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Syrian Opposition Activists Claim Russian Warplanes Are Bombing Greater Idlib Once Again

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Syrian Opposition Activists Claim Russian Warplanes Are Bombing Greater Idlib Once Again

2712070 10/04/2015 Russian servicemen attach a Kh-25 high-precision missile to a Su-24 aircraft at the Khmeimim airbase in Syria. Dmitriy Vinogradov/RIA Novosti

Late on June 3, opposition activists claimed that warplanes of the Russian Aerospace Forces (VKS) carried out a series of airstrikes on Greater Idlib.

According to the activists, the airstrikes hit targets in northwestern Hama, southwestern Idlib and northern Lattakia. One of the targets was near the town of Sirmaniyah, a stronghold of terrorist groups such as the Turkistan Islamic Party (TIP).

If these reports are confirmed, these would be the first Russian airstrikes on Greater Idlib since March 5, when Russia and Turkey reached a de-escalation agreement on the region.

A day earlier, opposition activists made similar claims, accusing the VKS of carrying out airstrikes on northwest Hama and other areas. These claims turned out to be untrue. Russian warplanes dropped munitions which exploded in the air, not on the ground.

Greater Idlib militants are currently preparing for a possible large-scale attack by the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies. A day earlier, militants declared a “military zone” in the southern Idlib countryside.

Turkey is yet to fulfill its commitments under the March 5 agreement. This could force the SAA to launch an operation in the region, mainly to secure the M4 highway that links Lattakia and Aleppo.


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The airstrikes shouldn’t have stopped in the first place. With luck those new Migs Syria got came with enough missiles to shoot down the Turkish F16s and drones covering for ISIS/al-Qaeda.

Jim Allen

Undoubtedly upgraded to one degree, or other. The weapons systems are upgraded to use the weapons in country already.
Russia hasn’t said what upgrade level, or how many, so far. Syria has 20, but where they’re at with upgrades I’ve no idea. At a minimum these need the new electronics, so they’re not blind at mid to long range. This gave Western fighters a big advantage as they could stand-off, and launch missiles, at the 29’s, and they never saw them coming. It sucked to be a Western fighter if/when they strayed into the MiG’s short range radar, they’re superior dogfighters.
Only the Russian 29K had all it’s radars until recently. The new units fit in the tiny space MiG-29 as for electronics.
Western fighters are again at a disadvantage.

Jacob Wohl's Nose

new mig-29 are either SM or SMT. SM is improved for medium range AA while SMT is used for long range + air-ground precision. Either way, SyAAF will now be able to smack those f16s and drones. turks shot down syrian jets from turkish airspace, therefore Syria will do the same next offensive.

Icarus Tanović

That’s right my boy.

Jim Allen

Cool, SMT upgrades fix all the 29’s shortcomings. (not that there are a lot)
4++ gen.
The Luftwaffe pilot that flew MiG-29A, & B models Germany bought (22) countless hours, and in Top Gun competitions, loved the planes. There’s video of the interview on


I’m no expert on these matters, though I did work in heavy military electronics 25 years ago as a machinist and toolmaker. On SDI and other stuff. If the 29s have satcom integration and the right ordinance. They may not need stand alone systems on board.

There were reports in the Turk press that Syria got 6 Mig 31s a few years ago. Those can be set up as AWACS planes that the 29s can run off of. They also have some 25s that were built to deal with Blackbirds.

Jim Allen

Russia kept all it’s MiG-31.
MiG-25 is the early version of MiG-31.
Said to be faster than the 31, but less stable.
If I recall it was a 31 that actually ran down an SR-71. It had exited USSR airspace flying parallel to the border. MiG didn’t shoot it down, it already made USSR’s point.
Both MiG-29, and 31 are rated conservatively on top speed performance, most military aircraft are, but Russia seems more conservative than the rest. Both are agile, and nimble, like all Russian fighters tend to be.
MiG-31 variations include long range fighter/bombers, capable of carrying hypersonic weapons. Good choice for escorting the fast strategic bombers. At least they can keep up.
The electronics issues mainly affected export models, both MiG-21, 29, the Sukhoi “twins.” Domestic MiG-29’s appear different in this, and MiG-29K used the carrier, for vectoring. The West has never tangled with Russian MiG-29’s, or Russian pilots. It’s my understanding that when the ground based vectoring was changed, the system was lost for use. The “K” being the exception.


Of course they will bomb IDLIB if they have need, too many wahhabi terrroists are even shooting missiles thowards Hmeimim base tho, and shoitng SAA possitions, breaking the deal and of course Russian warplanes will deliver some goods.

Icarus Tanović

Wahhabis are menace to the World human kid sanity.

Jacob Wohl's Nose

Probably just SyAAF testing out their Mig-29SM/T using R-77 against RuAF target practice drones

Icarus Tanović

Such a great news.

Lone Ranger

Condolences to the fallen wahabimossad and CIAisis troops.
May they rest in pieces…

Icarus Tanović

Eat this Wahhabi punks. Satanistic spiritualistic CIA created sect that uses Islam as cover and cloak. No more philosophy and stupidities about who they are, and where they’ve come from.


But who controls the CIA who controls all of the intelligence agencies for that matter?

Astar Roth

Now, so smart you tell us…


They seem to be not from this world


Did you just edit your post instead of addressing me directly ya gotta love that hey

Astar Roth

Now, so smart, you tell us…

Astar Roth

I don’t see that he addressed to you anything…

klove and light

hahahaahahahaahahahah…russian airstrikes…..i loe that 1….but the best….and i Quote..

“Turkey is yet to fulfill its commitments under the March 5 agreement. ”

ridiculous southfront…sorry your sentence is RIDICULOUS……..TURKEY has broken each and every Agreement for years…..for YEARS !!!!

cut the Zionist bullshit rhetoric…it is SICKENING………,,utter nonsense

Putin is a treacherous Zionist bibi cock sucking pig.

Per Jensen

Turkey is not fullfilling its commitment. Quite the contrary is it supporting HTS all the way through, and has done so from day one.
Russia must know that the so-called agreement is not the paper worth it is written on. So one indeed wonder why Russia/Putin pretends so. Only Russia has potential to fight terrorism in Syria and should not hesitate fighting HTS and ISIS in Idlib and the rest of Syria. Not doing so only serve to prolong the suffering of the Syrian people. Most likely, Russia/Putin fears the reaction of Turkey and its US allied.


Erdogan is playing Putin for idiot

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