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Syrian Opposition Activists Kill Russian Generals, Destroy S-400 System In Imaginary Attack

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Syrian Opposition Activists Kill Russian Generals, Destroy S-400 System In Imaginary Attack

A picture shows two Russian S-400 Triumf S-400 Triumf missile system at the Russian Hmeimim military base in Latakia province, in the northwest of Syria, on December 16, 2015. / AFP / Paul GYPTEAU (Photo credit should read PAUL GYPTEAU/AFP/Getty Images)

In what can be only described as a “desperate propaganda stunt,” Syrian oppositions activists claimed on February 14 that a drone attack has targeted the Russian Hmeimim Air Base on the Syrian coast.

The activists said that the attack targeted a high-level meeting inside the base, claiming the lives of several Generals of the Russian Armed Forces.

These claims were quickly refuted by pro-government sources and even respectful opposition sources with locals not reporting any incident what so ever inside the Russian base or around it even.

Despite the exposure of their lies, opposition activists went on to name the Russian Generals who were “killed” in the imaginary attack as following:

  • Gen. Alexander Samsonov
  • Gen. Aleksei Brusilov
  • Gen. Armen Garo
  • Gen. Agustín de Betancourt

The activists didn’t apparently put much effort into naming the generals. Alexander Samsonov was indeed a general. However, in the Imperial Russian Army during the late 19th century. Aleksei Brusilov was also a Russian General, but he died more than 103 years ago.

As for Armen Garo, he is an Arminian politician from the early 20th century. On the other hand, Agustín de Betancourt was a prominent Spanish engineer, who died in 1824, way before the establishment of Hmeimim Air Base.

The killing of four imaginary Russian Generals won’t cut it for an imaginary attack of this scale, the activists claimed that an S-400 air-defense system was destroyed along with “several warplanes.”

These laughable claims are an example of the level of desperation Syrian opposition supporters have reached. In the last few months, the opposition lost most of its territory in northwest Syria as a result of successful operations by the Syrian Arab Army (SAA).

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Maybe some kind of augmented reality?


Or an autistic reality :)


May be this kind of science fiction time-travel fictional script writing was included in Al Qaida’s White Helmets’ training in Hollywood?


No, all those Wahhabi/Jihadi/Salafist/Merc/Proxy/Terrorist Sickfucks popping Captagon.

Arbaches Glaukus

On September 24, 2015, Lieutenant-General Valery Asapov was killed by an ISIS mortar strike.
It was a GPS guided mortar round provided to ISIS by Aliens.


USA terrorists modus operandi..


He was killed in deir azzor far away from the hiememim airbase with no s400 nor pantsir s2 system from protection.Lietenunant general in the russian army means he is not responsible for overseeing russian military operations in syria.All russian commanders are safe in hiememim but nice try with the propaganda


Nice try,some truths,but you may have or on purpose missed the valid point,hearken up.


The head cia guidance intelligence guru a few weeks back was blown sky high,lamestream try to cover as 737 boeing afghan jet,the usaf/cia jet was a billion dollar weapon co ordinance,with factual photos and serial numbers to prove that was the case,there is rumors the triags,fsb along with allied counter intelligence are hunting down the culprits and destoying them one by one,few by few,many by many suggesting the beginning of the end for the incest tryrant intellingence.

Black Waters

The only thing that they can do at this point is to create these propaganda stunts.

Terrorists in Iblib are losing ground quite rapidly, it’s a matter of time before they won’t be able to write crap anymore.

Donald Moore

Oh yes they can, from Turkey and the EU. At least the US has sense not to let them into there. From these areas they will have many big victories as well as kill many Russian and Syria Generals and they will have taken the war to Iran also!


Fools with virtual friends and virtual enemies as well.


Donald Moore

It’s great to live in your own world were you win all the time, nothing goes wrong… wait a minute the man in the white coat is here, he’s got my happy pills! lol


The disturbing thine is that many in high places in the US and UK DO live in a win, win win win win win fantasy land fuelled by drugs, legal and illegal.

A reporter was able secretly to swab the ‘rest rooms’ for the UK Parliamentarians offices and found cocaine traces in all of them last year I think.


Its shit propaganda though.


They could create a caliphate inside turkey or in eu….

art poirot

General de batencourt was a true military genius.. It was said that in the battle of allepo, he used black magic and time travel to impregnate the terrorists wives causing the militants to retreat from the city to tend to their new bastard children.. His leadership and battle prowess will surely be missed.. Rip general de batencourt


An alien spaceship is responsible for the attack, coming from a distant galaxy to help Erdogan’s looser terrorists. At least Erdogan is well connected. But he has to offer something in return. The aliens seem to be interested in doing some experiments on earth’s lifeforms. How about grafting Erdogan’s head to a pig’s ass?


OR has Trump made a flying visit with Pompous Pompeo to boost his jihadis morale in Idlib . :)

Damien C

Yeah they really have a thing for those Generals

Their terrorist coup is in General disarray

Their recruitment is in General decline

For 8 years they’ve forced people to live in General mayhem

For 8 years they’ve avoided General hygiene

Though I imagine they’ll need General aesthetic when the SAA catches up with

AM Hants

Nice one




There was also involvement from “Major DeFeat” and “Private Qualm”, they say…


I would call them: second-tier Terrorists.

Jan Lavicka

uSS CIA is hiring bigger and bigger idiots like they are so too :-D

Tudor Miron

Lol. What a horrible meeting of historical figures in that mysterious airbase. What are those pesky Russkies are doing there? A seance?


Schhhhh, that’s a state secret, Tudor.


Catherine the Great invited them ?


If General Samsonov would have had T-90s when he was enveloped by Ludendorff and Hindenburg, he probably would have broken out of his encirclement by at least noon on the 29th of August.

Idlibistani headchops need to build a time machine and bring back weapons from 2120 if they want to rewrite the history that’s currently unfolding.


A time machine is all that will save the jihadi’s from death’

Len Zegelink

are they on drugs .haha what a total losers.


They are loosing any grip of reality but they are on par w/ the NATO-Mafia and their AmeriCunt Masters.

Jan Lavicka

yes, like Wallstreet itself – grugged idiots beside drugged idiots :)

AM Hants

Think the Syrian opposition that those nations funding the White Helmets support, would have heard or felt the response, if that had happened.

Just reading an article on Sputnik, with the US sending what it cannot keep in Iraq, to Syria. First thought, if the US wishes to take on Russia and the Syrian Forces, in the sovereign nation of Syria. No legal authority, no declaration of war, no UN authorisation and no invite to invade, how will they handle the body bags, during a Presidential Election campaign, returning home?

Donald Moore

They will say like when Iran bombed their bases in Iraq about now 109 soldiers dead, all those soldiers have brain trauma and are doing OK and most are back at their job.

AM Hants

Yet, so many US a Forces, just after that, have lost their lives in random aviationaccidents


LOL…you respond to silly lies with silly lies. You are simply silly.


Trump will just declare that ‘All is well in Syria’ and say that a few thousand US Military heroes have left the military due to ‘headaches’ bought on by the stress of guarding the oil for Israel.

AM Hants

Out of order, but, first thought a when reading the comment:

Bet Melania says the same, when Trump tries to entertain her with his precision strike missile, when guarding Israel’s jewels.


I would be certain that Trumps ‘first strike capability’ is even less effective than the Iron Dome is for guarding Israels baubles.

Not much chance of a re-entry either :)

AM Hants

Lol. As shown by 60 precision strike missiles, being used for after dinner entertainment, when hosting President Xi Jinping. One gets stuck in the tube, 36 go AWOL and 23 arrive, with little impact, allowing Syria to use the airport a couple of hours later.

Poor Melania, not sure whether to ask Raytheon for help, creating a Viagra version for assistance or just thank her lucky stars that Donald’s precision strike missile does not function. Haha.


Getting stuck in the tube would be a nightmare. :)


Sputnik’s run by a packa incest spawn kazars pro nwo,no different to moscow times aka tyranny!

AM Hants

Like some of their articles, but, believe they source a lot from various Western news agencies.

I keep well clear of the Moscow Times.


Good propaganda has to have a sense of authenticity not the absurd like this.

Donald Moore

No it doesn’t, look at Trump and the self confessed ex-CIA Director now SoS Pompeo said when he ran the CIA that they taught all them to Lie, Steal, and Murder. You know when they are lying is when they are talking!


If the claim is simply ridiculous on its face then it fails so it needs a degree of believeability or the possibility it may be true. Absurd claims fail immediately thats my point.

Donald Moore

The problem is that they don’t see it that way and the MSM backs their lies up. Who ever believes in the MSM believes in the lies and I’m afraid that is a lot!


It’s like the so-called ‘Report’ the AmeriCunts gave to the UN about the attack on Saudi oil facilities, you can call it pure work of fiction, blaming Iran of course – The Yemenis should be very insulted.


Maybe the better ones are running or in hiding or obliterated from planet earth and beyond?


Lol. I’m thinking a lot of the usual local kindergarten hasbara trolls here would completely be in their element if provided with a common forum to those jihadi nutheads… I mean serioulsy, they spit the exact kind of laughable bullshit at every corner, dropping ludicrous facts & figure like candy and never looking back, it’s unbelievable. I’m saying let’s help them get in touch, you know in some sort of anonymous club for regime change sore losers ? who wants to earn some bucks creating a platform ? no wait, there’s already one, also used by the Premier asshole in chief on Earth called the Don, starts with a T… he can chair the moderation board xD


NATO trained jihadi propagandists I suppose.

There again the OPCW and Scripal affairs were child like as well :)

I am speechless :)

good american

This last offensive must’ve killed off their best ones.


I do hope so.

Its time for the cheerleaders at the beheadings to die now.

alejandro casalegno

Vasily Chuikov die in Syria………….take the body to Mamaev Kurgan please!!!!!!!!!!!

Jim Bim

The level of stupidity is beyond repair.
No wonder they are so easy to recruit and brainwash.

Ron Demarco

This has to be coming from Turkey! It fits their MO!


In a positive development, Kemal Ataturk showed up to lead the Turkish invasion.


Do you have a source for that, Vitex?
Is it the BBC ? :)


Jane Standley of building #7 fame…


And sultan Suleiman ?


I though they resurect at least Saladin.


…this could go on for a while :)

Saul of Tarsus reportedly suffering from brain trauma on the road to Damascus


More headaches, that’s really serious, VITEX :)


Stopp imaginary stuff, and let us deal with reality.


Good advise Hombre, tell this the NATO-Mafia AmeriCunts NeoCunts and ZioNAZIs


It is widely known that terrorist shooting squads are now using s400’s and sending home the remains on the Antanov-24’s they’ve captured..


Oh no, I just hope general Suvorov survived this attack!
comment image


If that is the case,it sure must have happened a very long time ago.
He looks kinda serious,like Putin,no?


general broussilov excellent general starist is defeat german and astereich and hungary in 1916!! front russian !!


Don’t worry guys. Bellingcat will “prove” us that these claims are legit.
Hail Bellingcat ! The “truth” bearer ! The master of the allowed thoughts !


Nahhhhhhhhh…only the US and Israel kill generals around there of late.

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