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Syrian Special Forces Captured Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham Military Commander In Qaboun (Photos, Videos)

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Today, the Syrian Special Forces have captured a commander of Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) along with three other members of the terrorist group during a special operation in the Qaboun district east of the Syrian capital, Damascus.

Syrian Special Forces Captured Hay'at Tahrir al-Sham Military Commander In Qaboun (Photos, Videos) Syrian Special Forces Captured Hay'at Tahrir al-Sham Military Commander In Qaboun (Photos, Videos)

During the operation, government forces have killed 18 militats and injured 50 others during today’s operation in the Al-Qaboun district.

Separately, Syrian air force warplanes have carried out 12 airstrikes destroying HTS positions and tunnels in Qaboun. The SAA has also targeted several HTS fortifications in the district using artillery and heavy rockets.

Soldiers of the 4th Division have advanced in the district capturing a number of buildings in the vicinity of Al-Houssain Mosque, wihch was captured yesterday.

The SAA advance in Qabun came after the SAA had discovered a network of tunnels in the area that was used by HTS and Ahrar Sham. The SAA destroyed these tunnels making the militant logistics in the district more complicated.

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Let the relatives of the children murdered by his gang of thieves determine his fate.

Daniel Rich

@ FlorianGeyer,

I second that motion. Justice to, for and by the people.


No, keep them alive, like civilised people would.

Daniel Castro

Old guys from SAA are doinga great job!

Paulo Romero

Probably given a good beating then shot. That’s exactly what he deserved anyway.
I wonder when the US so called allies will sell out a whole special forces team to Isis or Al Qaeda in Northern Syria?? With Isis and other Jihadists being pressed , they may resort to ransom tactics to hold ground. This implies that they will pay millions of CIA and Turkish oil dollars to the dubious US allies for live American bodies.The US has gotten itself involved with the wrong crowd in Syria. With the exception of the Kurds the Sunni Arabs may defect with all their weapons to Al Qaeda or Isis. In the name of holy war , the infidel is more of an enemy than the SAA. Can the Americans not see this threat??

Daniel Castro

They don’t care, even Us citizens are just cannon fodder, the elite are not there in person, they profit from war and chaos, anyone for them is just a tool.


They are done, so much intel to get spilled from these criminals.


Tag ’em and bag ’em.

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