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Syrian, Russian Warplanes Resume Airstrikes On Greater Idlib (Videos)

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The Syrian Arab Air Force (SyAAF) and the Russian Aerospace Forces (VKS) resumed on January 15 their operations against terrorists in the so-called Greater Idlib region in the northwestern part of Syria.

According to opposition sources, dozens of Syrian and Russian airstrikes targeted the towns of Arihah, Binnish, Dadikh, Talmenes, Ma’saran, Ma’ar Shamshah, Ma’ar Shoreen, al-Hamidiah, Hatamiyeh, Tell Kersyan and the city of Ma`arat al-Nu`man.

Last week, Russia and Turkey reached a new ceasefire agreement on Greater Idlib. Al-Qaeda-affiliated Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) and its allies violated the ceasefire immediately, launching a series of rocket attacks on military sites and civilian areas around the region.

One of the terrorists’ attacks, which targeted Aleppo’s city center, killed three civilians. In another attack, the terrorists shelled a humanitarian corridor that was opened by the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) to allow people to leave Greater Idlib.

The ongoing SyAAF and VKS attacks on Greater Idlib are most likely a response to these blatant violations by HTS and its allies.

With the ceasefire collapsing, the SAA may soon opt to resume its ground operations in Greater Idlib. Army troops are currently a few kilometers away from Ma`arat al-Nu`man, the biggest urban center of the region’s southern part.

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  1. Wolfgang Wolf says:

    more if this! every day, every night!

  2. Zionism = EVIL says:

    The headchoppers should be given two choices either meet 72 virgin goats now or go die in Libya, not sure which one is worse, but who cares, time to finish them off.

  3. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

    “With the ceasefire collapsing, the SAA may soon opt to resume its ground operations in Greater Idlib.”

    And if in any doubt that SAA/SAAF operations will continue despite the fact both Putin and Erdogan are calling for the ceasefire, here’s what the Syrian National Security Bureau head has to say,

    “Moscow, SANA-The Syrian side to “a Syrian-Russian-Turkish tripartite meeting’” which was held in Moscow on Monday, called on the Turkish side to fully adhere to the sovereignty of the Syrian Arab republic, its independence and territorial integrity as well as the immediate and full withdrawal from the whole Syrian territory.
    The Syrian side, represented by lieutenant General Ali Mamlouk, Head of the National Security Bureau, called on the Turkish side, represented by chief of Intelligence, to the need for Turkey’s commitment to Sochi agreement over Idleb dated September 17th, 2018, particularly in regards to evacuating the region from terrorists and heavy weaponry, in addition to opening Aleppo- Lattakia and Aleppo-Hama highway.
    Mamlouk stressed that the Syrian state is determined to go ahead in its war against terrorism, liberate the whole region of Idleb and the return of the state’s authority to it in a way that guarantees security and stability to the Syrian citizens whom the terrorist organizations use as human shields in those regions.”

    You can’t get much cleared than that.

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