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JUNE 2021

Syrian Opposition In Hama Asks Turkey To “Protect” It From “Russia”

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On March 7, several local committees of the Syrian opposition in northwestern Hama released a joint statement calling on Turkey to “observe” the de-escalation agreement in the area.

Syrian Opposition In Hama Asks Turkey To "Protect" It From "Russia"

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In their joint statement, the opposition hoped that the Turkish government will “oblige Russia to its pledges to Turkey” and to “protect” more than 200,000 civilians in northwestern Hama. The local committees didn’t clarify what “pledges” they referred to in their statement.

The Russian side allegedly informed opposition factions in the town of Qalaat al-Madiq and the areas around it in northwestern Hama on March 1 that they should hand over all of their positions to the Syrian Arab Army (SAA).

Back then, Moscow allegedly gave the opposition factions 48 hours to comply with its demands. However, Syrian opposition sources revealed that the time limit had been expanded till March 11 to give a chance to ongoing negotiations.

Under the Astana agreement between Russia, Turkey and Iran, Russian forces are set to establish several observation posts in the northwestern Hama countryside. Due to this, Turkey will not likely intervene or even reject Russia’s alleged demands there.

Pro-government sources believe that Russia will not step back from securing the northwestern Hama countryside, as this area has been used by militants to launch several rocket and armed drone attacks against the Russian Hmeimim airbase in Lattakia.

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jerry hamilton

Ha ha ha ha.

Jim Prendergast

Simple answer: no.

Claire Langoulant



mdr lol ahaha uhuhuh! very funny!!




First, protect yourselfs from your stupidity.

Mustaffa Ashaa

They should have offered unconditional surrender or asked for reasonable things like Body Bags. When the day comes, may I suggest you should not use the innocent civilians as human shields, then you will get the body bags. Otherwise, your bodies will be burned to eradicate the Wahabi savagery virus in your tbrains. That wont be a pretty sight in front of your promised 72 virgins.. would it?


They are seeing east goutha and start to understand that negociation is over. So, they begin to be scared. Never negociate with terrorists.

Nobody voted for FSA. Don’t take people hostages.

Surrender and protect you homes from destruction and your families to suffer pain and exile. Nobody voted for you. Nobody knows who the fuck you are.


All we know about them is that they are terrorists, mostly manned by foreigners, trained by the CIA and Mossad and armed by islamist or NATO countries and by Israel.


They were the sickest Psychopaths ZIONATOs could find in their countries………released from Mental institutions & Prisons….under condition that they would join “the Headchoppers”.


Their slaughter is at hand!


They have no grasp of military parity and firepower at all. Terrorists live in a fantasy world where they are latter-day Saracens capable of defeating fully armed states when in practice they are amateurs whose only tactic is to use people as human shields, usually their own children.




Somebody tell them there a new sheriff in town and it’s Russia. No one is gonna lift a finger and if they do they will get hit by an S-400.

Smith Ricky

This is hilarious

leon mc pilibin

There seems to be a couple of comedians among the head choppers,or maybe its the result of too much drugs?Whichever the answer is NO WAY.


March 11 is coming. Get your shit together and lay down arms to stay, take them with you on your way out, or die a shit stain holding it.


Go to Turkey paid scum, you’ll be safe there… and stay there.


good idea.

Don't read butthurt replies

Of course they would ask Turkey for protection. Seeing from the beginning how Turkey has and been protecting terrorist, I’m not surprised.

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