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Syrian Pro-Government Group Claimed Responsibility For Rocket Attack On U.S. Troops In Deir Ezzor

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A Syrian pro-government group known as the Popular Resistance in the Eastern Region (PR-ER) has claimed responsibility for the recent rocket attack on U.S. troops in Deir Ezzor.

Three small Katyusha rockets landed in the vicinity of the CONICO gas plant, where U.S. forces maintain a base, in the late hours of August 18. The U.S. military confirmed the incident without reporting any losses.

The PR-ER said in a statement that the rocket strike was response to an earlier attack by U.S. forces at a Syrian Arab Army checkpoint near the village of Tal al-Dhahab in the northern al-Hasakah countryside.

The U.S. attack left a Syrian service member, Malik Muhammad al-Muhaimid, dead and injured at least two others.

“We promise you, what’s coming is greater … A land you entered alive, we promise you will only leave in pieces,” the PR-ER said in its statement.

The PR-ER was established more than two years ago with the aim of fighting U.S. forces and the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces in northeastern Syria. The group has claimed responsibility for a number of attacks on U.S. troops since its formation.

The Syrian intelligence is reportedly behind the Popular Resistance. President Bashar al-Assad recently vowed to support those willing to fight U.S. occupation in northeastern Syria. This will likely lead to more tensions in the region.


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Jens Holm

Too much is everlasting revenge. It must be some ID.

Maybee someone should give all a language for making peace.

People here dont know what honor and respect is as well.


People here dont know what honor and respect is as well.” – Hilarious

As if that


Expect more US bombings of Syrian troops while Putin keeps quiet. Also explains the brand new anti-Assad ISIS/US/SDF jihadi formation in Deir Ezzor, the CIA got ahead of the game.

Assad must stay

putin keeping quiet pisses me off to no end

Róbert Pagáčik

Without any meaningfull backing in the UN from western powers … he can do nothing about the illegal occupation by US and its proxyes , just as its the same situation as in Lybia. Its too faar to project force safely and too many NATO allies on route to be keeping any hostile effort going logistically. He can only wait till any kind of political crisis within EU/NATO makes some of its members see reason and act on UN ground and help Assads regime to not fall apart by external pressures.


What is your take, why are so many people ignorant on the facts that are quite lot common sense, almost obvious. Is that deliberate? To persistently keep spreading anti-Russian narrative or they are just simply plane ignorant and “useful idiots”. The regular victims of usual propaganda?

Traiano Welcome

Asymmetric warfare.

I predicted a while back that the Syrian government would begin to create informal resistance movements like this in order to be able to strike without taking accountability.

“The Syrian intelligence is reportedly behind the Popular Resistance. President Bashar al-Assad recently vowed to support those willing to fight U.S. occupation in northeast Syria. This will likely lead to more tension in the region.”

Bang on! These kinds of groups are going to become more prominent in the coming months.


There’ve been militias, both Syrian like the NDF, and non-Syrian like Liwa Fatemiyoun, fighting alongside the SAA for years. They could be assuming a more aggressive stance with this.

Traiano Welcome

True. But I’m wondering if some of these are purely created by the Syrian state from scratch in order to attack without official links to the SAA.


The Iranian Defense Minister visited Damascus a few months ago promising more strategic and tactical support, this seems to be one of the results of that visit.

Far less probable Russian involvement because Putin only wants deescalation with his global Ziocorporate terrorist partners, besides this mirrors what’s been happening in Iraq especially after the murder of Soleimani.

Traiano Welcome

So, these are forces being moved into position in preparation …


Happening across the board. For example the US Zioterrorists just pledged 3 billion of military aid to the narcoterrorist army of Colombia to “fight drug-trafficking in Venezuela”, ISISrael and UEA/Wahhabistan coming out as LGBT partners, etc.


It doesn’t work against us for example, we hold the SAA responsible if it’s them or other proxy organization. They both die, we don’t discriminate.


Israel attacks anything that crosses its border why shouldn’t pro Syrian forces attack invaders like US


No, the zioracist dump does not only attack anything that crosses its border: if that were the case there would not be all the death and destruction in the region.

The zioracist filth attacks anything, anytime, anywhere in the region, bar Iran, of course.

Кристофер Петров

if idf sooo mighty, try flying a major operation against latakia airbase or try attacking crimea, russian territory. I promise you wouldn’t like the outcome


Why would we do that? you missed our objectives.


No reason, highly unlikely. I’m just saying it because some zios think that they can defeat Russia, maybe not you but lots

Traiano Welcome

That’s a different case. The IOF bombs indiscriminately regardless of provocation.

In that case the best solution for Syria is to continue setting up decoys and embedding Iranian missile squads in underground bunkers near the Golan.

Which is happening as we speak …


Just a matter of time till a ground operation takes place, Iran will never get a foothold next to us.


We shall see what you can do, but we are already there and we are there because of your leaders’ stupidity. Never forget that.

The history will repeat itself to the ones who don’t learn from it. In 2006 your murderous regime said the same things for Lebanon but got their behinds handed to them. All you managed to do was destroying civilians’ houses and properties and killing the unarmed. Now if you feel bold enough to repeat it this time in Syria, oy too bad, but do repeat the 2006 stupidity. Our only problem would be your child-killer military attacks only civilians. But we came there to protect the civilians, so we do what we always do, we won’t let the monsters touch the unarmed even it costs us our lives.

Traiano Welcome

Tell your people to make further use of automation and decoys – it will drive the zionists mad.

Traiano Welcome

A ground operation? Are you joking?

You were defeated thoroughly in Bint Jbeil, a tiny village backwater but you have grand ambitions of a ground operation in Syria? With your army of snowflakes and baby-shooters?

Please don’t kid yourself.


Defeated? we only used ground troops in the last 10 days of the war and that was enough to reach the Litani river. You’re confused between the IDF capabilities with the political leadership cowardness. It won’t happen again, we go all in on day one.

Traiano Welcome

“we only used ground troops in the last 10 days of the war and that was enough to reach the Litani river”

Seriously? And what did Hezbollah use? Alien Space ships?

Whichever way you spin it, the supposedly most advanced army in the world, with support of a superpower and multiple western powers couldn’t take a tiny village from a bunch of weekend warriors and extreme sportsmen.


I suppose you are entitled to strike against a thief stealing your oil and gas. In this case the thief is the dumbed down morons in the white house that think it’s business as usual and they still have to realize that that ain’t the case – that thieves are actually persecuted if not prosecuted is one thing but for each body bag with an under-educated grunt from the fly over states being flown home, the quicker the illegal occupation the yankee-twats are engaged in, will be over. and once that is done, it’s time to clear out the jews illegally occupying palestine and they have no mercy whatever to expect. the most likely prospect for those thieving murdering and duplicitous criminals is 6 feet under, no matter what.


The US has no interest in Syria. It’s all for Israel and Jews. US relations with Israel need to be severed, Judaism outlawed in the US and worldwide to create a Jew free world. And Israel, Israelis and Jews classified as a US national security threat.

The best way to do this is simply to abolish Judaism and allow former Jews to get on with their lives like everyone else.


1. You’re making a crucial mistake of conflating Judaism and Zionism. 2. Hoping to get Judaism banned is a pipe dream: even totalitarian communism was unable to ban religion in the USSR; China has not been able to either.

It’s “israel” that needs to be taken care of.


Judaism and Zionism are conflated, 95% of Jews are Zionists. And most of the other 5% are orthodox, who are the biggest baby rapers of them all.

Judaism has been outlawed in China, and elsewhere.


No, you have made up those numbers. If you haven’t, show me a credible source.

But what’s worse is that you have fallen into the zionist trap: they want people to conflate zionism and Judaism because the zios don’t have any justification for their existence and their activities so they have effectively hijacked the religion.

AS long as you keep conflating, you are in effect supporting zionism, their racist garbage dump, and their death and destruction activities in the region and elsewhere.


If you’d read my work here for any length of time you wouldn’t make these false accusations against me, unless that’s part of your modus operandi against people who post truths that you’re trying to suppress.

I haven’t fallen into anyone’s trap. I’m simply pointing out some relevant facts for those who lack knowlege on the topic or who are Zionist shills posting deliberate disinfo for the Jews.

I was getting Jew death threats on this Jew site and complained to Disqus about it. And now they no longer have Disqus as their comment board platform. But here’s a quote from it:


The support for Israel among non practicing Jews on their way out of this evil pedophile mass rape cult to become former Jews is higher than practicing Jews. Except for a small % of orthodox dissidents, Jewish Zionism is essentially universal.


You claim you know Zionism and Judaism, yet you conflate the 2, exactly the way the zios need it and you aren’t even aware of it, you’re so caught up in your pathological obsession.


“as with any right, the freedom of religion can be abridged if its exercise would infringe on the rights of others. …

As a result, several groups have been made into recognized criminal organizations. … typically after a cult group has been involved with a criminal enterprise. These cults have generally been involved with activities like murder, abduction, statutory rape, or other serious crimes. Often, they hold an illegal activity to be a primary focus of their religious teachings, making adherence to the group’s beliefs a virtual guarantee of grossly illegal activity directly harming others.


Those remarks are correct when you refer to zioracist, in “israel” and around the world.

viktor ziv

Kind remark: not “totalitarian communism” but “real socialism” in Warsaw Pact countries, in Yugoslavia it was “liberal socialism”. “real socialism” was prerequisite for “communism”. Communism is utopia, it actually never existed (some form was in kibbutzes in 20-ties of last century in Palestine) . Also, religions were never banned. It was the influence of religion banned from government management.




You did go a bit too far there.


How so?

It’s all true.


The rape, VD, brain damage are mostly nonsense, and whatever may be true is not restricted to the Jews, don’t pretend non-Jews don’t rape, don’t cause brain damage, or have/cause VD.

Again, your conflation of Judaism and zionism, as well as your blaming of Jews only for certain activities that occur elsewhere too, do exactly the opposite of what you are trying to achieve. In fact, you vindicate everything the zioracists and “israel” apologists have been saying and lying about.

Do some research and understand the difference between Judaism and zionism, and above all keep an open mind.


I understand Judaism and Zionism better than most. And you haven’t taught me anything. I completed 13 years of Roman Catholic catechism instruction K-12. So I have pretty good understanding of the old testament and Israel.

There are many Jews, and former Jews, who have venereal disease for life, eating away at their brains, bodies and immune systems, from being institutionally raped at birth. Some of whom come here to post lies for their evil cult. And many Jews and others who’ve been infected by Jew pedophile rape victims.

“metzitzah b’peh — requires a mohel, the person performing the circumcision, to suck blood from the incision on an infant’s penis. …

According to the Health Department, 24 cases of herpes have been linked to circumcision since 2000. Two of the infants died and two others suffered brain damage.”

– New case of neonatal herpes caused by Jewish circumcision –



I completed 13 years of Roman Catholic catechism instruction K-12. So I have pretty good understanding of the old testament and Israel’s history.

That explains: 1. your hatred for Jews, like many a Catholic 2. the Bible is NOT a history book, neither for the Jews not for the Christians. It is a fairy tales changed many times over time for many different reasons, incl. political ones.

You don’t know anything about Zionism and Judaism, in any case not enough otherwise you would be obsessed with the Jews.

I am obsessively anti-“israel” and anti-Zionist, but I am not anti-Jew because I know the differences.


I don’t hate Jews, neither do most Catholics. Judaism and Zionism are essentially synonymous. And the small percentage, which is a rounding error, that aren’t Zionists. Are mostly non practicing Jews or orthodox, who are the biggest baby rapers of them all. The numbers speak for themselves.


You don’t hate Jews? Bwa ha ha ha, you’re just acting as if you do with all that anti-Jew bigotry. Yep, you head way up that dark alley where the sun don’t shine.


The Jews institutionally rape 1,000 children worldwide every week with their vile blood sucking rituals. More in Israel than anyplace else. Pointing out these facts and calling for this problem to be corrected is an example of truth and justice, not racism and hatred.


I have nothing to add to my earlier comments. Goodbye.


Tired of making a fool out of yourself? That’s a positive development.

Judaism needs to be outlawed and abolished worldwide so that the world is Jew free and this evil pedophile mass rape cult is in the dust bin of history as a lesson for future generations of what not to do.


“oral copulation with a minor under 18 years of age. This is the act of copulating the mouth of one person with the penis, vagina or anus of another person. … The offense is a felony and can be punished by up to 8 years in state prison.”

– Penal Code 288a PC – Oral Copulation with a Minor –



So what? These are general laws, applicable to anybody of any creed, ethnicity, nationality, colour of foreskin, etc. In other words, the are not Jew-only laws.


You’re talking out of both sides of your mouth. You agree that rape cults should be outlawed. And then deny that it should happen to the Jew rape cult.


There is no Jew rape cult any more than there is a Catholic rape cult, even taking into account what has been exposed about all those fine Catholic priests and bishops over the past 10 years.


The current pope is a problem. The Catholic church is corrupt. But doesn’t institutionally rape children during felony blood sucking rituals, infect them with venereal disease, brain damage and murder them like the Jews. The church condemns these crimes and expels sex offenders. The Jews embrace sex offenders and has them officially in the highest offices of institutional Judaism.

“Pope Benedict XVI, who launched a tough crackdown during his 2005-2013 papacy and defrocked some 800 priests who raped and molested children.”

– Pope quietly trims sanctions for sex abusers seeking mercy –



The Jews violate these laws institutionally every day with their blood sucking pedophile rape rituals. Judaism needs to be outlawed and abolished so that the planet is Jew free.


These Jew cult freaks belong in jail. Judaism needs to be outlawed and abolished so that the planet is Jew free.



I am not shilling for anybody, I am merely pointing out the inconsistencies in your drivel whereby you are obsessively trying to prove nonsense. Your pictures and lists are nonsense.


You’re lying. Everything that I’ve posted is true. And prima facia judicial quality evidence.


Everything you have posted is absolute garbage backed up by nothing.

If you want to be taken seriously you should present scientific evidence, instead bigoted crap.


You’re making a fool of yourself with your obvious lies, false accusations, irrationality and rejection of indisputable evidence of institutional Jew pedophile mass rape.

You’re a moron wasting my time.


Hey kiddo, if anyone is wasting your time it is you. I clearly see that you realise I am right in what I have said, I have exposed you for what you are:

an ignorant bigot, a catspaw, who has fallen right into the zionist trap, as a result of which he is supporting the zionist cause instead of fighting it.

How ironic, how ignorant, how pathetic.

1 thing you can be proud of though: the zionists are extremely grateful there are people like you around. Keep up the good work, kiddo, but do think about your blood pressure: your obsession might get the better of you. Goodbye and have a nice day !


You haven’t disproven anything that I’ve posted. You haven’t even tried, because you can’t disprove it. Because it’s all true. The FACTS speak for themselves.


You’re an obvious head case.


“Everything you have posted is absolute garbage backed up by nothing.”

You’re a habitual liar who hasn’t disproven anything that I’ve posted.




I do not deny that these incidents happen, but the herpes bug is not focused on Jewish kids.


If they weren’t getting raped at birth by the evil Jew cult that you’re shilling for. They wouldn’t be the victims of felony crime, and infected for life with venereal disease that they infect other Jews and non Jews with.

You sound like a lying hasbara troll using a fake handle.


No baby, the troll is you. You cannot stand it that I have exposed you for what you are: an ignorant, pathetic, bigoted, frustrated individual who has his head way up that dark alley where the sun don’t shine.


I’ve told the truth about Jew ritual pedophile rape. You reject the truth.


In your extreme ignorance you don’t even realise the zios have got you exactly where they want you: spewing anti-Jew hatred.

They need anti-Jew racism to justify the existence of their racist sewer, and the only way is to conflate Judaism and zionism, and get the masses to do that too.

In fact, there isn’t enough anti-Jew racism, as far as they are concerned, which is why they came up with that mendacious new IHRA definition of what constitutes “anti-Semitism”.

An added irony: 90%+ of Jews aren’t even Semite.


Pointing out the fact that Jews ritually rape their children doesn’t make me a racist.



– Comment Policy How we Moderate our Comment Sections –



Antisemitism, really?

Like criticism of nonsemitic AshkeNAZI Jews, which is most Jews, victimizing Semitic Palestinians?


BLM is a member organization of the Movement for Black Lives …

The sum donated by the Ford Foundation and the other donors to M4BL was reported as 100 million dollars by The Washington Times in 2016; another donation of 33 million dollars to M4BL was reportedly issued by the (Jew Soros) Open Society Foundations.

– Black Lives Matter –


Traiano Welcome

“Semite” used to refer to actual “semites” like the Assyrians, Poenicians, Hittites and Palestinians … When did it get hijacked by a bunch of white Jewish grifters from Europe?


From what I’ve read, about 150 years. As part of the rise of Zionism. To try to provide a justification for land theft. Modern genetic studies are conflicted. A lot show euro AshkeNAZIs with zero middle eastern DNA. They’re as northern and central European as everyone else there. They’re just more inbred than your average euro. The Greeks and Italians are the only ones with any significant middle eastern DNA showing up in the genetic studies.

Now if you look at the studies done by Jews. They show euro Jews having middle eastern DNA. How accurate they are is questionable.

Traiano Welcome

Yes, Italians particularly are said to have genetic descendence from the Hittites. If those particular genetic studies are to believed.

As for the jewish studies, if they required the world to be proven flat for the purposes of Zionism, scientific studies would be produced to get that result.

The bottom line is that Joodaism is a religion, and no religion is capable of gene altering in order to retrospectively change ones genetic ancestry. It’s pure bunk on it’s face.

However, if you are an ethnic Iranian or Yemeni of Jewish denomination you can be said to be both semitic and Jewish. Just as a Christian Assyrian is both Christian and semitic but not by way of religion.

Most of the jewish israeli population are slavs of the old Russian empire. The leadership of israel are largely Ashkenazim. Two groups of jews who have no semitic relation whatsoever.

Which is why I characterise the lot as simply another group of European colonists with a fantastic founding myth …


Israel is half non euros. But, and it’s a big but. There hasn’t been a significant population of Hebrew Jews emigrating from Palestine for at least 1,500 years to replenish the genetic dissolution of Hebrew Jewish diaspora DNA. So all of those non euro Jews have lost their Hebrew Jew DNA, if they ever had any, just like the euros. And are genetically of whatever race that they’re domiciled from. Iranian, North African, etc.

The highest Hebrew Jew DNA concentration is the Palestinians and their neighbors. And 99.9% aren’t Jews and don’t want to become one. The paradox is that those original Hebrew Jews who did remain in Palestine and never emigrated. To the extent that they married into Judaism. Had their DNA diluted by the influx of waves of foreign Jew immigration over the centuries to Palestine.

The population of indigenous Jews at some points in Palestine over the past 2,000 years dropped to very low numbers, in the few hundreds according to some sources. As a race they’re essentially extinct. 99% of Israelis are immigrants or descendants of immigrants over the past few generations. With rare exception, all of them have little if any Hebrew Jew DNA. They’re whatever race that their ancestry is over the past 500 years. All of the Hebrew Jew DNA has been bred out of them.

Traiano Welcome

Agreed on most points with some additions:

– The non-euros you refer to are largely

a) another group of fake hebrews called “ethiopian Jews” … likely also fake ‘jews’.

b) Southeast Asian workers

c) Sephardic jews originating from the middle east.

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