NEWS after WW2- but no real historian denies the truth. So it was world jewry that denigrated the achievement of Russia, and world jewry that suggests that we should all ignore the terrible losses Russia suffered in that conflict.

Yet years later, Putin chooses to party with a jew that stands for everything that is anti-Russian. Putin’s ‘excuse’? This jew passes across some intelligence about the West- intelligence the West KNOWS Israel provides Russia.

Putin doesn’t care. He’s a proud zionist appeaser who has always kneeled at the feet of powerful jews. From childhood he was conditioned to see jews as the ‘master race’- the main propaganda program that continues in Russia till this day.

World jewry is a POWER CULT, like the mafia, masons, and WW2 nazis. Notice how the masons, mafia and WW2 nazis have/had a FAKE religious ‘front’ as well, but in reality were not religious bodies. Today the most significant jews are ATHEISTS- a fact the proponents of world jewry try to wave away by claiming jews are a ‘race’. Jew propaganda seemlessly switches from jews as a ‘religion’ and jews as a ‘race’ when one or the other seems advantageous, but in fact world jewry is simply a power cult.

This power cult loves war and mass murder and Human degradation as its main weapons of conquest. Why are so many of its figureheads sexual deviants of the worst kind? It’s a simply matter of psychology- all power cults have this identifying factor.

No-one is born a ‘jew’, any more than a person is born a christian, muslim, mason, nazi or mafiosi. These are identities an adult makes using Human free will. You are innocent of your nationality, sex, genetic identity etc. But your belief system can and should be held to acount.

Syria, a few years back, was a beautiful safe nation where people could live happy decent lives. But world jewry saw Syria as another industrialised muslim nation that had to be DESTROYED. World jewry usually gets its dirty deeds done via proxys, slaves and servants. Britain, Saudia Arabia, France, the USA and Wikileaks were all key tools used to holocaust Syria- with the (key initial) aquiesence of Putin’s Russia. After Syria was ruined, Putin stepped in to clear out the initial infection (the wahhabi terror hoardes) and oversee the permanent partition of Syria.

Putin expected the USA to accept its ‘victory’- and was genuinely ‘shocked’ (Putin is a real thickie) when the USA amped up its anti-Russia activities, including the chemical attack false-flags- for this was NOT what the jews had promised Putin. But the jews lie, of course, especially to naive thickies like Putin.

S Melanson

Starlight, I agree that Russia’s (Soviet Union) decisive role in WWII has not been properly recognized in the West, but only regarding Germany’s defeat. Russia did not have a meaningful impact on the outcome in the Pacific Theatre. But this fact should in no way reflect badly on Russia.

Russia was fighting for her very survival against Germany and this prompted Russia to conclude a non-aggression pact with Japan (who had recently been beaten up by Zhukov’s Siberian troops). Japan was happy to end the disastrous skirmishes with Russia in order to focus on their bogged down war with China. The treaty would hold until the August 1945 Russian invasion of Manchuria. But by August 1945, Japan had already offered to surrender, but with one condition, to protect the status of the Emperor which delayed US acceptance until late August 1945. The atomic bombing was an exercise in ‘product testing’ and had no bearing on Japanese surrender.

Why the US pushed Russia to join the war against Japan must have had motivations other than Japan’s defeat which was already assured – as Russia would occupy Chinese Manchuria, I suspect it may have been intended to create tension between China’s communist faction and Russia after the war to lessen chances of Russian aid to Chinese Communists in their fight against the Nationalists.

What is of interest I think is that Japan helped seal Germany’s fate since the non-aggression treaty allowed for Stalin to transfer the bulk of the highly capable and fully winterized Siberian Army under the command of General (Marshall) Zhukov who would successfully lead the defence of Leningrad and then Moscow in the winter of 1941. By the time of US entry into the war, Russia had already initiated the encirclement of Stalingrad, trapping the 6th Army and sealing her fate.

Russia would have defeated Germany eventually even without the help of the allies, including lend lease which history books tend to give far more importance to the Russian war effort then in reality – lend lease convoys were decimated initially by German aircraft operating out of Norway and appreciable shipments did not materialize until Russia had already turned the tide.

Lastly, Russian losss were horrendous and exceeded that of Britain, US and France combined. Russia was decisive in Germany’s defeat and I find it shameful that Western Leaders would boycott Russian victory in Europe celebrations. The world owes Russia for her sacrifice of blood so much so, that the celebrations should be above politics and be forever an opportunity for us in the West to show gratitude to the Russians.

Ariel Cohen

The Russians needed to grab as much spoils from Japan’s defeat as possible, no doubt with the permanent occupation of the Kuriles and Sakhalin in mind, which would give the Soviets a larger presence in the Western Pacific. Also, never forget that the Japanese were like the baboon with its hand full of nuts in a hole in the rock, so to speak. they wouldn’t easily give back Manchuria, especially as it was ruled by a military that often operated independently from the Japanese civilian government. The Russians were probably the only power that could have wrested Manchuria back from Japanese occupation and they did a brilliant job of it. I totally agree with you about the West taking the credit for winning the war against Germany. They are doing the same now in Syria..trying to claim credit for something the Russians and Iranians have accomplished…

S Melanson

Good points, I had overlooked the grab of Kuriles and Sakhalin. I believe these were once Russian but ceded to Japan after Russia’s humiliation in the Russo-Japanese war of 1905 – so could be viewed also as payback. Your take on Manchuria is interesting and it was as brilliant for the Russians as it was a spectacular defeat for the Japanese – as they were shocked by the speed of the Russian advance in rough terrain, smashing Japanese defences with ease. The operation was effectively over in two weeks with minimal Russian losses.


English man always hide the truth by altering information and changing the names of the characters, even they have not forgiven God and Jesus and other prophets and these English man have changed the names of them as well but wait the real names are still present in the previous books.


“Syrian State Media Accuses United States Of Staging Chemical Attacks In Syria”

Staging such moves are a BRITISH specialty (false-flags)
Syrians only ACCUSE? They have PROOFS, even Israeli, Jordanian, Qatari, Saudi and British Intel-officers caught in the taken zones :)

… As I can observe, the Russki “Southfront” becomes more and more “NEUTRAL”, keeping “step” with PUTIN’s metamorphosis from ardent ASSAD-ALLY to ” REFEREE and DEALER” in the Syrian Conflict.

;9… Where are the days when the Tupolevs smashed the ISIYS AND the Al-Qaida/Al-Nussra- g@arbage-packs and obliterated all colons of “Freedom-Fighters”-(SIC!), no ,matter if they were ISIS or TURKEY’s “Amigos” and/or Saudi, BRITISH or American MERCENARIES?..
Just asking ::::: (see AFRIN, RACCA, some so-called “Free-Syria-Army-CIA/Turkish scvmbags Re appeared..)


spot on bro

Joe Dirt

shouldn’t you be kissing your carpet?


If they U.S. has to use Chemicals against Americans they will do that too…if it is necessary & is beneficial to reach their goals, they will not hesitate… so why would they have a second thought about using Chemicals against the rest of the world…may the AngloZioNazi Empire fall fast…nothing should try to save’m…

Hard Hawk

They did that when they hit Vietnam with orange agent with their troops on the ground where thousands of americans been effected from that, chemical spay, from the us air force. Only brain dead and idiots have yet to understand who runs the expendable cattle, in the UScolony and the rest of the colonies.


They thought Agent Orange was necessary & beneficial to remove the leaves of the trees so they could see their Enemy & locate their tunnels…the same must go for all the different Cocktails they keep on injecting their Soldiers or make’m watch Nuclear Detonations.. in fact they use U.S. Army members as Guinea Pigs…

Joe Dirt

Fake news from the Syrian State RUN media! This is pure propaganda at it’s finest!

Lena Jones

Thanks hasbara. Now collect your shekel from Bibi’s arse.

Joe Dirt

go back to your cave you muzzy rat

Lena Jones

The only vocab that genocidal gews like joe dirt know is “muzzy”. EVERYTHING they don’t like they call a “muzzy”. Muzzy this and muzzy that: muzzy muzzy muzzy!!! lol! Perhaps israel’s bff, an ISIS “muzzy” can share Bibi’s arse with you: plenty of room there I’m sure.

Joe Dirt


Lena Jones

Satisfied resident of Bibi’s arse.

Lena Jones

Katching! More shekels for you waiting in Bibi’s fusty b-hind.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

I don’t doubt this accusation at all, but the Turks are even more culpable than the US concerning the supply of chemical agents to rebel forces.

Fernando Silva

Fake news!

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