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Syrian Opposition Activists Panic Over ‘Iranian-Imported’ Coronavirus

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Pro-opposition ‘doctors’ in northern Syria made a statement on March 11, claiming that Iranian travelers are spreading Coronavirus in government-held areas. The ‘opposition’ claimed that Iranian travelers are not being checked by authorities because their country “occupies” Syria.

The so-called doctors, who apparently believe that all Iranians are infected with the notorious COVID-19, called on the Turkish-backed Syrian Interim Government to close all crossings with government-held areas in order to avoid a “disaster.”

Opposition activists joined the “doctors” in their xenophobic panic craze. However, the activists went further, claiming that government-held areas are witnessing a widespread of the Coronaviruses as a result of Iranian presence.

“Reports began to circulate about the presence of thousands of people infected with the Coronavirus in areas controlled by the Bashar al-Assad regime, especially Damascus, Homs, Aleppo, and the Syrian coast, and the areas that Iranian militias enter without any supervision. In addition, the Assad regime deliberately concealed the matter from the World Health Organization (WHO),” the activists said in a joint statement.

Contrary to these claims and xenophobic accusations, Syria remain one of the countries where no COVID-19 cases have been detected, so far. The WHO denied the presence of any case in the war-torn country in a recent report, stressing that necessary measures to counter the virus are being taken.

The claims of a Coronavirus widespread in Syria were first made by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), a pro-opposition monitoring group based in London.

The Syrian opposition is infamous for attempts to use any world event in their never ending propaganda campaign against the Damascus government. However, the xenophobic accusations made by some figures are for sure a new low.

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Rafik Chauhan

Phscological warfare by loser opposition to make civilian panic so they remove Iranian fighters from Syria .


The virus seems to have 3 versions:

1- Anti Chinese 2- Anti Iranian 3- Anti Italian

Italy is the only large country in the EU to support China’s Belt and Road.

Is it all a coincidence? I doubt it.

klove and light

firstly, i dont believe that the new corona Virus is natural Mutation. secondly, a fact is that China has a biological weapons laboratory in Wuhan

but thirdly, to your 3 versions………….italy for example has a very very old Population, the deaths in italy, None was below 58 years old, and the hardest hit by death numbers were the People from 80 to 90!!!!

fourthly, have you ever been to China????? if so, you should know that China has the most Smokers percentage wise(ofcourse also in real numbers) of ADULT MALES…….exactly that Group, with the elderly were hardest hit

I cannot speak , and will not speak About the iranian issue with corona, because i dont know the numbers and i never speculate.

U should as all Folks on this planet know by now, why this VIRUS is so dangerous to elderly and heavy Smokers and/or Folks with Prior Health Problems concearnibng the respiratory System ie. Asthma…..

corona19 CAN cause Pneumonia (lung infection)………… now that initself is not the Problem, lung infection, Folks get it all the time and are cured by simple antibiotic Treatment……the DIFFERENCE with this new corona is that it causes LUNG INFECTION on the BASIS of a VIRUS and NOT as it used to be on a BASIS of BACTERIA. Bacteria can and is treated with anti biotics, a Virus lung infection cannot be treated as today.

conclusion…….. for a bio weapon, corona19 is TOTALLY 100% useless for a fucking simple reason….. the very very high infection rate and the non Treatment possibility(as of today)…….because if for exmaple the Zionist slaves of the USA or Israel used this Virus as a weapon, they would also TARGET themselves, due to the very very high infection rate that causes the Virus to spread globaly in a short period of time. BUT BUT BUT

as i mentioned above, i do believe that the chinese (like all other Major nations) were working on various biological and chemical substances that can or could be used as an offensive “weapon” against other nations…..and this laboratory, without a doubt, publicly acknowledged, in WUHAN, leaked this Virus by ACCIDENT into the public. If you do follow those various bio and chem. labs worldwide (like the USA lab in Georgia were a massive accident caused DOZENS of dead), you must know that a “accidental leakage” of various substances is very very common and happens all the time,, it is just not mentioned on main stream for good reasons!!!


So you wrote all the above scientific facts to conclude that a careless, stupid Chinese scientist leaked the virus based on non scientific facts ! Now get back to your cave because the virus may come to you.

Codenamed 'Gordon'

Nobody makes biological weapons without developing an antidote at the same time.

John Wallace

Well sorry but it has been shown NOT to be that infectious at all, It requires close contact with someone sneezing or coughing , We have had a case where one person was infectious at a tightly packed concert yet no one caught it. People on planes in an infectious state and no one else caught it , One very infectious person came into contact with over 40 unprotected health workers yet not one has caught it. If it was as infectious as you say then multiple people would have also been infected. The only one that has caught it was the partner of one that was infected. So sorry your very very infectious claim doesn’t hold water. If you touch where someone has sneezed or coughed droplets of body fluid and eat something or rub your face then yes high chances of being infected but if you wash your hands and keep one meter away then chances are very low. A mask doesn’t stop you getting it , it stops you spreading it. As for the rest .. well ….. I believe Martians were pissed off with the latest spacecraft spying on them so they have sent the disease down to earth and will takeover as soon as enough have died.. Just as plausible as anything else you came up with.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Those cruise ships has close contact conditions with quarantine measures applied and look what happened to them, nearly a 40% infectious rate I believe.

John Wallace

yes but a lot of the crew had it and maybe some of the passengers who were infecting everyone before they knew what was going on. By the time they were quarantined maybe a lot had it but it wasn’t showing yet plus lots of the ship would have had the germs spread on it waiting to be picked up. The point I was making is casual contact at a distance of 1 meter has been shown not to be that infections against a claim that it is very very infectious. Measles is ten time more infections. Cram people up in a ship for several days before anyone knows it is spreading then sure one would expect others to get it. Later perhaps they can work out how it was that so many became infected. Maybe the air conditioning units spread it from cabin to cabin over a period of time. I don;t know.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Your point is valid and I agree, it’s not a virulent contagious disease, only just a little worse and slightly more contagious than a bad strain of a Flu virus, but the Flu virus is pretty bad by itself, so anything even just a bit worse will be debilitating for any country that’s affected. My country’s economy has already been badly affected and predicted to get much worse, our healthcare system is already starting to crack under the strain, and luckily we aren’t fighting a war or suffering economic sanctions that prevent us buying vital medicines, poor old Syria is though, the suffering there will be magnified many times due to the war and sanctions if they suffer an outbreak too.

MH370 Atok The Deceiver

when all dead,,it will become a new italy…a sunni italy

AM Hants

It is starting to work on Governments now, which seems good news. Washington DC, UK, France, Germany. And just for starters. Would find it wonderful if we had a political clean out, courtesy a man made virus.

Xoli Xoli

Trump order the release of coronavirus in Wuhan.Take on USA as master brain behind this laboratory desease.

Al Balog

I’m certainly not the biggest Trump fan, but I feel that this coronavirus is moreso the work of $oro$.


Or it will be the end of Soros philosophy of globalization

AM Hants

Don’t they work together, behind the scenes?


hungarian dickhead


Makes no sense,happened just after no the nwo/neo-liberal racist maggots did it from london!

Fair treatment

Oooooo… terrorists are scared of the virus but aren’t scared of bullets and bombing… hope all of you will get it and die you fuck Islamist..

John Wallace

Well it appears that America made their own testing regime which turned out to be faulty instead of using the WHO approved testing . Combined with numerous people afraid of getting into debt through health care and a President who wants to keep the numbers down it looks like America is sitting on a virus timebomb. People who are sick will go to work because they can’t afford not too and will spread it so the US will likely end up worse than China or Italy. The American response to Covid-19 has been widely criticised by experts in epidemiology.

AM Hants

Must admit, I was wondering if it was to take hold in the US, how many citizens could afford the health care to handle the virus?

John Wallace

I saw something about they were blocking off a suburb or area somewhere in the States , wasn’t really watch , to try and contain the worst outbreak area ??. Maybe the horse is bolting . Because of our ties and travelling to / from the US the Govt is in a quandary as to restricting travel. We have only 5 cases , 4 of which were returning from Italy / Iran and 1 partner so obviously we want to contain it as best as possible. Does Italy have a free healthcare which I assume they did. Wonder why they are having such an explosion in numbers. I think Korea was because of massive religious groups getting together was why it spread so quickly there. China looks like it is on top of it by using their methods and Korea is slowing so hopefully things start to improve soon. Other option is to open the floodgates and kill off those that are sick and give everyone some sort of immunity for the future. Probably not acceptable to most but least most of it would be over in a month.

AM Hants

Believe Italy has a free health are system, supplemented by small charge for certain requirements. One of the best nations for life expectancy.

Over in the UK, to make a routine appointment for the Dr, takes a month. I made an appointment, a few months ago, waited a month and they cancelled the appointment the day before it was due. Could not be bothered to make another appointment and wait another month. So decided I would try again yesterday and again, nothing available for a month. Told the receptionist I would be dead by then, so not to bother. She didn’t even blink and no, don’t believe I am harvesting something fatal. So the UK coping with the virus, will clean out the population. Like you, without being nasty, you can see the advantages. Which sounds awful.

John Wallace

Yes I thought they would have a universal health system like most of if not all of Europe and most of the rest of us. Wow a month for a doctors appointment , Here I can ph in the morning and quite often they will fit me in that day or pick a day and time and which doctor and within a few days if really fussy or next day if not fussy time / doc preference. If needing hospital treatment with specialists as refereed by your doctor may take a month or three depending on urgency first volume second. Doc is 30 – 40 dollars ( 15-20 quid ) a visit or less if on govt assist , hospitals are free for everything including helicopter rides to another hosp if required and prescripts are 2.5 quid each to a max of 50 quid per year.

AM Hants

Interesting, your healthcare.

Over in the UK prescriptions are over £9, for 25% of the citizens, who pay for the other 75%. That will cover one item and a month’s supply.

Used to be a nurse, NHS trained and worked with some of the best doctors of the time. Ironically, treated by the worst, who were unable to diagnose basics. Have no trust or confidence whatsoever, but, seen it work well for others. Together, with beyond negligence for others. More than happy to see it pulled apart and have something more in common with German, French or Italian healthcare.


Well, most with jobs have medical insurance. Those that don’t should have Obama Care. If they registered for it. That’s the big problem.

AM Hants

There are a lot of unemployed and food stamp reliant, in the human faeces lined streets, towns and cities of the US, is there not?

San Francisco has all the basic factors for the C virus to turn into a black death plague, does it not?

John Wallace

So Kanada downvotes this on WHAT basis. ?? Does it upset you or do I upset you. Or do you wish to make a counter claim. Which facts don’t you agree with or you don’t know which are facts and which are not.


Whats the official iranian toll,not the mainstreams bullshit or is someone on the masonic take to lie big?

John Wallace


That is the WHO official website giving every countries toll only updated once a day so maybe upto a day out depending when updated and when you look. If that doesn’t work go to WHO homepage then click on dashboard.



Official statistics are announced each day around noon by the ministry of health. Today (April 11th) it was:

Total infected: 9,000 (+958 since the day before)

Total death: 354 (+63)

Total healed and dismissed: 2,959 (+228) Average age of the infected is +50 and for the dead is +60.

Yesterday Farsnews published a list of the officials affected by the virus (article is in Persian), in short, of the 24 officials (MPs, ex-MPs, ministers, vice president, directors of organizations and their vice, etc.), 8 lost their lives, 7 are recovering and soon to be dismissed and the rest are in quarantine.


John Wallace

Interesting comments at the bottom some blaming God or the Chinese or America / Israel. right click and select translate ..


your numbers are false

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Are you saying the Iranians are lying about it, do you mean they’re understating or overstating the numbers? Garga’s just posting what an official Iranian news outlet [which the Iranian government supports] is saying, I hope you realize that. The numbers quoted mean that one in every 23 people who catches it has died in Iran, and a few days ago that was nearly the same with Australian statistics, 1 in every 24 people who contracted the virus had died, now just a few days we have a lot more cases of infections but only 1 additional death, which has made the mortality rate a lot better than 1 in every 24, perhaps at a guess it’s only 1 in 50 now for Australia. The last thing the Syrians need now is an outbreak of Coronavirus to hit the country, and surprisingly I actually agree with the terrorists for a change, CLOSE THE DAMN BORDER NOW, stop the Iranians travelling without the proper quarantine precautions STOP EVERYONE FROM EVERYWHERE, ESPECIALLY IF THEY’RE COMING FROM THE HOTSPOTS.


The official iranian numbers are lower then the reality. In iran are much mor sick people and more died. the percentage is OK. the absolute number not. Moreover, in Iran die lot of young people.

you can realise, when irgc officers and olso minister is infected, than the situation is serious.

of course, the irgc can widespread the onfection in countries, where they conduct proxy wars.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

The figures Garga quoted are official Iranian statistics, this is what they said a few days ago,

“The novel coronavirus has so far infected over 8,000 and killed nearly 300 people in Iran.”


I was skeptical to begin with and thought they were just hyping up anxiety for political reasons, then I saw the video of the Iranian deputy prime minister collapsing on camera, just as he was telling us all the coronavirus was nothing to be concerned about [he actually had the coronavirus], and then a few days later on Australian news they showed a couple of videos of people staggering around and collapsing on the streets in Iran, that really started to worry me and I did some checking. It’s not the end of the world it’s true, but it’s still pretty damn bad, one in every 27 people on average dies from this virus, no flu has ever done that, well maybe the Spanish Flu did, 50 mill died back then and that was just mainly Europe affected, this is shaping up to be nearly as bad already, what will it be like in 6 months time if one quarter of the world’s population is affected, that 1 in 27 average death toll would jump to 1 in 20 or even less, even with it staying at 1 in 27 death rate it would still mean 65 million people would die worldwide, I think if anything they’re actually understating just how dangerous this could be.


yesterday iran begged for help agains coronavirus. neesds billions of dollars. today use mass graves, so much deadly cases…

garga is liar, he is official payed guy from iran. and the iranian propaganda is also false.

fayez chergui





Yup, what if, and I know this sound bonkers, this was planned over 10 years ago, focus on China and Iran, and to do things to humanity witch I never thought would happen, but now, I am not even shure anymore, and since I am going to link an video, and I dont know this person, nor watched anything else, but whats said sound way to insane, so insane it must be true, reality always beats fiction, and belive me, when you see this, you will be slack jawed, because its 10 years old, and talks about this event, 2020, incl the “virus” where the “virus” hitt, and so on, to what comes, and the consequencess of it, everything witch is happening to day, is in this video wich is an hour long, and usualy when I link, I try to be cinsere, and not throw idiocy, but this, I stubled over be shere coinsident, or?. The only thing that amazed be is that this isnt snapped away. The Anglo-Saxon Mission. If this dont make the hair stand in the back of your neck, you are probably dead.


I dont fully agree on everything, 98% of it is never the less happening right now, as we speak, and what comes, but overall, it nails everything else, incl consciousness and we are at the starting line, and I for the first time, really hope we/I am dead wrong.



not if

Willing Conscience (The Truths

The Syrian authorities should be panicking, they have a lot more reasons to panic, most countries are talking about economic recessions as a consequence of the Coronavirus outbreak, and they’re not fighting wars and coping with economic sanctions at the same time, Syria is though, so if all the rich lucky countries like mine [Australia] are worried about their economies and their health care systems coping with the virus, I can imagine a country like Syria would be even more worried. CLOSE THE DAMN BORDER NOW, STOP EVERYONE FROM EVERYWHERE, ESPECIALLY IF THEY’RE COMING FROM THE HOTSPOTS.

John Wallace

Do you know why Aussie has increased so quickly from 33 I think last week to 122 now. We don’t hear what is happening across the ditch with this.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Worldwide it’s about 1 in every 27 people infected dies from the virus, I’ve never ever seen the Flu do that. In Australia we’ve now got a 1 in 42 chance of death of we contract it, a few days ago it was a one in 24 chance, but if some of the people now infected die too, it’ll change that 1 in 42 statistic back to something closer to the world average of 1 in 27. Australia’s Multicultural, wealthy, and travelhappy, and stupidly we didn’t enforce travel bans when we should’ve, and now we’ll pay the price for it, and it’s going be a lot higher price than any our contemporaries countries like England. This may help explain why it spread so rapidly.

As at 11:00 hrs on 12 March 2020, we have 126 confirmed cases of coronavirus (COVID-19), including 3 deaths, in Australia.

64 in New South Wales 17 in Queensland 8 in South Australia 2 in Tasmania 18 in Victoria* 7 in Western Australia 10 associated with the Diamond Princess cruise ship

5 of the initially reported cases in Australia all had a direct or indirect travel history to Wuhan, China 10 cases, including 1 death, are associated with the Diamond Princess cruise ship repatriation flight from Japan 18 cases are reported to have had a direct or indirect travel link to Iran 52 cases are reported to have had a direct or indirect travel link to countries including the United States of America, United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, Italy, Iceland, Singapore, Thailand, the Republic of Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Philippines, Taiwan, Cuba, Trinidad and Tobago, Nepal, Egypt, Austria, France, Spain, Hong Kong 7 of these cases are considered to be import-related 28 cases, including 2 deaths, do not have a reported history of overseas travel 8 of these cases are associated with an aged care facility in NSW. 2 residents of this facility have sadly died 2 cases are either directly or indirectly associated with attendance at a workshop 18 cases are close contacts of known cases, with further details pending The likely place of exposure for a further 3 newly reported cases is under investigation Of the 126 Australian cases reported, 24 of these cases are reported to have recovered.

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