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JUNE 2023

Syrian Security Forces Thwart Terrorist Attack In Daraa City

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Syrian Security Forces Thwart Terrorist Attack In Daraa City

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On March 3, Syrian security forces thwarted a terrorist attack in the southern city of Daraa without sustaining any losses.

Syrian state television reported that security forces uncovered two improvised explosive devices (IED) which were planted on the side of a road leading to al-Dahiyah neighborhood. The devices were detonated from a safe distance after the road was evacuated.

Just a day earlier, an IED exploded near the post office in Daraa city. No casualties or material losses were reported as a result of the attack.

The situation in Daraa city has been unstable for a while now. On February 4, at least five people were wounded when an explosive-laden car blew up near the al-Sahafah building.The target was reportedly the headquarters of a pro-government armed faction led by Mustafa Al-Masalma “al-Kasm”.

Later on February 20, security forces uncovered an explosive-laden vehicle in al-Kashef neighborhood. The next day, a prominent supporter of the government was fatally wounded by an IED blast in the al-Mattar neighborhood.

ISIS didn’t claim responsibility for any of the recent attacks on Daraa. However, it was likely responsible for at least some of them. The terrorist group revealed In a recent report by its official newspaper, al-Naba, that it had refrained from claiming some of its past attacks in Daraa for “media and security” reasons.

Government forces are making efforts to improve security measures in Daraa city and other parts of the government. However, they are yet to step up preemptive operations.


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