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Syrian Pro-Government Forces Reinforced Their Positions In Eastern Homs, Southern Raqqa

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Syrian Pro-Government Forces Reinforced Their Positions In Eastern Homs, Southern Raqqa

ILLUSTRATIVE IMAGE: Sputnik/Mikhail Alaeddin

Syrian pro-government forces have reinforced their positions in the country’s central region to stop ISIS attacks, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) reported on November 1.

Large reinforcements from the Quds Brigade and the Baqir Brigade were deployed in the town of al-Sukhnah in eastern Homs, and the town of Resafa in southern Raqqa.

According to the London-based monitoring group, the pro-government groups deployed military vehicles, weapons, ammunition and personnel in al-Sukhnah and Resafa.

Over the last few weeks, ISIS terrorists have launched several attacks from their stronghold in the central region, the Homs desert. The attacks targeted military positions in eastern Hama, eastern Homs and southern Raqqa.

“The organization [ISIS] is following hit-and-run tactics with the aim of inflicting the heaviest possible human and material losses on regime forces,” the SOHR’s report reads.

The SOHR claims that 150 Syrian service members were killed in the central region during October as a result of ISIS’ repeated attacks.

The terrorist group has also sustained heavy losses and has, so far, failed to make any gains in the central region. The group has been attempting to expand its influence in the region for around a year now.


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Fog of War

We are all being played.

– Chinese firm to build $1 billion wind farm in Ukraine –


Jens Holm

We are not being played at all. Even parts of the chinese windfarms are no first class, they replace fossils and make less dependensy.

We also get less smog and warming up.

Facts are many companies now are in a market for all kinds of windpower. They all compete and are specialized. The power systems are better and better even they are cheeper and cheeper as well.

Windpower is very good thinking, because You can install them in smalller farms a little by a littla as You have money for.

Its the same for solar electricity. he next one in Denmark will cover 57.000 householes seen along a whole year.

Ukraine is very depended and also has a lack of energy, because coal is too dirty.

To me China there is “If You can love the nes You love, love the ones You wish. Both Ukraine and the investor can make a very good deal, where there is wind or sun.

Ukraine certainly need improvements.

Jens Holm

When Assads reinforce, they make a gab somewhere else. They have no troops for permanenet reinforcements.

It seemes to be the same for others…

Willing Conscience (The Truths

They’re not the only ones reinforcing.

“Deir Ezzor: Hezbollah militia started recruitment in Deir Ezzor and announces its need for 600 new personnel”

I’m starting to wonder if they’ll be able to fill those positions, there can’t be too many Syrian Shia fighters left not already fighting in one group or another, and the funny thing is Iran and Hezbollah have been sending troops home from Syria lately, so maybe they just want to save money by hiring locals who cost less, who knows.

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