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Syrian Opposition Activists Kill Russian Generals, Destroy S-400 System In Imaginary Attack


Syrian Opposition Activists Kill Russian Generals, Destroy S-400 System In Imaginary Attack

A picture shows two Russian S-400 Triumf S-400 Triumf missile system at the Russian Hmeimim military base in Latakia province, in the northwest of Syria, on December 16, 2015. / AFP / Paul GYPTEAU (Photo credit should read PAUL GYPTEAU/AFP/Getty Images)

In what can be only described as a “desperate propaganda stunt,” Syrian oppositions activists claimed on February 14 that a drone attack has targeted the Russian Hmeimim Air Base on the Syrian coast.

The activists said that the attack targeted a high-level meeting inside the base, claiming the lives of several Generals of the Russian Armed Forces.

These claims were quickly refuted by pro-government sources and even respectful opposition sources with locals not reporting any incident what so ever inside the Russian base or around it even.

Despite the exposure of their lies, opposition activists went on to name the Russian Generals who were “killed” in the imaginary attack as following:

  • Gen. Alexander Samsonov
  • Gen. Aleksei Brusilov
  • Gen. Armen Garo
  • Gen. Agustín de Betancourt

The activists didn’t apparently put much effort into naming the generals. Alexander Samsonov was indeed a general. However, in the Imperial Russian Army during the late 19th century. Aleksei Brusilov was also a Russian General, but he died more than 103 years ago.

As for Armen Garo, he is an Arminian politician from the early 20th century. On the other hand, Agustín de Betancourt was a prominent Spanish engineer, who died in 1824, way before the establishment of Hmeimim Air Base.

The killing of four imaginary Russian Generals won’t cut it for an imaginary attack of this scale, the activists claimed that an S-400 air-defense system was destroyed along with “several warplanes.”

These laughable claims are an example of the level of desperation Syrian opposition supporters have reached. In the last few months, the opposition lost most of its territory in northwest Syria as a result of successful operations by the Syrian Arab Army (SAA).

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