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Syrian, Russian Airstrikes Destroy More Vehicles In Greater Idlib


Syrian, Russian Airstrikes Destroy More Vehicles In Greater Idlib

Su-25 aircrafts in Syria. FILE IMAGE: Vadim Grishankin/Russian Defense Ministry Press and Information Office/TASSu

Late on February 21, Syrian and Russian warplanes carried out a series of airstrikes on Greater Idlib, targeting several vehicles in the northwestern region.

According to pro-government sources, at least nine vehicles, including many battle tanks, were destroyed between the towns of Mjdlya and Sarmin in southern Idlib. The vehicles were most likely supplied by Turkey to its proxies in the region.

Two days ago, the Turkish military and its proxies, including al-Qaeda-affiliated Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), launched a large-scale attack on SAA positions in the town of al-Nayrab in southern Idlib.

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA), backed by the Russian Aerospace Forces (VKS), repelled the attack within a few hours. Syrian and Russian strikes destroyed more than a dozen vehicles, including four M60 Sabra MK II battle tanks of the Turkish Armed Forces. A video of the strikes was released earlier.

Intense Syrian and Russian airstrikes are now targeting the southern Idlib countryside. Turkey and its proxies may be planning yet another attack on SAA positions in the region.

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