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JUNE 2023

Syrian Security Chief And U.S. Official Met In Damascus, Discussed “Missed” CIA Operatives – Reports

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Syrian Security Chief And U.S. Official Met In Damascus, Discussed "Missed" CIA Operatives - Reports

Ali Mamluk

On November 3, a senior regional official close to Damascus told Reuters that a US official traveled to the Syrian capital, Damascus, via Lebanon and met with the Director of the Syrian National Security Bureau, Ali Mamluk.

The regional official said that during the meeting Mamluk protested against the US Army deployment inside Syria and called it an “occupation”.

The US official responded saying that the US forces are in Syria to fight ISIS and added that the US Army presence is “advisory”.

The Lebanese al-Akhbar revealed that US official and Mamluk discussed the issue of the missing US citizens in Syria, including the missing operatives of the CIA. The two sides also discussed many other security issues according to al-Akhbar.

The US official visit to Damascus can be considered as a sign that the US is ready to talk with the Syrian government. This could mean that the US commitment to support the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) might be less than what the SDF officials and media are promoting.

The visit was considered the first visit of a US official to Damascus since the war broke out back in 2011. However, no American or Syrian officials commented on Reuters and al-Akhabr reports So far.

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Good start.


“… US forces are in Syria to fight ISIS and added that the US Army presence is “advisory”.

Yes, we all know that it’s advisors’ business to attack the country’s national army. You aren’t there to fight ISIS. Hopefully in a few days you’ll run out of this excuse, what will you do then?

It’s interesting to know where were these missing CIA operatives and what was their business? “Advising” ISIS?


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One more proof that the US regime was supporting ISIS and Al Qaeda, just shifted now to another terrorist organization (PKK = SDF)


It’s an established fact that they import the Kurd from elsewhere since they are very few in Syria and they add upp their number with offshoots of FSA, HTS, etc to be some kind of legitimate ‘syrians’ opposition. I very much doubt they have total control of those lackeys they subordinated if not because the US direct support.


What Syrian government are doing. Show to those stupid idiots that what you have done to Syrians, 70,000 innocent civilians you have killed by your proxies. The US senator John McCain have said that we fund and arm ISIS and Al-Qaeds because US Congress have recommended it.


I hope Syrians made a deal to return “missing CIA advisors” in installments – a limb at a time…


The US forces were also in Vietnam at an advisory capacity as well. The Vietnamese knew how to evict the US “advisers”.


I wonder if these CIA agents supporting the terrorists were captured when Aleppo was liberated from Al Qaeda or when Deir Ezzor was liberated from ISIS by the Syrian army. Any information?

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