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JUNE 2023

Syrian & Russian Fighter Jets Strike Terrorists’ Positions across Idlib Province

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The Russian Aerospace Forces and the Syrian Air Force have struck gatherings and convoys of terrorists across the province of Idlib. As result, terrorists have suffered heavy losses and their military equipment has been destroyed.

Syrian & Russian Fighter Jets Strike Terrorists' Positions across Idlib Province

Gatherings and convoys of terrorists, moving to the villages of Khan Sheikhoun and Taraa in southern Idlib province, were targeted and struck by Syrian fighter jets. As result, scores of terrorists were killed, and their military vehicles were destroyed.

Meanwhile, terrorists’ positions in Maraa al-Misrin in northern Idlib were also attacked by the Syrian Air Force. According to local sources, a number of terrorists were killed, while their military equipment, including pickup trucks, equipped with heavy machine-guns, were destroyed.

At the same time, more than 10 airstrikes were carried out by the Russian Aerospace Forces over the province of Idlib. Russian fighter jets targeted positions of the Jaish Al-Fatah terrorists in the cities of Idlib, Maarat Al-Numan, Binnish and Taftanaz.

In addition to their air attacks on terrorists in Idlib province, Russian aircraft also struck the Jund Al-Aqsa and the Ahrar Al-Sham terrorist groups in northern Hama. At the same time, Syrian troops launched a ground assault on Souran village, where the clashes between terrorists and Syrian soldiers are still ongoing.

Earlier this week, a senior war strategist said that the Syrian Army initiated an action in order to extend its forces to regions, located to the southwest of Aleppo, including Khan Touman. The main goal of such a decision is an intention to drive terrorists back to southeastern Idlib and northern Hama, and isolate terrorists in the latter province from Aleppo.

As a retired Syrian Army General Heisam Hassoun noted, now the most important front is inside the city of Aleppo: from Hanano, al-Sokra, al-Ameriya and al-Halabi to the east of Aleppo. For this reason, a large operation in the countryside to the southwest of the city, conducted in recent days by Syrian troops, surprised terrorists.

“The Syrian Army turned Ramousiya and the military academies into the center of its operations, and moved to stretch its security control zone around this center, and won back the Air Defense Battalion base known as the missile hill,” Hassoun told the Fars news agency on Tuesday.

He also added that after the recapturing of the Air Defense Battalion base, the Bazu hilltop and the al-Hakama school as well as Rashedeen 5 and Rashedeen 4 regions also came under fire of Syrian soldiers.

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