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Syrian Opposition Activists Panic Over ‘Iranian-Imported’ Coronavirus


Pro-opposition ‘doctors’ in northern Syria made a statement on March 11, claiming that Iranian travelers are spreading Coronavirus in government-held areas. The ‘opposition’ claimed that Iranian travelers are not being checked by authorities because their country “occupies” Syria.

The so-called doctors, who apparently believe that all Iranians are infected with the notorious COVID-19, called on the Turkish-backed Syrian Interim Government to close all crossings with government-held areas in order to avoid a “disaster.”

Opposition activists joined the “doctors” in their xenophobic panic craze. However, the activists went further, claiming that government-held areas are witnessing a widespread of the Coronaviruses as a result of Iranian presence.

“Reports began to circulate about the presence of thousands of people infected with the Coronavirus in areas controlled by the Bashar al-Assad regime, especially Damascus, Homs, Aleppo, and the Syrian coast, and the areas that Iranian militias enter without any supervision. In addition, the Assad regime deliberately concealed the matter from the World Health Organization (WHO),” the activists said in a joint statement.

Contrary to these claims and xenophobic accusations, Syria remain one of the countries where no COVID-19 cases have been detected, so far. The WHO denied the presence of any case in the war-torn country in a recent report, stressing that necessary measures to counter the virus are being taken.

The claims of a Coronavirus widespread in Syria were first made by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), a pro-opposition monitoring group based in London.

The Syrian opposition is infamous for attempts to use any world event in their never ending propaganda campaign against the Damascus government. However, the xenophobic accusations made by some figures are for sure a new low.

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