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Syrian President Assad Meets With Putin In Russia’s Sochi


Syrian President Assad Meets With Putin In Russia's Sochi

Russian President Vladimir Putin met with his Syrian counterpart Bashar al-Assad in Sochi. They spoke for four hours.

The Russian leader confirmed that the fight with terror in Syria is moving to a close, and the matter will be solved “in the nearest future”. According to Putin, Russia still has a lot to do in Syria. “The complete victory over the terrorists is still far away. But regarding our joint effort against terrorists in Syria, it will come to a close soon,” he said.

Al-Assad thanked the Russian Armed Forces for “the efforts Russia invested in order to save [Syria].” “I’d like to stress the importance of the role the Armed Forces of Russian Federation played, and the sacrifices they had to make in order to achieve this goal,” he said.

Putin noted that politically mitigating the crisis is the top priority now. He approved of Damascus being ready to work with everyone who wanted to achieve peace and stability in the region.

Al-Assad confirmed that Damascus was open to dialogue. However, he also said that other countries should not interfere in internal Syrian political process. Damascus relies on Moscow to ensure this.

The leaders also discussed the forthcoming Syrian People’s Congress that is due to be hosted in Sochi.

On September 30, 2015, the Russian Aerospace Forces conducted first airstrikes in Syria. As of September 21, 2017, more than 30 thousand sorties with more than 90 thousand airstrikes have been conducted in Syria, according to Russian Ministry of Defense.



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  • Michael Qiao

    Hmm, greater Israel project?

  • cynic

    Assad looks like the Head Boy called to the Headmasters room to make his report on progress.

    • Tudor Miron

      Assad is a great leader who deserved respect from Putin and other leaders of countries who didn’t surrender to globalist Cabbal.

  • Leon Auguste

    Assad is a really strong leader imo who’s remarkedly kept his composure for the duration of this conflict … inspiring from a neutral point of view

  • Solomon Krupacek

    on the picture above: putin the bored.

    on my picture is better-
    -not so close, bashar, not so close… please, keep 3 steps distance.


  • The Saint

    The whole region owes a debt of gratitude to Russia and Putin.

    Just noticed that the size of their chairs is different..probably because Assad is much taller than Putin.

  • FlorianGeyer

    It appears that there is a Russian strategy to disengage somewhat before the actual finalsuccessful closure of a campaign. Arguably Al Nusra in Idlib will be a large problem as that terrorist gang is as intransigent as ISIS.
    Anyway, thus far ,Russian strategies have achieved the ‘ almost unimaginable ‘ since 2015 and confidence in Russian diplomacy and military power is surely justified.

  • Richard Noel Hedditch

    Assad travelling abroad. Not bad going for a head of state under seige from American Zionism.