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JUNE 2020

Syrian President: Two Options For Southern Syria – Reconciliation Or Liberation By Force


Syrian President: Two Options For Southern Syria - Reconciliation Or Liberation By Force

Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad during the interview with the Iranian al-Alam TV, Via SANA

On June 13, Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad said during an interview with the Iranian al-Alam TV that militants in southern Syria should accept a reconciliation agreement with the government or their areas will be liberated by force. Assad also stressed that the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) should be deployed in southern Syria, as it is the only legal force in the country.

“To put it simply, after the liberation of al-Ghouta, it was suggested that we should move south. We were faced with two options, as is the case in all other areas in Syria: reconciliation or liberation by force,” the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) quoted Assad as saying during the interview.

Furthermore, the Syrian President revealed that Damascus government and Russia are currently negotiating with the militants in southern Syria to reach a peaceful agreement. However, the US and Israel are pressuring the militants to reject such a solution, according to Assad.

“Up till now, there are no concrete results for a simple reason which is Israeli and American interference; for they put pressure on the terrorists in that area in order to prevent reaching any compromise or peaceful resolution. That is how the situation stands now,” Assad said.

When asked about a possible withdrawal of US troops from the town of al-Tanaf near the Syrian-Iraqi border, Assad confirmed that the US has agreed on this step, but he noted that he does not trust the US administration.

“The Americans say they are ready, but everyone knows that the Americans are historically professional liars in politics. So why should we believe them? Also, we have to wait and see,” Assad noted.

Earlier this month, Syria’s Foreign Minister Walid Muallem said during a press briefing that Syria will not approve any agreement on southern Syria until US forces withdraw from the al-Tanaf base.

The statements of Muallem and Assad confirm that a US withdrawal from al-Tanaf will be a key part of any agreement on southern Syria. Such a withdrawal will be a huge blow to the hopes of the Free Syrian Army (FSA).



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  • matew ivanson

    terrorist Assad talking shit, this time there is not just Free Syrian Army but strong Israel Defence Force, IAF and USA Air Force prepared to intervene, death coming for shiite terrorists, mr Netanyahu repeatedly warned dont fcuk with Golan and Quneitra, only smoke will remain of IRGC and Assad soldiers, everyone against Israel will get a shot in his ass

    • Jesus

      Terorists support terrorists, Nethanyahoooo is supporting ISIS and a variety of other terror groups. Assad, with the help of Russia and IRGC is eradicating terorist activity in Syria.
      IAF will only fly over Lebanon, US Air Force will not dare overfly Syria west of Eufrates.
      Nethanyahooo should be aware that Syria and Hezbollah have a vast arsenal of missiles that can rain on Golan Heights, Northern Israel and and elsewhere all the way south to Eilat.

    • hamster

      The “Free Syrian Army” is not fighting for “freedom”. They’re fighting to turn Syria into a radical Salafist emirate, which in turn temporarily benefits Israel by weakening and balkanizing the surrounding countries.

      Israel itself would probably be better served by withdrawing from West Bank settlements, negotiating a peace treaty with Assad + returning the Golan heights and recognizing a Palestinian state with a Capital in East Jerusalem, rather than supporting the creation of “caliphates” and jihadist shitholes in it’s midst.

      • Joe Dirt

        Just because you type it doesn’t make it true

        • hamster

          Correct. What makes it true is the fact that every single one of the major militant groups in the opposition, without exception, has made it clear that this is their goal.

          They are not looking for a free, secular, pluralist democracy that respects religious minorities and women’s right, buddy.

          Don’t take my word for it. Go do your research and read up on the doctrines, stated goals, manifestos and statements from leadership of any of the major armed groups within the so called “moderate opposition”. Feel free to let me know which “moderate group” you think you’ve found. I can list at least a dozen major ones outside of HTS and ISIL and I’m not really sure which one of them you think has the redeeming qualities of “moderation” and the popular support and resources necessary to run the country without turning it into a Salafist theocratic shithole.

          I really fail to understand why morons like yourself are so hell bent on getting rid of secular governments and replacing them with repressive religious emirates not much different from the Taliban. I’m not really sure how you think these sorts of developments would play out positively for the region, the world, or long term US interests for that matter.

          Pretty much every single American intervention in the Middle EAst and South Asia since WW1 has only resulted in the empowerment and revival of what you would call stereotypical “muzzies” who want to live in a medieval society. Unless I am missing something, I have a hard time seeing why you think that is a good idea.

        • Gregory Casey

          And just because you disagree and appear to uphold the Israeli/Saudi/US plan to fragment Syria doesn’t make what Hamster says any less true. He is right and you are wrong!! and yes, I agree with him and fundamentally disagree with your cretin’s view of the Middle East.

    • jako

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      • Joe Dirt

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        • potcracker2588

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          • Joe Dirt

            Jihad is funded by Iran, Hamas, and Hezbollah ….

          • jako

            You are either filthy liar or total idiot.
            Even US politicians were talking about US, Saudi Arabia supporting Jihad!

    • potcracker2588

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    • Rafik Chauhan


  • Joe Dirt

    Psychopath Assad openly states killing more and more Syrians….who does he plan to rule after everyone is dead?

    • hamster

      The majority of the Syrian population that is still with him, that’s who. Life in most of the areas under the control of the government is largely stable and trying to normalize after years of being ravaged by war. Life in areas held by the opposition is largely afflicted by jihadist infighting and the wonderful headchopper “muzzies” that ignorant gungho redneck neocon idiots like yourself support. Funny how you keep blurting out nonsense about “muzzies”, yet you and your policies support and prop up the worst strains and versions of “muzzies” and you seem completely oblivious to that. Congratulations on doing the dirty work on behalf of Wahhabis and Zionist Jews, you stupid redneck piece of shit.

      • Joe Dirt

        – “Facing blistering heat and squalid conditions, scores of Outer Damascus displaced fall ill at Turkish-administered camp in Afrin”

        – “Opposition authorities in Daraa ban sale of wheat to government-held Syria as ‘severe’ flour crisis looms” (Looks like Syria govt is running out of food)

        -“Northern Hama farmers see harvests burned by government bombardment”

        -“Students in formerly rebel-controlled districts east of Damascus face the prospect of losing years of academic work and starting from scratch, “”””because of a total refusal””””””””””by the Syrian government to accept opposition-issued school records””””””””

        Just a few of the wonders of being under ASSad’s control…

        • jako

          You interventionist, militarist, globalist pig !
          For all evils of war you label Assad yet you forget that your US-Israel-NATO masters and their stooges have organised, finaced, stareted and supported that war!
          If there is anybody to blame above all others than that must be Israel and US!

          Just keep lining up all your propaganda you good for nothing low life!

          • Joe Dirt

            Against NATO? are you BRICS fanboy?

          • Promitheas Apollonious

            stop feeding the troll my friend, is not worth it and you lowering yourself to his level playing his game, is exactly what he want. Just a friendly advice.

        • hamster

          Those all look like the symptoms of a largely foreign funded war unnecessarily escalated by countries like the US who had no business interfering in the internal affairs of Syria, let alone numerous other countries that they destabilized.

          The fact remains that there’s a contrast between the Syria under Assad’s control and the Syria under US-backed jihadist control.


          Meanwhile, you got the “moderate opposition” in places like Idlib….


          Fighting for “freedom” I’m sure.

        • Gregory Casey

          Is it ever possible for you to actually tell the truth? As an example of this, the reason why the Syrian State will not accept “opposition-issued school records” must be clear to you as the “schools” you refer to were no more than Jihadi Indoctrination Centers “teaching” Salafist Sunni mumbo jumbo to young minds and indoctrinating children to follow the teachings of criminal war-lords masquerading as religious zealots. You really should discover for yourself what young people in Douma are doing over the past few weeks with the schools that had been destroyed by the Wahhabi Salafist Zealots who tortured, raped and pillaged throughout their 7 years of occupation ……….. Students and many hundreds of them are cleansing, re-building, painting and overhauling the Schools of Douma so that the Syrian State’s non-sectarian and secular Educational System can recommence. These are the wonders of Assad’s Syria. Meanwhile, the Syrian Government is not running out of food but the Syrian Government HAS asserted control over agricultural lands and retaken control from the Jihadist who appropriated lands and food for themselves only, throughout their occupation of Syrian Lands and People. Bashar al Assad did not start this War: this War was started by Saudi Arabia & America, together with Qatar and Israel while Turkey loaded in to grab whatever their treacherous thieving paws could steal for themselves. Syria is a secular Arab State with absolute guarantees for freedom of expression for all religions BUT with absolute prohibition on construction or operation of a shadow religious system of governance as has been sought to be practised by Chechens, Saudis, Tunisians, Kosovars, Egyptians, Uzbeks and others wishing to tear down what they see an an affront to their evil intent.

    • jako

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      Assad would never say that
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      • Promitheas Apollonious

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      • Joe Dirt

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        • Lena Jones

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    • Empire’s Frontiers

      Joe, the rebels are seditious criminals at the wrong end of a failed coup turned failed insurgency.

      They can have it any way they like.

    • Lena Jones

      Genocidal Netanyahu: we will not stop our terrorism and usury against the gentile world until the next holocaust.

    • Bob

      Hyperbolic and partisan rubbish. Rather, it represents the Syrian state leadership’s commitment to reclaim the sovereignty of their own territory, currently occupied in pockets by foriegn NATO/Gulf/Israeli sponsored – wage paid and strategically directed – terrorists.

  • Smaug

    Minus the obvious pro-SAA spin Assad has, he’s reiterating the commitment to seize by force what cannot be taken by intrigue, although this marks an additional delay on that operation.
    Although reading between the lines I see that Assad thinks that these Rebels are counting on American and Israeli threats and intervention to deter or prevent the SAA from reaching the border. It would explain why they are so obstinate, although the Rebels certainly should not count on it because the Israelis don’t care which Arabs hold the border and the US won’t risk war with Russia.