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Syrian Security Forces Raid Buildings Overlooking Lattakia Port Following Israeli Arrack

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Syrian Security Forces Raid Buildings Overlooking Lattakia Port Following Israeli Arrack

FILE IMAGE: Sputnik/ Iliya Pitalev.

Syrian security forces raided a number of apartment buildings overlooking the port of Lattakia after the December 28 Israeli attack, several Syrian news sources reported on December 29.

At least four people were apprehended during the raids. Security forces also inspected the buildings, which are located across the port in Gamal Abdel Nasser street.

The attack, which was carried out by two F-16 fighter jets of the Israeli Air Force, destroyed four stacks of containers which were stored in the port’s main shipping yard. Syria didn’t activate its air defenses to stop the attack because an aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces was landing at the nearby Hmeimim Air Base at the time.

Initially, Syrian pro-government sources reported two casualties as a result of the Israeli attack. However, these claims were later denied.

This was the second Israeli attack on Lattakia port since the outbreak of the war in Syria. The first attack, which took place on December 7, targeted several containers which were also stored in the port’s main shipping yard. The containers were destroyed in the attack. However, no casualties were reported.

The raids in Gamal Abdel Nasser street were most likely related to the recent Israeli attacks on Lattakia port. Syrian security forces may have arrested spies, or removed surveillance systems which were planted by the Israeli intelligence near the port.

In 2013, Syrian security forces uncovered and dismantled an advanced Israeli spying device that was planted on a small rocky island located less than 8 kilometers to the north of the port of Tartus.


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Peter Wallace

What did they do. get the males to drop their pants. Imagine if Lyin Iron Dyin was there and dropped his draws. They would crack up laughing which would explain why he is always beating his chest on here about how big he is. Normal sign of trying to compensate for ones inadequacies . Next he will be on here telling us how he was piloting both aircraft that attacked the port. Lyin Iron Dyin the Walter Mitty of Israel.


In response to the Israeli aggression I hope they caught and tortured the filthy Israeli spy. I understand why the locals would rip their balls off and drag them behind a vehicle while their filthy corpse is pummeled with bricks and stones until it is a few pound of mush. Then mix the mush with pigs blood and toss it back to the violent bastards in Israel.

Last edited 22 days ago by gfy
Zionist losers

Zionists destroyed 2 containers full of Chinese made Christmas toys for kids. It just shows how stupid and desperate the Zionist criminals are.


Why are you so obsessed over me? I am part of the ground forcs not part of the air force, so no I don’t need to be a pilot I am happy where I am.

Fact is, we can destroy all of their naval ports and air ports should we choose to, they only thing stopping us is Russia. For all I care, the SAA is working with Iran and they both need to die, so I don’t feel any regret for them. Make no mistakes, as long as they allow Iran to plan its attacks from Syrian soil, then Syrians woud die aswell.

Now stay cool, the IDF still decides they don’t need me. When I do get the call, your Shia friends in Lebanon will feel me good, that’s a promise.


What Iranian attacks you twat?


I don’t make any difference between an Iranian soldier or an Iranian backed militans like Hezbollah. Anyone of them trying to hurt the State of israel, will get only death from us.

Iran is attacking us all the time, just not directly. However, each day that passes without an agreement gets us closer to a war and to the end of the Iranian regime. The more we get hit, the harsher our response will be, both against Iran and Lebanon.

As I have told to Jnoub, Garga and Gryzor – you still have not seen our new advanced ATTACKING capabilites and it’s not even published over the media.

So trust me when I say Israel will not be the one to disappear as the mullah like to brag.

Ashok Varma

You are an exposed PUNK and a total loser who posted Vietnam era landa bazaar photos to show you are a “soldier” albeit a rainbow tranny one, LOL. Pathetic LOSER.


So come and meet me then Ashok, you can join your beloved Hamas friends anytime.


The IDF is renowned for killing Palestinianian kids.

The end

Ashok don’t worry. Cosmic forces tend to harmonize the evil and wicked ones sooner or later. The Roman approach, Spanish inquisition, Hitler, etc are just a kind reminder from history to these people, who tend to overlook obvious signs, the new day of destiny will hit these evil doers hard again. Its just history and these creatures have not learnt a bit from it. So be it… For every ass, there is a stick, some get it harder.

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