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JULY 2020

Syrian, Russian, Iranian Forces Hold Joint Drills In Western Deir Ezzor – Report


Syrian, Russian, Iranian Forces Hold Joint Drills In Western Deir Ezzor – Report

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Syrian, Russian and Iranian forces are holding joint drills in the western countryside of Deir Ezzor, al-Watan reported on October 2.

The Syrian newspaper said that warplanes and rocket launchers are taking part in the drills, which began on October 1.

“These developments coincided with a civil uprising against the Syrian Democratic Force (SDF) and the U.S. occupation in most of their areas [in northeastern Syria],” al-Watan’s short report reads.

Several local sources, including Deir Ezzor 24, Euphrates Post and Deir Ezzor Media Center, confirmed that joint Syrian, Russian and Iranian drills are taking place in western Deir Ezzor. The source said that the SDF had informed locals of the drills.

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies control Deir Ezzor’s city center, the governorate’s western countryside, the western bank of the Middle Euphrates River Valley and a small pocket on the eastern bank of the river. Meanwhile, the SDF controls the entire eastern and northeastern countryside.

The drills appear to be aimed at deterring the SDF and the U.S.-led coalition. In the last few months, several sources claimed that the coalition is planning an assault on the Euphrates’ western bank in order to cut the road to Iraq.

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  • verner

    seems to be an indication of what can be expected in the safe zone erdogan, together with the unhinged states of morons; aka usa, put in place in the northeast to protect the unhinged states of moron’s charges or the kurds. totally inexplicable from erdogans side since he will be forced to join syria in the work to place the kurds where they belong – in the borderland as tenants amd the one way to stop that is for the morons to start a full scale war and that won’t happen and erdogan knows that the kürds are a greater menace to turkey than anything else so they just have to tag along with syria, russia and iran.

    and when that is done and dusted – time to finish off israel once and for all.
    waiting for a shower of long range missiles from the caspian sea on israel and to see the much vaunted iron dome turn into the iron doooom kabooom and netanyahu swinging from a lamppost.

    what could be better for 2020 (the world is in a hurry to see the end of israel, rest assured)

  • Damien C

    If the SDF had crossed the Eurphrates with the aid of US and allies aircover to do the work of Israel they’d be challenging the existance of Syria and would be viewed the same as ISIS the Syrians would be forced to make Syria a no fly zone whether Russia liked it or not.

    They’d be finished anyway they couldn’t fight a war on so many fronts Israel and ISIS in the south, Israel firing from Lebanese airspace, Ildib and its head choppers backed by Turkey Saudi Qatar UAE, The north with Turkish proxies Turkey and the SDF, the east with the SDF backed by USA UK France Canada Denmark Israel etc. They would also have to face off against ISIS and their Backers the USA Israel Saudi and Jordan near Al Tanf close to the Jordan border.

    At the same time the air would be full of UAV’s from many nations striking at as many different Syrian positions as possible.
    Brave and resiliant as the nation of Syria is nobody could withstand such an onslaught without serious resources of a heavier kind.
    So better to get a warning shot in now

  • AM Hants

    Nice one.

    Whilst the US and Soros, try to kick start regime change programmes, not just in Syria, but also hoping it will work in Russia and Iran, like what is happening in Hong Kong. Well, it worked in Ukraine, did it not?

    Anatomy of the 2019 Protests: Details of the USA’s Interference in Russian Elections… https://www.stalkerzone.org/anatomy-of-the-2019-protests-details-of-the-usas-interference-in-russian-elections/

  • Jacob Wohl

    And then some AC-130 and apache gunships came and blew them all to bits… the end. Happened before and will happen again. :-]

    • Damien C

      Russian military have not been in direct conflict with US the only stand off they had was in 2014 in the Black sea …. Didn’t go to plan did it?


      • Toronto Tonto

        HA HA the little wagner girls in Syria were Russian and they never got a chance to shoot back poooffff all BBQed losers .

        • gryzor84

          and you got that story where exactly ? do you have a single even mainstream outlet even hinting at this with official certainty ? and anyway, even assuming that it’s entirely true, then what ? who gives a damn about what Wagner does without the Russian MoD’s consent ? if anything they wanted to play smart without coordinating and payed the hefty price, their call. What does it have to do with Russian armed forces that have yet to suffer one scratch from American forces ? they’ve been jamming and flying over US carrier decks or stranded destroyers undeterred several times over, should I notice a trend here ?

          And it’s not like Blackwater didn’t loose hundreds upon hundreds of its men littering the Iraqi battlefield with bits and pieces of their corpse over the course of the US Occupation there. What would be the point in using this as an argument to belittle the US military ? alt-right fanboys and their intellectual bankruptcy will never cease to amaze me, as nationality is the only thing that matters to them. If a couple Russian die there, it means the Russian army is dead here. Yeah right. One criteria solves it all. Seriously just GTFO kids, subtlety will forever be absent from you braindead system.

        • Concrete Mike

          Ahhh yeab coming from anonymous source im sure.

          Its highly likely your a peive of shit. Just like bernstwhol

      • Simon Bernstein

        Those 400 russkie mercenaries shredded at conoco would beg to differ

        • Concrete Mike

          Just like the 400 we bagged alive in ghouta? What about the other 600 in Aleppo?

          Bitch please, stop lying.

    • igybundy

      US is great at shooting defenceless geriatrics in the back like the 1960’s SU22 bomber on a run at escaping ISIS..

    • Garga

      How nice, I just noticed that Disqus added a feature which shows the number of down votes. I can’t see who gave the down votes, unlike the thumb ups.

      So, bored-guy-who-just-pretends-to-be-Wool-or-that-other-Jew-what’s-his-face-and-talks-big-to-compensate-his-sad-wrinkled-schlong, congratulations!

      Now you can compete yourself to see which one of your accounts generates more down-votes!

      You’ve won the prize you always dreamt about:

      Warning: Ladies, please do NOT click on the prize, it’s for this guy and this guy only. You have been warned!

      • frankly

        How intriguing. You’ve got a great sense of humor. Tending toward raunchy but not a complaint.

      • PZIVJ

        Wow, that is a nice new feature on Disqus. Now we can measure how much a troll is disliked, especially if they are using foul language on this site. A positive step forward for SF. :)

      • Pave Way IV


        Heh… +1, Garga. I would have given you a +2, but you left out “clownishly-tiny-“ &#129313

        • PZIVJ

          Score on this thread is now:
          Garga +4
          Tonto -8
          Jacob -5

          • Uncle Meat

            Haha I almost want to unblock Tonto just so I can see how many slaps in the face with fish he receives.

          • Simon Bernstein

            nazi sympathizer who loves nazis so much he uses a profile picture of a military machine used by the nazi regime which killed 6 million Jews in World War 2. Have you no shame?

          • Sparrow
          • Sparrow

            https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x58znz3 War On Gaza

            Don’t get me started motherfucker…

        • Simon Bernstein

          don’t talk crap when you have no ability to reason beyond antisemitism

      • Zionism = EVIL

        Do you think anyone cares if the hasbarats downvote :)

    • Mike

      Go suck solomon kupeks dick you Israeli faget.

    • gryzor84

      … and then, this never happened and Wohlboy just kept on dreaming from his armchair. As for the other unconfirmed sensational story about a couple hundred Russian mercenaries getting killed that probably never happened in the first place, either. Boy you really should think about growing some dignity one day, I’m sure even you can do it, as I’ve seen plenty of hopeless cases turn around in my life.

      Oh and for the record kid, be very careful what you wish for. As any American AC-130/Apache scratching even one Russian service member will only lead to a new Pearl Harbor and the end of US interests not only in Syria but also the every major base of operation located within GCC states in a matter of hours. A couple critical airbases, one in the UAE and one in Saudi Arabia + the US 5th fleet anchor in Bahrain wouldn’t stand a chance against a determined strike with everything the Russians have deployed there currently under the cover of their Syrian war effort and other such “drills” that are nothing else than pre-positioning of assets that won’t move from there afterwards.

      Indeed, you shouldn’t wish for the ensuing Armageddon that would get a hell lot of you and Russian military men and women incinerated in a potentially global conflagration going way beyond the sole scope of the middle-eastern theater, just for you dumb moron to have your teenage CoD story materialize on tv, please. The USN has suffered such Pearl Harbor disasters before, and will suffer them again should they have the utter folly of going the Jacob way. I’m grateful clowns such as you will never acquire any post of importance in this world, I mean it.

    • Sparrow

      Fakob Trohl

      • Simon Bernstein

        would you say that to Mr Wohl in person? He’s 6 foot 4 and benches much heavier weights than you do! he could probably bench your body weight, little twerp

        • Sparrow

          …and that doesn’t give you brains as has been demonstrated by the Resistance over and over. Maybe you guys in tel aviv in front of your computers spewing trash will get the courage to overthrow that despicable fake state and be on the right side of history before it’s curtains for ya’ll. You really don’t have a future living in the darkest of places (underground), hiding and lying your way to the grave…sheckel’d in chains with blood on your heads for existance. Make no mistake your days are numbered and no amount of bench lifting can keep you floating in the sea!

        • Concrete Mike

          I sling concrete for a living, bring it im 6’0 200

    • Concrete Mike

      There is some evidence your the real anti semite and a racist oeice of shit too.

      Remember the black jews getting shot by cops?

      Explain that shithead

  • Redadmiral

    Seems to me that Yanki/Zionist war machine are hoping to instigate “a small war”, which would give Trump some extra traction, maybe as a peacemaker for his re election push, cause the folks back home Do Not Want another War small nor BIG. Lets face the facts the SAA will eat the Kurds alive especially since 60% of their forces are press-ganged Syrian Arabs who will either desert or more probably turn their guns on these Kurdish Rats. SAA along with their Allies have enough troops to hold the fort while they clean out the Yanki’s straw dogs. Russia we have learnt have their S-500 systems in place along with the S 400s and the Syrian S 300s. And lets not forget the Iranian up graded variants of the S 300 as well. They can if they want impose a no ffly zone across the Levant if they wish. BRING IT ON

    • Uncle Meat

      Jacob Wohl ought to get front row seats to this operation.

    • Toronto Tonto

      Bring your junk dumbazz .

      • Simon Bernstein

        don’t worry, brother. When the real war starts, these antisemites will be crying non stop. IDF will be marching in the capitals of Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, and Iran in no time

    • Pave Way IV

      The only Kurds that far south are the bought-and-paid-for Barzanistan Iraqi Kurd mercs or destitute PKK that want a US paycheck. The average, every-day Syrian YPG/YPJ Kurds are not land/oil thieves, don’t want filthy CENTCOM clown money and have zero interest in US/Israeli schemes to block any Iraqi/Syrian border crossing.

      The CIA/Mossad-controlldy PYD political party, PKK mercs and the handful of Kurd SDF commanders they own are not ‘the Kurds’ – they’re traitors to the Syrian Kurds. Assad has agreements with the YPG/YPJ in the north, NOT with the PYD or SDF cucks and their American/Israeli handlers down south.

  • Toronto Tonto

    Three terrorist shittholes that bomb schools and hospitals , time to call them out EH .

    • Mike

      Fuck off solomon kupek.

      • Toronto Tonto

        You can honk on boo boo .

    • Concrete Mike

      A d what about the usa flattening mosul and raqqa?

      Go fuck yourself

  • iosongasingsing
  • Toronto Tonto

    More BS , hey how are those SU-57s selling EH . ha ha not one foreign buyer EH half the cost of a 35 and still nobody wants the junk , been in the making for ten years nobody wants the garbage . we now have 425 35s and still coming losers .

    • Simon Bernstein

      It’s funny because India totally said “No” to the non stealth sU-57. I mean cmon, the SU57 isn’t even TRUE stealth. It has EXPOSED ENGINES, non stealth weapons bay, and a radar cross section of 1 square meter! Meanwhile the F-22/F-35 has a radar cross section of 0.0001 square meters and has stealthy engines, weapons bay, everything!

      • Concrete Mike

        You have. No idea how radars work nowadays do you?