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Syrian Security Forces Detained 25 ISIS Members, Including 3 Commanders, In Northeastern Hama

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Syrian security forces have detained 25 ISIS members, including 3 commanders, in eastern Hama, the Liwa al-Quds (a pro-government Palestinian militia) media wing reported on Tuesday.

According to the report, the terrorists were attempting to flee the ISIS-held pocket in eastern Hama towards the militant-held area of Idlib province, but were detained near the village of Al-Sa’an.

The detained ISIS members were allegedly involved in massacres conducted by the terrorist group against civilians in Aqareb and Mab’ujah.

Syrian Security Forces Detained 25 ISIS Members, Including 3 Commanders, In Northeastern Hama

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Good work.
I hope that few, if any have managed to flee to Idlib and to join with Al Nusra who are their fake enemies.

Eskandar Black

These guys should be skinned and turned into condoms.


LOL, better not or they will Explode inside ;)


They may have been conscripted to fight against Syria by their US backed terror commanders. These fighters may have priceless information and data. SAA should have to collect that information and data from them and use that for their quick advance.

Eskandar Black

Then why did they try to break through to idlib? I am not saying they should not be datamined. The fact is that these are jihadists, commuted to terrorism. Their value is probably only the lessons their fate can teach others.


These guys are totally mad. Totally brainwashed by religion. They prefer their religion rather than their country. I just can’t understand that.

Floyd Hazzard

Exactly, any religion that teaches you to slaughter your fellow man that you can see in the hope of gaining some abstract, dreamed up reward that you can’t see, it is not a good religion. Religion is supposed to lift men towards higher civility towards each other in love, not degrade them to savages and butchers and animals that trainers control. If God is truly God, then he doesn’t need human help in executing judgement.


God doesn’t exist. At least, the abrahamic god doesn’t exist for sure.


All varients of the jewish Volcano demon they worship.


Floyd, I have noticed , logic doesn’t hold water if You are arguing religion

Toni Liu

Money some times are the reason they join but the stupidity is the most important reason to do something like that cause some stupid from my country who join the terorist usually came from very poor family that put religion above anything and their leader who told them to be suicide bomber usually had good education background compare to those lower rank that even didnt finished their junior school cause they dont have a money to pay


This animals must be executed, I do not see the reason to keep them alive. They will continue killing people if one gives them the opportunity since they religion mentality is totally insane. Islam is a religion of peace, respect and love, and it is not a religion of killing infidelities. If you are muslin, remember that Cashus Klay (Mohamed Alhi), the best northamerican boxer, turned to islam because of these principles, and he denied to go to Viet-Nam to kill people (infidels) there. That was the reason he was arrested and denigrated.


Well, he did get some good money to be Muslim, you better watch some mohamad ali dokumentation where they talk REAL things that had happened, you will certainly not be such a Mohamad Ali FAN anymore, he wasnt THIS big of a Human you think he is. ITS JUST A FAKE ROLEMODEL. The Left and Wahhabis Did Push him later on, Nobody anymore, because he didnt take this Religion Very seriously, just Promotion and Propaganda, because in that time Islam wasnt so WELL KNOWN, everybody was thinking “A yeah i never really heard of this religion, it shoulda be good because why do they have so many Followers!” ect.
Better watch behind the Curtain, for the Man who is Making the Show.


Please don’t execute these ISIS fighters. They may have been conscript to fight against Syria by their US backed terror commanders. They have priceless information and data. Collect that information and data from them and use that for your quick advance.

Toni Liu

Unless you catch those who had high rank terorist with foreign identity from other country like europe, usa, east asia, saudi, or other, most of time it will be waste of time cause most battle order came from those foreign that usually got higher security standard for flee like using american chopper than this shit who run away using civilian car and using road that had many checking post along its way, if you insist to interogate them they just blabbering about nothing cause high captagon in blood system compare to sane and professional foreign mercenary

African Child

This event as reported on CNN: Assad regime forces arrest surviving victims of Assad chemical weapons attack in Hama after the destruction of the last hospital in Hama with barrel bombs.


Children’s hospital :)

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Their capture is good as they seem to have commanders and good opportunity for interrogating them and getting , this group might be higher in the chain. They should have some good knowledge about the deals and pacts between these groups , there might be some foreigners and Mestarivem among them.

General Surena

send them to WASHİNGTON D.C. ………….theire place of birth… without heads.


SAA should make them work for them, and make them sing like canaries :))))


Take one last look at the sun, boys. It will be a while until you see it again.


These men were only poor lost souls kured into darkness, they deserve a second chance. i hope assad regime will not violate human rights. after all they may have families waiting for them.

Toni Liu

They need second chance life away from other people in maximum security at solitary cell, that had few chance for them to go outside, cause they already saw crazy thing done by other isis member but they still choose to live among them

Brother Ma

You remind me of the the expression, ” useful idiot”. A bullet in the back of the head is too good for them.after all the roles were reversed thwy would love cutting of your head with a blunt knife.animals!

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