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Syrian Service Members Killed, Injured In Three ISIS Attacks In Central Region

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Syrian Service Members Killed, Injured In Three ISIS Attacks In Central Region

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A number of Syrian service members were killed or injured in three separate attacks by ISIS cells in the country’s vast central region.

The first two attacks took place in the eastern Hama countryside on January 18. ISIS cells blew up a vehicle of the Syrian Arab Army near the town of Salamiyah with an improvised explosive device (IED), killing and injuring several service members who were aboard the vehicle.

The terrorist group’s cells also targeted a group of soldiers east of Hama city with machine guns. The ISIS news agency, Amaq, claimed that six soldiers were killed.

The third attack took place in the eastern countryside of Homs on January 20. Two soldiers who were traveling on a motorcycle near the town of al-Sukhnah were targeted with an IED. ISIS said both soldiers were killed on the spot.

Last year, ISIS cells in the central region expanded their influence. The terrorists began launching attacks in the Hama-Aleppo-Raqqa triangle as well as in western and southern Deir Ezzor.

The repeated operations by Syrian government forces have so far failed to contain or even deter ISIS cells in the central region.

Government forces, with support from the Russian Aerospace Forces, are currently working to secure the Homs-Deir Ezzor highway – the M20. ISIS has apparently shifted its attention to Hama for the time being.


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The Ziocorporate conman Trumpet already served his constituency on a silver platter for the war/surveillance profiteers at the Pentagon, CIA, et al. to feat upon under the voodoo zombie Biden, who’s certainly back with more “Assad must go” bullshit from his time as Obomber’s VP.

With the fake “patriotism and anti-deep statism” of Zion Don done and gone, the ISIS/US base in al-Tanf can expect a major overhaul and ISIS will get more US/Ziojew assistance for its ops. in the desert.

Biden may condition a US return to JCPOA to an Iranian withdrawal from Syria or some shit like that, but it’d be a huge fuckup if Tehran agreed to any such crap deal from the Ziocorporate scum.

Jens Holm

You are hournalist in Sukna or what ? And the hotel was names Fata Morgana ?

John Wallace

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John Wallace

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Ashok Varma

The Jens shemale is indeed a queer chappy.

klove and light

ggg spot on

Rhodium 10

SAA is an incompetent and unprofesional army and thats why ISIS easily target them…the proof is that ISIS launch only few attacks vs SDF and even less attacks in the road between Deir Ezzor to Al Bukamal where IRGC&Iraqi PMU are deployed because that forces ( especially Iranians) have better equipment, Training and motivation! beside they are better fighters!

Ashok Varma

The Russians and Iranians along with Hezbollah have literally saved Europe and India from Wahhabi terrorism. They need to be commended. US should be ashamed to stoop to oil theft and terrorism.

Ashok Varma

We can only hope that the US will stop this spiteful terrorism against Syria and stop stealing pol to fund its proxy Wahhabi terrorists.


These are MOSSAD (Rockfellers) attacks designed to clear the command chains for their spies. Most of those spies don’t even know for who they are working for. Later MOSSAD (Rotschilds) kill them using IDF bombings.


Syria Sends First Message to President Biden: Withdraw Troops, Stop Stealing Oil

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