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Syrian & Russian Airstrikes Destroy 37 Vehicles of Terrorist Groups in Aleppo

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Syrian & Russian Airstrikes Destroy 37 Vehicles of Terrorist Groups in Aleppo

Photo: Reuters

The Syrian and Russian fighter jets’ airstrikes destroyed at least 37 armored and machine gun-equipped vehicles of the terrorist groups in four concentration centers across Aleppo.

Fourteen armored vehicles on Saraqib- Aleppo road, eleven vehicles and cars on al-Zerbeh road, seven armored vehicles equipped with machineguns on Khan Touman road and five armored vehicles of terrorists in surroundings of military academy buildings were destroyed in several rounds of combat sorties by the Russian and Syrian warplanes.

Militant groups also suffered heavy casualties in the air attacks.

According to earlier reports, the Syrian aircraft inflicted massive strikes against several vehicles of Jeish al-Fatah terrorists carrying arms and ammunition while they were moving from Idlib province to the southern and southwestern districts of the city of Aleppo.

At least 10 air attacks were launched by the Syrian army fighter jets on the convoys of Jeish al-Fatah in Idlib province, preventing them to reach Aleppo’s territories.

Terrorist groups, for their part, retaliated the Syrian air force’s attacks. Heavy fire was opened at residential areas in al-Khalediyeh district in Aleppo by terrorists. Several civilians were killed or wounded on al-Nile Street.

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John Kerry

Oh-uh, so SAA air-forece bombs their trucks and, they, jihadis, as retaliation, shoot civilians? Whoa, some “moderate rebels” they are, huh?

Sham Crown

r u masturbating…just save your ass for assad or putin if u like


go play with your bf from ISIS they need more fat virgins in hell

Raoul Duke

Moderate killer’s given countless amounts of money to stop the ‘evil’ assad, by shelling residential areas and using civilians as human shields for airstrikes. Assad ain’t perfect but he’s a saint compared to these state sponsored terrorists.


The jihadis have no compunction about deliberately attacking civilians in government-controlled areas, out of sheer hate and desire to terrorize – and the Western MSM and “humanitarian organizations” do not even MENTION it, let alone raise an outcry. This proves that these people are completely dishonest, hypocritical, and one-sided in their concern for civilian lives.

The Russian and Syrian air forces should simply bomb the s__t out of the jihadi terrorists, wherever they are hiding out. The hell with collateral damage to jihadi “civilians”.

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