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Syrian Rebel Blows Himself & His Comrades Up Trying to Take Selfie (Video)

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Syrian rebel has accidentally blown himself and his comrades up by taking a selfie with a mobile phone rigged to an explosive device.

Syrian Rebel Blows Himself & His Comrades Up Trying to Take Selfie (Video)

A member of a ‘moderate’ opposition, the Free Syrian Army (FSA), accidentally blew himself and his comrades up, trying to take a selfie.

Judging from footage of the incident, published online, the man seems to have forgotten that his mobile phone was previously programmed for blasting an explosive device. For this reason, at the time when he pressed the button to take a photo, an explosion occurred.

Judging by the fact that the camera survived, the explosion was not very strong. Meanwhile, a fate of the unsuccessful photomodels is unknown.

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Glad he was having a blast hanging with his bros!

Real Anti-Racist Action

I’ve seen this before. It looks fake to me for two very good reasons. #1 After the “explosion” the camera suffered zero damage to the lens, no blood on it or fragments. #2 The camera then looks up at the ceiling above the “blown up men” and the ceiling is fine, no smoke, blood or debris holes. Seems like the “explosion” was edited into the film, apart of the script. If it is real, then it is funny to see these Zio-Sunni get what they deserve and prayed for. martyrdom lol.

John Whitehot

rotflololol. Every day shows how the US support always goes to retarded, analphabet, heron addicted moderate headchoppers.


Hmmm I would swear I have seen this exact video 2 or 3 years ago but with a very different description. I cannot find the original video but the original one I’ve seen 2 or 3 years ago said that the guy in the green camo (middle-left, smoking the cigarette) is actually a captured SAA soldier that supposedly joined the FSA, and the FSA wanted to use him as a suicide bomber against SAA. But he was actually still loyal to his country and instead of being their pawn he decided to activate the explosive vest right there in that room to kill them all in vengeance! You can see him reaching out to the explosives (to activate them) that were on the table in front of him. He was also kinda tensed before he did it. Also this is a far more realistic explanation in my opinion then “accidently activated by the idiot with a cellphone”. The original video from 3 years ago was tittled something like “This is why the terrorist will never defeat SAA”, I can’t find it but I remember it was EXACLTY the same as this one (the room, the singing, the flag behind them, 100% sure it’s the same video!)

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