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Syrian Soldiers, Government Supporters Intercept Three US Convoys In Al-Hasakah (Video, Photos)

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Syrian Soldiers, Government Supporters Intercept Three US Convoys In Al-Hasakah (Video, Photos)


On January 15, soldiers from the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and supporters of the Damascus government intercepted three convoys of the US-led coalition in the northern countryside of al-Hasakah.

SAA soldiers intercepted the first coalition convoy at a checkpoint near the town of al-Damkhyah. A unit of the Russian Military Police was deployed to prevent any provocations. Eventually, the convoy was forced to retreat.

The second convoy was intercepted by SAA soldiers at a checkpoint in the town of Tell al-Dahab. The convoy retreated after a short standoff.

The last convoy was intercepted by SAA soldiers and government supporters in the town of al-Salihiyah. The convoy was quickly forced to retreat.

The SAA and government supporters have been working to restrict the movements of the US-led coalition in the northern and eastern countryside of al-Hasakah for the last few months. In December alone, more than a dozen US-led coalition convoys were intercepted in the two areas.

Last year, the US-led coalition expanded its presence in al-Hasakah and Deir Ezzor, especially in key oil and gas fields, under the pretext of fighting ISIS.


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When are they going to start blowing them up or at least arresting those criminals?

Jim Allen

Just who’s side are you on ? Russia is in Geneva, just got back from Kazakhstan, preparing for yet another round of superpower sanctions that will stop Apple devices being exported to Russia. In the worst sanctions slam of the new century. Keeping an eye on Ukraine, EU, where Germany is doing it’s best efforts in it’s own conflict of interest’s work on Nordstream 2. As Russia/China begin construction of a new pipeline. From the gas field’s set to supply Nordstream 2, to China. Russia is also busy alternately shaking it’s head, and laughing it’s ass off at the antics of the Globalist controlled vassal’s, and their US Government bully. That’s been openly attacking it’s own civilian population for the last 2 year’s.

Capt. Steven Hiller, USMC




Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan

Yenkee go home.

Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan

Crumbling americant empire is crying and raging 🤗

Lance Ripplinger

It is always good that there isn’t any actual conflicts from these events. Rules of engagement are being followed on all sides, thankfully.


The only rules of engagement with an invader is to blow their heads off,what are you talking about?

Chris Gr

ISIS mentality

"R" Addison

Certainly this is what should have happened 18 months ago! Good news maybe the feature will be that the US will cut its tail off and head for the nearest desert hole, it’s really sickening to be from this empire thank you folks!

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