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Syrian, Russian Air Forces Halt Airstrikes On Greater Idlib

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Syrian, Russian Air Forces Halt Airstrikes On Greater Idlib

Su-25 aircrafts in Syria. FILE IMAGE: Vadim Grishankin/Russian Defense Ministry Press and Information Office/TASS

The Syrian Arab Air Force (SyAAF) and the Russian Aerospace Forces halted on November 27 their combat operations against radical militants in the so-called Greater Idlib region in northwest Syria.

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), the last 18 hours didn’t witness any Syrian or Russian airstrikes on the region.

The UK-based monitoring group reported that the poor weather may be behind the surprise halt of airstrikes. Northwest Syria is indeed witnessing a heavy rain storm, which is not suitable for aerial operations.

“Russian and regime planes have been absent from the airspace since yesterday evening due to the bad weather conditions in Idlib province and the surrounding countryside,” the SOHR’s report reads

Despite the halt of Syrian and Russian airstrikes, Greater Idlib militants continued their attacks on government forces. A group affiliated with the Afghan Taliban Movement shelled Syrian military positions south of Idlib.

The SyAAF and the Russian Aerospace Forces will likely resume their operations against Idlib militants once the weather improves, which is expected to happen in the next 48 hours.

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Icarus Tanović

Im not quite sure how big obstacle to RuAf is this weather, but they can continue this with artilery in the meantime.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

The SAA are targeting 3 towns in southeastern Idlib with artillery right now.


Hmmm. I thought that fighting evil cannot be undermined by bad weather… I personally wouldn’t stop never fight against evil… It doesn’t matter the weather or the circumstances.. You just need to adapt to the situation,and try to be above it. Like this you can prove to others….. that you are not a joke, and you will not stop until you will not achieve what you planned and the best for humanity. So to put it in a different perspective, Russia I mean Russia doesn’t have sophisticated weapon …???? Seriously??? Laser Gps Termo Xray Ground penetrating Bunker busters…

And not to talk about that bad weather can be used for your advantage… Most of the people are staying inside when very bad weather arrives, they tell us that they stopped aerial strikes because of bad weather to avoid civilian casualties, but other side/s, continue bombing theirs positions,.. It actually makes it easier for you to actually know where to drop the load, through continuous surveillance from above the storm.. Like this you can actually achieve 0 civilians casualties.. Thank you…..

viktor ziv

1. Laser – light likes refraction 2. Gps – 30 planes making several sorties per day. Last rotation was like two months ago 3. Termo – look Terminator movie where Schwarzenegger covers him with mud 4. Xray – seriously? Is it for locating fractures in defence? When you shoot xrays where do you put plate to detect anomalies in xrays?

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Bad weather means more civilians accidentally die in airstrikes, so I don’t mind a small delay if it means less innocent people die, kill the terrorists today or kill them tomorrow, what’s the difference, if it was a few weeks or months delay I’d be upset, but just a day or two is no big deal. So I’ll just sit back and wait out the storm and be ready for the next one, which will be the storm the SAA is about to create over the terrorists heads when this one is over.


Bad weather?

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