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Syrian Soldiers Intercepted Another U.S. Military Convoy In Northern Al-Hasakah (Video)


On July 10 in the morning, a checkpoint of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) intercepted another convoy of U.S. forces near the town of Tell Tamr in the northern al-Hasakah countryside, according to the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA).

“The checkpoint personnel intercepted three armored vehicles of the American occupation in the village of Mansaf Tahtani in the countryside of Tell Tamr and forced them to return to their illegal bases,” the agency’s reporter said.

The SANA also shared a video of the incident showing SAA soldiers and local pro-government fighters forcing the U.S. convoy to retreat.

Two days ago, a similar incident took place. Syrian service members prevented a U.S. patrol of passing near Tell Tamr in al-Hasakah.

Such incidents became quite frequent in northeastern Syria over the past few months. The SAA and government supporters in the northeast are apparently coordinating to restrict the movements of the remaining U.S. forces in the region. U.S. forces sometimes respond by harassing Russian troops there.

Around 500 U.S. troops are still present in northeastern Syria. Currently, the U.S. military is attempting to restore its influence in the region.




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  • Ashok Varma

    US is an illegal occupation force in Syria and only armed resistance will get rid of it. Blocking highways is not the answer, a few explosions are the solution.

    • Ronald

      Or confiscate the vehicles, and give them a ‘free ride’ back to their base.
      Explaining they can recover them on their way out to Turkey or Iraq.

  • Cromwell

    They could start by taking control of those APCs and the morons driving them.

  • Zionism = EVIL

    Some copper plate IED’s are needed pronto to get rid of the murderous illegal occupier AmeriCUNTS!

  • <>

    Why do U.S soldiers obey them? show them who’s in charge there. If they dare to open fire, call in an airstrike which can be there in a few minutes. I don’t like seeing videos where U.S forces turn away, I think it makes them weak.

    • LR captain

      US are really cowards, hell 65% of combat mission done in Afghanistan and Iraq, were done with over whelming allied support (local forces) with others are done with NATO member allies.

      AS a Canadian i do remember all to well when the Canadian troops broke through the German and Italian forces in the endless slogging match to finally liberate Rome and free Italy.

      Then were they allowed to greet and meet the people they just liberated?

      No they were forced to move up by US generals and it was the US troops who got drunk and violated the local women during victory celebration in Rome. They got the rewards despite suffer a number of defeats prior.

      • <>

        Canadian and U.S forces both did a goodjob in Afghanistan, no need to argue between you guys. What happened during WW2 is history, what matters is what’s happening now. Justin Trudeau is too liberal and he welcomes more and more immigrants into Canada, focus on him rather than Trump or American soldiers LR.

        • LR captain

          already voted NDP
          funny is it not, a Muslim wants more screening done and restrictions placed on Muslims entering the country. That just shows you how bad Trudeau really is.

          Honestly i like to see how the neo-liberals would try to paint the NDP as racists

          • <>

            Neo-liberals have ruined the entrie world with their multi-culturalism crap.

          • LR captain

            that is why i like talking about Israelis.

            they would feel very much at home in 1200 BC and people from that time would feel very much at home there and i mean this a complement.

          • <>

            It’s mutual my friend.

    • AJ

      The point is US is not in charge they have no rights to be roaming around Syria so they just back down to avoid pointless conflict in these situations

    • Wayne Nicholson

      “Why do U.S soldiers obey them?”

      For the same reason the Russians don’t shoot down IDF aircraft. There’s no point in people getting killed over what’s essentially a dick wagging contest …. especially where there are nuclear powers involved.

      “I don’t like seeing videos where U.S forces turn away, I think it makes them weak”

      Perhaps that’s why you’re a grunt and not an officer.

      • <>

        That’s how the IDF and the U.S army work, we always do the mission no matter how risky it is, going backwards from an enemy is not an option as long as we got a greenlight to keep moving. I hope next time it ends differently.