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Syrian Security Forces Bust Booby-Trapped Car On Daraa-Damascus Highway (Photos)


Syrian security forces uncovered on December 22 a booby-trapped car that was on its way to the country’s capital, Damascus.

In an official statement, the Syrian Interior Ministry said that the car bomb was busted on the highway linking Daraa’s city center with the capital, precisely between the towns of Saida and al- Ghariyah.

“Engineer units of the [Syrian] army and armed forces dismantled it [the car bomb],” the statement reads.

Photos of the car, a Skoda Felicia pick-up, revealed that it was booby-trapped with at least twelve heavy anti-tank land mines.

Earlier this month, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) uncovered a similar vehicle-borne improvised explosive device (VBIED) in eastern Daraa. The VBIED was also based on a pick-up truck and rigged with anti-tanks land mines.

These booby-trapped vehicles were likely prepared by terrorist groups that seek to turn Daraa into a base for suicide attacks in the southern region, or even in Damascus. ISIS, which increased its attacks in the last few months, remains the main suspect.

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