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JUNE 2021

Syrian “Resistance Group” Claims It Shelled US-led Coalition Base In Eastern Syria (Video)

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On April 12, the Popular Resistance in Eastern Syria announced in an official statement that one of its cells had shelled a position of the US-led coalition in the 93rd Brigade base in the northern Raqqa countryside. The resistance released a video of the operation that shows at least one locally made rocket being launched by its fighters.

The US-led coalition and the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) who control most of Raqqa governorate have not commented on the Syrian resistance claims yet.

The same US-led coalition position was reportedly shelled by the same resistance movement with mortars on April 3. Back then, the SDF denied that any of its positions was shelled.

Since the beginning of April, the Popular Resistance in Eastern Syria has started its active military operations against the US-led coalition in eastern Syria. Similar resistance movement were also established, like the Popular Resistance in al-Hasakah, while other already existence pro-government forces announced their plans to attack the US-led coalition, like the Iranian-backed Baqir Brigade.

Local observers believe that these movements are a result of the dangerous polices implemented of the US-led coalition that allowed the SDF – a Kurdish-dominated force that includes non-Syrian elements – to take over most of the Arab areas in eastern Syria.

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Michał Hunicz

Maybe Russians should drop some heavy weapons for them?



Agha Olagh

Better to put some more anti-missile systems on Assad bases, as it will both prepare them more and make the yankees think twice before attacking


Russia already put all it’s missiles system production lines full swing and they still barely able to cover it’s borders against NATO encroachment in number. I do agree though SAM launchers placed in Syria could be more effective than it’s European borders.

neil barron

Maybe on them.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

They don’t need to ISIS has caches all over the region there and wouldn’t be a problem of taking those weapons and using them.


Its very rare to listen the Allahu Akbar but to be pro-assad, they are always against the Assad Gov. its sounds strange you know.

Gregory Gregory

Those bloodthirsty scoundrels fighting on behalf of the US are heretical muslims who shouldn’t be shouting it at all

LR captain

these are not ISIS members these are arabs who are fed up with US being Syria and the are taking action. They are not terrorists but a guerrilla army cause they are not attacking civilians.

Gregory Gregory

I think he knows that

LR captain

then he would have worded it different and there would have been nothing “strange” about it. People got mad at foreigners ruling them and want their old government back.

neil barron

Wrong I thought it strange as I read about the previous mortar shelling and I hadn’t put it together yet because of the cesspool soup of crap of ideals over there.


Sometimes the video especially edited to include the allahu akbar shouting. I’ve come across at least one that have 2 different version with one have none of the shouting.


Allahu al Akbar is not shouted because the guy who shouts it is a Jihadi. Its generally shouted to ward off danger, as in Islam God determines your fate. There’s no point in trying to evade the fate that Allah has set out for you. If he wants you dead, you WILL die, regardless. So rather then seek cover they try to avoid their fate by praising his name.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

It is never strange to hear it among the SAA which is said all the time as they say good is great and hope his hand will help kill more terrorists as he is a god of vengeance other than being a compassionate one.


The Anglo/Zionists have overstayed their welcome in the Middle East. Now, the people’s militias are hunting them down all on their own.


Im a bit suspicious about this so called resistance group. It has jewish stink all over it.


Time for the US to stop invading a sovereign country. Leave NOW!


yeee haaaaw


I am sure this is the work of the mista’arvim. Cui bono?


The author of this story should have put the quotes around “SHELLED” two jack asses with one home made bottle rocket does not constitute shelling. click bait sucks.

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