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JULY 2020

Syrian Opposition Supporters Intercept, Assault Their Turkish Allies On M4 Highway (Videos)


On March 15, Syrian opposition supporters and activists intercepted a convoy of the Turkish military that attempted to open the M4 highway in Greater Idlib.

The Turkish convoy, which consisted of several battle tanks, armored vehicles and bulldozers, was tasked with opening the M4 to facilitate a joint Russian-Turkish patrol that was supposed to take place on the highway later.

Opposition protesters blocked the highway by deploying obstacles and even climbing Turkish vehicles. This forced the convoy to withdraw. However, the protesters went on to stone the vehicles of their allies.

Turkey’s failure to open the highway led to the cancellation of the pre-planned joint patrol. Russian and Turkish troops conducted a very limited patrol west of Saraqib city in southeast Idlib instead.

The reopening of the M4 highway, which links the coastal city of Lattakia with Aleppo city, is the keystone of the recent Russian Turkish agreement on Greater Idlib.

In the last few days, opposition activists and militants vowed to keep the highway blocked, threatening Russian forces and placing a bounty for killing Russian journalists.

Turkey don’t appear to have any real influence over Greater Idlib militants, which have been receiving support from it for years now. The chances that the M4 will be reopened by peaceful measures are very low. Ankara’s failure to open the M4 will likely push Damascus and its allies towards another military operation in the region.




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  • Al Balog

    Only one way to respond to f*ckin’ ugly green rats when they don’t cooperate… Open fire!


    • BMWA1

      Turk failure will simply justify SAA activity at M4…win either way as Ru diplomacy is also tied to conditions and resultant military action in clear way that Turkey ITSELF is tied to…see the early 19th century German strategist Klauswitz. US military not capable of this mode.

  • That’s gotta be nerve-wracking for Turkler tankler drivers, trying to move down a highway being mobbed by desperate people crowding and climbing on the vehicle. Its a small wonder that nobody got pancaked…

  • mhtsaropinigitakis

    you wee why turkey is afraid of those turkmens? if they loose idlib they will enter turkey and eat the turks alive. They(the Turks) are scared or their animals.. SSA should stop wasting time and obliterate idlib and then afrin.

    • Al Balog

      I actually like Turkmenistan, believe it or not. It’s like a mix between Iran, Mongolia and Japan. Somewhere I’d like to travel to as a tourist. Also, Berdimuhamedov is a very respectable leader and a true statesman (unlike Erdogan), not selling-out to the West. Same with the great Turkmenbashi. Saved millions from poverty after the USSR collapsed, engrained a socially-acceptable Islam into society, and breathed a new life and image into the country.



      • Ronald

        If the average Turk knew what Erdogan has been up to, they would be surprised, they couldn’t all be as bent and twisted as him.

      • mhtsaropinigitakis

        Turkemenistan is a different country and a different people than the anatolia turkmens…only the name is the same..like the Albania and the Caucasian Albania of medieval times…2 different races of people

      • Karen Bartlett

        It’s probably in Turkey the same as in the US. We don’t like our “leaders” but there’s no one to choose between. The good ones don’t run for President.

  • Xoli Xoli

    USA,France and Britain has still to be removed or expelled forcefully. Now this none abiding ceasefire to please Erdogan prolongs everything. When will SAA reposition it self to defend it against Israel weakly incursions.Putin should stop his biased tendency to withdraw Russia military when ever Syria opposed certain decision.


      You are in no position to judge putin,forst;y because you seem to be kweer in strategic order
      and secondly because you are a know liar,either way you get to know whom the cowards are
      they of no faith worse yet pretending to be allies of justice,either way you will be proven wrong!
      Comment lkike that deserves demotion,why? Because you are not wise enough for promotion!

      • Karen Bartlett

        Xoli is ok, he’s not a troll.

    • Karen Bartlett

      Well, Russia is trying the way of diplomacy. They figure it’s better than all-out war with Turkey, which would then involve NATO and the US, which is what the US wants. That could lead to nuclear war from which there would be no winners, especially civilians.

  • alejandro casalegno

    The “turkish” mode is worthless………………try the Russian way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Yeah it just looks like a big party there. Time to send in the men to square this away.

    • Kerd Siken

      Yeah like Bombing everything for 9 years :) and killing more then 500.000 citizen.

      • Dawn

        Of course sunshine.. from september 2015 till today is 9 years.. almost.. Well, you were close enough – have a candy..

        • Kerd Siken

          ooh yes , i forgot you were losing the war against rebels until you beg Russia,Iran,Hez to help your STRONK SAA. :)))))

          • Hasbara Hunter

            The Syrian peoples have shed their blood to show the world who are the REAL TERRORISTS:

            2. ISRAHELL
            3. GREAT BRITAIN
            4. FRANCE
            5. WAHHABISTAN
            6. ZIONATO LAPDOGS
            7. TURKEY

            You Evil Kidkilling Parasites are going down boy

          • Ronald

            You forgot the so called “rebels” are 2 % Syrian, 98 % self proclaimed ‘warriors of God’ from around the world, armed and trained by Turkey.

            Real men of God don’t kill their neighbours and steal their women and gold. Oh yes there will be a price to pay.

          • JIMI JAMES

            Non binarie you don’t get it do you,fk no!

            How many armies did your usa need just to conquer one of their own cia,in iraq?

      • Hasbara Hunter

        It was you Filthy AngloZioNazi Kidkilling Parasites who did most of the killings for the past five centuries you sick piece of shit….

      • Хасен Жасем Халфет

        500.000 terrorists and terrorists sympathizer dead. I take that as win. I say good riddance and time to go hunt the rest. Not a single terrorist sympathizer should live on that land.

      • Toni Liu

        Yeah terrorist citizen who most of them only useful as suicide bomber, why dont you join them to be bombed to death so there are no any suicide bomber in the future

      • JIMI JAMES

        Pro lgbtq turds like you only give kurds the bad name,maybe you ought to try to respect the law of the lands,instead of siding with incest pro homosexuals who never respected them,brainwashed nonbinarie tramp!

      • Chris P

        You point fingers. Tell me, how was Iraq before and how is it now? You act like this is a fight for democracy when it is everything but. Who supplied weapons to who? Them weapons can from somewhere. And much too quickly too. Uncanny the speed of weapons popped up in Syria. To say this was a civil war is BS. This is Turkey, Israel and USA trying to make power and land grabs. I’m sure Assad is far from perfect, and I agree with the idea of Freedom of Speech, etc. Where are you Free in the Middle East? Were people more free before, under Assad or are people more free in Turkey? To blame Assad instead of Turkey is BS. Turkey blackmailing countries and trying to become the Old world power they once were is so obvious. From Greece to USA to Syria and probably other countries too. Turkey has a great track record. Perfect. Genicide, etc. Thank God for LAWRENCE OF ARABIA you SOB.
        He should of kept going to Istanbul instead of Damascus.
        Get your fact straight. Just follow the dots. It aint hard to do. Where are the wars and who is involved? That should explain a lot.

      • Luke Hemmming

        No that’s the Yankees way. Don’t get this confused ok.

      • Vitex


    • Zionism = EVIL

      Actually, the stupid Turkeys have obviously forgotten the harsh lesson the Arabs taught them almost 90 years ago that destroyed the moth eaten Ottomans.

  • Joe Doe

    Putin peace agreement with Turkey is a joke. Syria is paying price, because Putin is pleasing Erdogan at Syria expence

    • alejandro casalegno

      Russian Sukhois and Spetsnaz save Syria………………..

    • ruca
      • Al Balog

        Yes, the map speaks for itself. 2015 was the exact year that Russia intervened in Syria after agreeing with Assad.

        • BMWA1

          Alas, Putin’s folly is exceeded only by that at Stalin in the Summer 1944 offensive leading to German victory parade in Moscow….see map!


          • ruca

            Also a good map. Nice description below it. At first I was connected to Italy and access was blocked. The corona virus scare I suppose. (wink)

          • BMWA1

            No, pro-Russian sites are also blocked in Germany…or Youtube vids like this one will be blocked some places (the German Moscow parade in 44)….


        • ruca

          Let’s see if JD (they should, they need) will figure it out.

    • Squeeth

      No, the Allies are replying to US brinkmanship with a step by step campaign of military operations followed by truces and diplomatic bumflufferies then more military operations.


      drr cia drr,did you ever change anything there by the way,fk no!
      Putin did,frgn derr incest!

  • nyomarek

    Finally!! “Ankara’s failure to open the M4 will likely push Damascus and its allies towards another military operation in the region.”

    • The Man

      Surprise, surprise… Mehmet the dirty Turkish Turd jizz-bucket doesn’t agree. Nobody cares what Mehmet, the ignorant Turd, thinks… Mehmet, ‘erDOGan the dog-pizzle’ and his dog-Turd bitches (I suppose Mehmet is one of his bitches though)… all of them are going to get f*cked pretty soon.

  • Icarus Tanović

    I just know this was about to happen. Erdogan’s regime deserved this. It is time for SAA to step forward.

  • SnowCatzor

    Lol, they don’t even get treated with respect for helping their terrorist buddies. The life of a Turkish soldier must be a confusing one.

    • Vitex

      Any soldier! But Turkish must take the cake. US soldiers must have the worst cognitive dissonance, and the more intelligent of British soldiers are openly critical of their government

      • Karen Bartlett

        I’m sure US soldiers realize soon after deployment that they’re fighting for Oil barons and other thieves. Unless they’re brain-dead, of course. When you’re raised on nothing but video games, that’s a possibility.

  • John

    All is going according to plan in ‘Operation give them enough rope to hang themselves’. As the song says …… Go right Ahead.

  • Rhodium 10

    Welcome green buseshttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GwzZPPSTlsE

    • Karen Bartlett

      Didn’t play.

      • Rhodium 10

        its is similar as welcome Kebab

        • Karen Bartlett

          Ok. :)

  • cechas vodobenikov
  • Rhodium 10
    • Al Balog


  • fayez chergui

    That opposition supporters is nothing else then the criminal behead islamists rats disguised in a peacefull opposition. It’s all planned by the turcs.

    • Karen Bartlett


  • gustavo

    Maybe some Turkey terrorists feel that they do not have enough military support from their boss (Turkey).


      There is a secret european contingent there who are desperately vying for such oil trade!

  • Hishamsbr

    Turkish propaganda. clearly staged bs.

  • Hishamsbr

    Those big cumbersome Turkish tanks are no match against Russian – Syrian T – 72’s and T – 90’s, which are over all more lethal , maneuverable and more easily maintained.


    Never mind their olympics subdue control mechanisms,may gods real oil games begin,then lets just see!

  • Luke Hemmming

    Did someone say free kebabs for all and a free BBQ afterwards?

  • Vitex

    Damn – Turks fighting headchoppers – that’d be a popcorn moment

    • The Man

      No doubt, these Turkish Turds will find some excuse to ‘not do anything for a year or so’! Russia should bomb the Turds and rats to smithereens and f*ck the consequences. Show them who’s boss and put that twatty c*nt erDOGan in his place!

    • Karen Bartlett

      Wouldn’t it? I’d cheer, for sure.

  • Willing Conscience (The Truths

    “Turkey don’t appear to have any real influence over Greater Idlib militants, which have been receiving support from it for years now.”

    Yeah sure they don’t have much influence, they just feed them, shelter them, and give them weapons, how much influence can they have on them.
    Without the Turks the terrorists are nothing, we all saw how easily the SAA smashed them to pieces 7 weeks ago when they were fighting by themselves, without the Turks the SAA would take back all of Idlib within a month, so the Turks and the terrorists are indivisible, they are the same thing in this context.
    Who out there agrees with SF when they say the Turks have no real influence over the terrorists, it’s usually Erdogan saying it as he’s lying through his teeth, and we all choke when he does, so what’s happened now, have the Russians and SF started believing Erdogan too now have they, I don’t.
    Erdogan has more influence over the terrorists than anyone else alive does, he could make them sing Yankee doodle dandy in public, and even say a Hebrew prayer as well, and he more than anyone else can make them dance like the puppets they are, without his strings holding them up they would’ve all fallen down long ago.

    And how are the SAA and Russia going to launch a military operation in the area, the Turks have imbedded themselves with the terrorists now so we can’t hit one without hitting the other, and the Russians keep saying they don’t want to start a war against Turkey, so unless the Turks move out it’s a stalemate plain and simple.

  • Albert Pike

    Ah well they gone misbehave soon, take the road under fire – dig in mines, and then they gone be ‘cleared’…

    • The Man

      WTF is “gone” and WTF are you waffling on about???!!!

      • Albert Pike

        Look’s like you are in the wrong movie Man…
        …can happen.

      • Karen Bartlett

        He means “gonna”.

  • klove and light

    hahahah great Agreement Putin……as of today 16th march….the Agreement is void!!!

    so now what u Zionist treacherous pig? start with offensive again, after loosing all it´s Momentum?after the headchoppers got resupplied and reorganized?after turkish armed Forces have poured into Idlib hundreda of Military equpiment????

    99% here are brainwashed Zionist Dummies..

  • klove and light

    The opening of the Saraqeb-Latakia road, known as the M4, is scheduled for this Sunday the 15th of March as established during the memorandum protocol signed in Moscow between the two presidents Vladimir Putin and Recep Tayyip Erdogan following the battle of Saraqeb.
    The Turkish-Russian patrols are supposed to secure the M4 following a three-day meeting in Ankara between Russian and Turkish military to coordinate the joint patrols and to prevent any attacks from Jihadists. Many jihadists groups reject the Russian-Turkish deal and will likely shell the road or try to kidnap drivers. Everything depends on how decisive the Turkish army and its allies in the Idlib area will be in adhering to the ceasefire, and how convincing Russia’s response will be if the ceasefire is violated.
    The Aleppo-Damascus road, known as the M5, was liberated by military force (Russia, the Syrian army and its allies) and is now open for civilians. However, the Syrian army and its allies still use the safer Aleppo-Ithriya-Khanaser road. The battle of Saraqeb forced the Moscow deal and revived the 2018 Astana agreement that was ignored by Turkey for a year and a half.
    Jihadists groups including Ansar al-Tawheed wal-Jihad, Ansar al-Islam, Ansar al-Deen, Kavkaz brigade and Hurras al-Deen (al-Qaeda in Bilad al-Sham) have decided to oppose the Russian-Turkish agreement and attack the joint patrol along the M4. These groups, along with Abu Imara, Tansiqiyat a-Jihad and Muhajereen brigade are sworn to oppose Turkey and Russia in rural Idlib. Northwestern Syria has been divided between two camps: one camp under Turkey’s control, acknowledging the Moscow-Astana agreement, and another rejecting it.
    This week, a Russian military delegation visited Ankara to discuss with Turkish army leadership procedures to control the M4. Armed drones and Russian Air Force will be ready to intervene, along with Special Forces, to hit any attempt to oppose joint Russian-Turkish control of the M4 and to deal with any presence of jihadists along the road.

    Al-Qaeda in Syria (Hurras al-Deen) issued audio of its Emir Hammam al-Suri (Samir Hijazi), one of the notorious Emirs of al-Qaeda who fought in Chechnya, Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria, asking Syrian and other jihadists to “persist” in their position, thereby rejecting withdrawal from the M4.
    Abu Mohamad al-Joulani – the ex-ISIS Emir who led al-Qaeda in Syria and quit it later to lead his jihadist group “Hayat Tahrir al-Sham” (former al-Nusra) – “thanked the Turkish government for its support in the last battle”. Joulani was ambiguous about his intentions in the coming days, when Russian-Turkish patrols are supposed to take control of the M4, even if Joulani concluded that “only the language of weapons will prevail”, indicating his will to continue fighting.
    Syria Imposes the Astana Deal by Force as Turkish, Russian Tensions Rise
    The Moscow deal (and before it Astana) free the M4 from the control of jihadists who are mainly foreign fighters. They control the cities of al-Nerab, Ariha, Jisr al-Shughur and Bdama. These foreign fighters are said to be entrenched in these cities. They reject any withdrawal. It will be the Turkish task to convince these jihadists by force or dialogue before Sunday the 15th. Jihadists managed to survive and restore their food and ammunition via Turkey only. It will be a hard choice for them: to wage war on Turkey and lose everything, or to hope that Ankara will manoeuvre further and prolong their presence for another year.

    On the other hand, the Russian military delegation visiting Turkey in the past days said the Turkish party had realised the seriousness of Russia’s intention to implement the Moscow agreement by all means. According to the Russian delegation, the Turks realised that the M5 had been opened by force and that the M4 will follow if the Jihadists fail to withdraw. It is all in Ankara’s benefit to dislodge the jihadists from the M4 and entrench them in the city of Idlib. President Erdogan has no intention to deliver Idlib back to the Syrian government.
    Sources close to President Bashar al-Assad said that the problem is not with Turkey but with President Erdogan himself.
    “As long as Erdogan is in power, the problems between the two countries will persist. The Turkish president wants to divide Syria and keep control of the north, Idlib in particular, because it represents the first line of defence in front of Afrin. If Idlib is liberated, the Syrian army will knock the door of the north.”
    Neither Russia nor Iran are willing to start a war with Turkey or to repeat the scenario of Saraqeb again. During the last battle for the control of the M5 and Saraqeb, the presence of the Turkish army along with Jihadists in the battlefield left 59 Turkish soldiers and officers killed, as Erdogan announced. The Turkish military was about to widen the conflict by indiscriminately bombing the Syrian army and its allies.
    The Turkish command was angered following the destruction an armoured personnel carrier by a laser-guided missile (9M133 Kornet) fired by Syrian allies killing all Turkish servicemen in it. Turkey was planning to break the defence line on the city of Talhiyah but failed, notwithstanding the significant number of jihadists involved in the attack. Twenty-four hours before, Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah ordered the dispatched of a large number of Ridwan Special Forces to reinforce the frontline notwithstanding the contest of his field commanders. Sayyed Nasrallah’s move saved the front from falling, a front that suffered a huge attack by Jihadists and Turkey.

    Iran and its allies sent a strong message to Turkey warning they have no plans to be engaged in a war against Ankara troops but that they would if Turkey were to continue bombing their positions. Turkey concluded that Syria and its allies are determined to hold on to the entire liberated area and that a war between Turkey and Iran and its partners is not beneficial to any side involved.
    Syria considers that Erdogan will not give up on the jihadists who obey his instructions. They represent a buffer and a significant asset he can use to fight in different parts of the world, i.e. Egypt, Libya, Syria, Iraq or anywhere he wants to be present. Jihadists help Erdogan to secure a place in the constitutional negotiation to limit the authority of the Syrian president and other reforms.
    The presence of US forces in north-east Syria is a problem for Russia and the Syrian government since their goal is to “make it very difficult” to defeat jihadists and to “ban any assistance [of reconstruction] to put the country back together again”. Turkey, unlike the Syrian army, is capable of negotiating the US presence in the US-occupied north-east Syria. This is why Erdogan proposed to Putin joint management of oil fields in eastern Syria under US control. Putin left the door open without agreeing to Erdogan’s proposal. The Turkish presence in Syria has become more problematic than the US occupation as long as this Turkish president is in power.
    Indeed, even if Erdogan asserted in Moscow his willingness to preserve the unity of Syria, he can always align himself behind more than one excuse to stay in Syria. The presence of millions of Syrian refugees internally displaced or the request of some elements – loyal to Turkey – of the Syrian population for Ankara to intervene as he has stated in previous occasions are enough reasons for him to keep his forces in Syria. This is the reason why Russia has enforced the opening of the M5 and M4 to crawl slowly towards Idlib city and limit the expansion of jihadists to a vast and challenging territory.
    In the coming months, Russia and the Syrian government will rely on the rejection of jihadists in the Russian-Turkish agreement. If jihadists refuse to withdraw and continue violating the ceasefire (thirty violations registered in four days), there will be enough reasons for military intervention when all options are exhausted. This time Turkey will be able to do very little to protect the jihadists. Whatever direction this ceasefire will take, the battle of Idlib is far from over. It has only been postponed.

  • MH370 Atok The Deceiver

    Fuck you turkroach,you dividing our territory – Cock Roach ;)

  • wimroffel

    “Turkey don’t appear to have any real influence over Greater Idlib militants”

    Or this is just theater. If Turkey decides now to do nothing I would conclude the latter.

  • Karen Bartlett

    Maybe Erdogan will actually wake up and smell the roses.

  • Fuckturkius Sraloukranius

    Russia and Syria must simply eliminate them on the rally with vacuum bombs. Those are the terrorists. No opposition in Syria, just murderers.