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Syrian, Russian Jets Pound Militant Positions In Southern And Western Idlib Ahead Of Expected Advance By Syrian Army – Reports

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Syrian, Russian Jets Pound Militant Positions In Southern And Western Idlib Ahead Of Expected Advance By Syrian Army - Reports

FILE IMAGE: Russian Defense Ministry

Warplanes of the Syrian Arab Air Force and the Russian Aerospace Forces have started carrying out airstrikes on positions of militants in southern and western Idlib, according to pro-government sources.

At the same time, pro-militant sources and journalists of mainstream media outlets have spread a series of reports claiming that “Russian airstrikes” have already hit a number of civilian objects – for example in the villages of Jish al-Shoughour and Mhambel widely known as the strongholds of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra, the Syrina branch of al-Qaeda) and the Turkistan Islamic Party (TIP).

In response, Hayat Tahrir al-Sham and the TIP have shelled Syrian Army positions in northern Hama. The situation is developing.

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Promitheas Apollonious

so it began.


No more green buses please … just send these evil scum mercenaries to hell…. victory against the hegemon is close and the multipolar world thanks you for your courage and sacrifice. Kia kaha Syria and friends.


There is nowhere to bus them too anyway.

Although I suspect the aims of this offensive will be more limited. Secure Lataki to stop the drone attacks on the Russian airbase by pushing towards Jisr al Shigur, squeeze that sailiant still aimed towards Hama by taking southern Idlib province and push the headchoppers away from Aleppo by taking the area west of Aleppo. Those are probably the aims of the offensive, so as not to piss off Turkey too much. As Putin has to remain on good terms with the rat sultan, Erdogan (sorry rats, no disrespect intended).

maxii priestt

and friends here too in Nigeria


Hi, I felt sorry for this Nigerian pastor asking the US for help. I wonder if he even knows the fact that the US actually supports terrorists and jihadists. See him pleading with the US to help Nigeria against terrorists:



Well-said! Haha!


Ship them to the countries who have been financing them for instance: US, UK, Saudi Arabia…


Bus them to netanyahui’s yard


He’ll just bus them straight to Tel Aviv airport to be flown to Europe and Canada. Just like he did with the Daraa White Helmets.

Icarus Tanović

No, man. This ks all or none. Sultan has nothing to do with that.

Murray Smith

Yes, you have friends all over NZ.

Tudor Miron

Your time is out, rats. Get ready to reap what you sow.

Gary Sellars

squeak squeak

Trustin Judeau

The Idlib offensive should start in few days.Hopefully the area will be liberated in short time.Good luck to SAA and its allies


And the propaganda war is already in full swing, as this report shows…”RuAF targeted a civilian area in Mhambel”…. Expect it to be non stop. Any odds on the whole of Idlib being reclaimed, and odds on Turkish Afrin being reclaimed ?

Trustin Judeau

Of course the propaganda war is on full mode.Remember when Aleppo operation,East Ghouta and Daraa was happening – the MSM was in full propaganda mode so it will be the same here.About Idlib operation – lets see from which axis SAA will start the ops.I hope they go for the M5 highway.

Concrete Mike

The fake media noise was at it highest during the aleppo operation, especially in december, plastering that bana girl everywhere. It wws a truely shameful episode for the west.

I have no doubt saa will crush al nusrah once and for all.

Good luck brave syrian patriots, even with the weight of the world on your collective backs, you succeded, where few would have courage to go you have gone, the world owes you a debt of gratitude.

Jens Holm

That too, but You bias it 100% by not telling about the rest.

Concrete Mike

No thats your job, i dont care about the jihadis and how they pretend to be humanitarians for the western cameras only to turn around and behead kids on a f150 tailgate.

Show me one good thing these saudi pigs have done for the people 1.

I am biased but not as much as the western media, not even close

AM Hants

Watch them use the photos of the destruction the US left behind in Raqqa. Will this be the excuse the US, France and UK will use, to strike out? Do believe Russia will have no problem taking the source out.

Jens Holm

Those are not in this. One thing does not make repeats better.

Very few people died in Raqqa compared to, what SAA and fx USA in Mosul made to.

Good estimates say that very well. You just talk things and facts down.


The smell of the dead corpses is still present in Raqqa, NATO buddy, Mr. Jens Stoltenberg. Enough of material available to proove you wrong, go look for yourself. Or you´re friends with McCains daughter who tried to change history at his funerel by calling the Vietnam war a just cause?

Icarus Tanović

Honorable intervention? She must be out of her insane brains.

Gary Sellars

Ignore the troll Glans Home… he’s going to cry about the downfall of the Wahabbi trash from here till the last shot is fired.

AM Hants

Tell that to the bodies who are still waiting to be picked up in Raqqa. Why did the US, who were not invited, carpet bomb Raqqa?

lene johansen

Another crazy dane called Jens Holm


Russia will not attack USA-UK-Israel planes or ships ! Only and only if they make a direct attack to Russia soldiers of facilities, Russia may (and just may) respond directly.


The tens of thousands of hospitals and schools were all bombed by Russia during the Aleppo liberation campaign if I remember.

Or that was the propaganda from the US Coalition of Terror anyway and if the US State Dept agreed with it , who am I so say they are Zionist Pig Shit.

Jens Holm

A lot was destroyed and many civilians as well as soldiers died.


Yepp. That´s war. But there are factions which do this on purpose. Have a look at Afghanistan or Yemen for current examples. Read a bit about any US war, take e.g. the Korean war in the 50s. There is a passage available where a US Airforce Colonel states that they didn´t have any targets anymore because they already had bombed anything civilian there was. Btw… 25% of the North Korean population died. Nagasaki and Hiroshima weren´t necessary at all, either, the Japanese had offered capitulation way before. It was a show of force which happened to sacrifice a few tens of thousands direct deaths not counting in radiaton.

Gary Sellars

” 25% of the North Korean population died.”

The US assault and carpet bombing on NK (and the atomic bombings on Japan) were outrageous crimes. We hung the Nazis for much less.


Bodies of civilians in Raqqa and Mosul are being dug out of the rubble 12 months after ISIS was evacuated by the US :)

AM Hants

What surprised me, was how many hospitals were there in Aleppo, when they were taking out 3 per day.

(2017) This Aleppo Video Proves White Helmets Work for ISIS (NEVER BEFORE SEEN)… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eVQzkxqHVNY&t=448s


There was a BBC clip last night that portrayed an female Islamic teacher in Idlim ‘teaching’ an immaculately dressed class of circa 10 year olds. This is of course to portray the UN proscribed terror gangs as humane and enabling UK Democratic Values.

The UK spooks are not even any good at fakery anymore :)

Jens Holm

And of course the SyAF as well as RuAF never hit anything.

Concrete Mike

Thats true, these whabbis monsters are so low on the scale, considering them things is an insult to a rocks intelligence.


They seem to have missed any wedding until now.


Also seem to have missed Jens Holm.

AM Hants

Not forgetting they do not go after school buses, or funeral processions. Plus, use precision weapons, with a full audit trail.

This is how Russia does it:


This is the US effort:

Journalist fired for exposing how CIA ran weapons to terrorists… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zD5VW_z6pG0

Mass graves with 1,200 civilians found in Raqqa, US-led coalition denies responsibility… https://duckduckgo.com/?q=racca&atb=v60-6_e&ia=maps

Gary Sellars

Poor little terror gang apologist. Now you can sit there on your computer and weep as you watch your goat-raper heroes get reduced to a series of smelly greasy smears in the sand. Terrorist sympathiser c_nts like you really pi$$ me off.

John Mason

Would be prudent and a golden opportunity of the Russians/Syrians to drop a few bombs on the MSM journalists.

Concrete Mike

Msm journo are nowhere near, either im beirut, tel aviv or rome. Real journalism is dead


Yes its began, not only military actions but media campagn in whole world against syr/rus/iran and idlib dawn…. Trump twitter, UN secretary, Macrone..etc, even pope Francis…really sad indeed… I thout that pope is a litlle bit more informed about situation in syria or he just teading what “they” give him to read…

Murray Smith

You need to look into Frank. Brace yourself.

AM Hants

Cheers,will give it a miss.

AM Hants

Pope Francis needs to change the media interest, concerning the Priests, the children and his lack of apology. The ‘CW’ false flag could not go ahead. Nato are lined up in Ukraine, for Operation Trident, to kick off, when they believe Russia is pre-occupied in Syria. Not forgetting the Russian exercise in Siberia. They are too stupid to understand Russia is a master of multi-tasking, with an expert audit trail.

Jens Holm

I see no master. They are as usual and mainly with bad intensions. I could sau the same for Israel. They do what they can as usual.


Do you have a link or any further information on “operation trident” – it´s the first time I´m hearing this name – although it is obvious that there is an Ukrainian offensive to be expected towards Donbass/Luhansk.

AM Hants

Found this today. If any help.

DANCING AND BREAD: AMERICAN “RAPID TRIDENT 2018” MILITARY EXERCISES KICKED OFF IN “INDEPENDENT” UKRAINE… http://www.stalkerzone.org/dancing-and-bread-american-rapid-trident-2018-military-exercises-kicked-off-in-independent-ukraine/

Rapid Trident 2018: Ukraine-NATO joint military exercises begin in Lviv region September 2018 Global Defense Security army news industry POSTED ON TUESDAY, 04 SEPTEMBER 2018 10:05… https://www.armyrecognition.com/september_2018_global_defense_security_army_news_industry/rapid_trident_2018_ukraine-nato_joint_military_exercises_begin_in_lviv_region.html

Ukraine-NATO Rapid Trident 2018 drills begin in Lviv Taking part are about 2,200 troops from 14 countries, including the United States and nine other NATO member states. The maneuvers are scheduled to continue until September 15… http://ukrainianweek.com/BreakingNews/219164

From NATO, will also be holding the exercise from October. (No mention of Rapid Trident, on the site)

Exercise Trident Juncture 18 to demonstrate NATO’s ability to defend itself…All Allies, as well as partners Finland and Sweden, will participate in NATO’s largest military exercise in recent years, which will take place in Norway in October-November. Trident Juncture 18 will have an Article 5 (collective defence) scenario, and will be under the command of Admiral James G. Foggo, Commander of Joint Force Command Naples. At a press briefing in Brussels today (11 June), Admiral Foggo gave the media a first preview of the exercise together with Vice Admiral Ketil Olsen, Military Representative of Norway to the NATO Military Committee… https://www.nato.int/cps/en/natohq/news_155866.htm


Americans promoting an independent Ukraine. Mutually exclusive.


The pope is no better that a Cult War Lord.

Jens Holm

Again. Its not correct the whole world is against like Your assumptions.

They are against how and why You do it. Afrin Turkish too making another 100-150.000 displaced and extre refugees in 10.000 in Turkish as EU hostages tgo support for the Lira …


The whole Western media world and it´s puppets are against these assumptions… it was very interesting how they closed the public online comment sections of every commercial newspaper and TV station in Germany gradually from 2014/2015 on – because they were full of mature citizens complaining about all the lies and setting them straight. Public broadcasting in some cases does rarely still allow it – and it is always a big show how quickly they close the threads because the feedback is completely contrary to their one- and blindsided propaganda.

Val Shadowhawk

Poop Francis (spelling intentional), is another stooge. A player.

Empire's Frontiers

Fine and well measured work.


Russia aerospace force support and protection of ground troops is essential for a fast Syria victory in this area. I hope Russia still gives strong air support despite Turkey (presumably friend of Russia) be in the area to protect the terrorists.

Jens Holm

Its the Russiab zone and they have done alll the time. Why dont You remember facts and use them.


Russia, SAA and allies should make quick work of this offensive and render any FUKUS attempts to impede the terrorist defeat. I think from now on the Russian response to FUKUS attempts to create a side show will be a firm NYET.


The rapid offensive in East Ghouta probably denied FUKUS of any real means to intervene on behalf of their headchoppers, other then fire off a salve of cruise missiles to look good on the evening news. It’s hard to intervene when the headchoppers you want to save had already crumbled or surrendered.


E. Ghouta was in close proximity to US forces, yea speedy conclusion of the offensive caught FUKUS flat footed…..or uncertain of how far they would be willing to go, after all FUKUS is using pocket change for their boots on the ground; I have a difficult time seeing US special forces being airlifted and engaging in urban combat against an experienced force…..it translates into casualties, casualties, something US does not want its public to deal with, especially in situations of illegal interventions.


What goes round comes round :)



Yea, “foreign contractors” fraternizing with terrorists were targeted effectively by the Russian Air Force, far more effectively than the AC130 gunships that attacked a elements of the 5th legion and some Russian mercenaries in the Deir Ezzor province.

The Ghouta attack was a payback for what the US did earlier.


Any delay by Russian,Iranian and Syrian aggressive actions will give the WESTERN propagandists time to think of LIES to propagate, so MOVE quickly and furiously Putin and Assad, to end the battle for Idlib

Once you have won,who cares what they say…………………

Victory, for SYRIA and the Syrian people, will be yours and THAT is what matters.

Jens Holm

All facts You dont lie of course are propagada. Hard to respect any in this. In hunting You eat, what You kill.


Good I hope Russia puts a licken on them.

Concrete Mike

Agreed there were 3 weeeks to negotiate, instead there doing whit helmets shennanigans, and israely threats against iran( i wont bother spelling esraell correct, fuck em).

Al nusrah was never in any de escalation zone agreements, they are the dominant player in idlib. Answer is simple, no good terrorist, kill em all.

AM Hants

No doubt the White Helmets will provide their Raqqa photos, from when the US took out Raqqa.

The Western Media were first to go with the story, which means they will soon be sensationalising it all. No doubt the UN, will ignore the Russian audit trail, in order to keep the US sweet.


There is no end of footage

Mosul in ruins: Bird’s-eye view of old city & landmark mosque blown up by ISIS


City of the dead: Mosul death toll continues to grow months after liberation


Up to 5,805 civilians killed in Iraqi-US op during battle for Mosul


AM Hants

RIP and the UN say nought.

Jens Holm

Very bad but also different. Parts were unneeded.

Jens Holm

Here we go again. You hardly believe it Yourself.

AM Hants

Same record stuck on repeat. Nothing else in their script.

Valerianus Maximus

And never a peep for seven years about the people who have had to endure life under the ISIS.

Lazy Gamer

That soon after trump tweeted. lol I hope this doesnt escalate.


So on Sep. 4,2018 Trump said; “President Bashar al-Assad of Syria must not recklessly attack Idlib Province. The Russians and Iranians would be making a grave humanitarian mistake to take part in this potential human tragedy. Hundreds of thousands of people could be killed. Don’t let that happen!”

Did he say this just before or just after Syria started the air campaign? Both stories are dated on the 4th. It’s almost like Bashar was waiting for a threat to launch. Oh yeah, try this on for reckless!

After all the targeted civilian deaths in Yemen, now Trump is an expert on reckless.

Jens Holm

Yerrrh, and the Irianians are onbly there with medical care and chokolate.

Even the old Emir has got a bandage :)


so whats new??? u cant win a rigged game……..the media the information is rigged,…and not just since yesterday…..

Jens Holm

Thats right. All bombs and artillery strikes by RuAF and SyAF never hit any civilians and never destriy buildings.

And the children in there – som say its 1/3 – all are USA and Zionist midgets.

John Whitehot

frankly, the responsibility for every civilian, woman and child that is hurt by the war, lays on the shoulders of those who started the civil war in Syria: USA, Israel, Saudia,UK and France. Turkey too, although they seem to be backing down.

It’s only the debt-run west and the owner of their politicians Israel that kill innocents as a doctrinal principle, to fulfill their agenda to make debt rule the other part of the world.

Len Zegelink

come saa kick there scumbag asses .en drive theme out to turkija

Jens Holm

The Syrian Democrasy is hanfling opposition as ususal well assisted by the Neo Communist in Cremling.

Its also written as they staryed that today.

Of course no civilians are hit. If so its their own fault. And the cowards of course use white helmets. Thats why I have been against the Assad regime long time before this.

Very strange this is named as an devellopment. I cnat see that. Same thong for the rest. You bombarde all into hell and the few ones comming out are given good care and showed for the photograferes.

Valerianus Maximus

Cry not, dear Dane, for the ISIS you adore, For Putin and Assad make war very well. And so there’ll be jihadi dead galore, And the takfiri are on their way to Hell.

Tom Tom

Put them on buses and send them to Greece.


Hello no send them to the UK and turkey.

AM Hants

Wonder if the US, will take note, when continuing to encircle Russia? Listen to the answer, from President Putin, in this video clip, during one of his regular ‘press marathons’.

Putin schools Wall Street Journal – “We didn’t start this”… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UTajnyx3yEo

Nigel Maund

RuAF bomb the living crap out of HTAS and bomb them relentlessly using cluster bombs on their infantry and entrenched positions. The sooner this Idlib enclave has been annihilated the better. The SAA and Hezbollah should be able to destroy them in a few weeks at most. Listen to this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3dQdyjR09K4

leon mc pilibin

Nutandyahoo is screaming at Trumpy to bomb Syria to smithereens,just as planned.


Great ! continue and none stop at all until total surrender or annihilation of terrorists. USA-NATO and ISrael attacks must never stop this offensive. Israel-USA-NATO planes must be shot down by Russia.

John Whitehot

“Israel-USA-NATO planes must be shot down by Russia”

yawn yawn.

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