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Syrian ‘Moderate’ Opposition Refuses to Leave Aleppo after Russian Statement

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Syrian ‘moderate’ opposition has rejected any withdrawal of fighters from Aleppo after Russia announced the stop of airstrikes in order to allow militants to leave the city and to separate moderate fighters from terrorists.

Syrian ‘Moderate’ Opposition Refuses to Leave Aleppo after Russian Statement

Groups, hostile to the Syrian government, have refused to accept the Russian initiative to leave the city of Aleppo through humanitarian corridors, the Reuters news agency reported on Tuesday, citing a representative of one of the Syrian ‘moderate’ opposition groups. The group’s leader noted that threats of Russia and Assad would not stop his companions-in-arms.

According to the news agency, the ‘moderate’ opposition is going to continue armed resistance in Aleppo. At the same time, Reuters noted that the opposition claims that withdrawal from the city through the humanitarian corridors, provided by the Russian center for reconciliation of the warring parties in Syria, would be a ‘capitulation’.

“The factions completely reject any exit – this is surrender,” a political officer of the Aleppo-based Fastaqim group, Zakaria Malahifji, said. “When we took up arms at the start of the revolution to defend our abandoned people we promised God that we would not lay them down until the downfall of this criminal regime [President Bashar al-Assad’s government],” he added. “There are no terrorists in Aleppo,” Malahifji concluded.

The terrorist states that there are no terrorists in Aleppo… It is a strong statement. A drug addict rarely recognizes himself as a drug addict, a mental patient never recognizes himself as a mentally ill person. Well, and a terrorist will never recognize that he is a terrorist, but will continue to talk nonsense about the ‘fight for free Syria’.

Giving terrorists the last chance to withdraw from Aleppo, Russia, together with Syrian troops, is ready to carry out an operation to liberate the city, despite any disagreement of the ‘moderate’ opposition. NATO’s military instructors will leave the eastern part of Aleppo through the corridors in order to defuse the situation and to prevent anyone to guess about their presence – and it will be enough.

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Normal Citizen

It looks like the “moderate” Rebels aren’t even moderately showing any kind of self preservation or common sense. They even hilariously believe they still have a chance to oust Assad! Even the deluded Establishment knows they’re going to lose. Looks like more Terrorists into the meat grinder! And good riddance!


Chop ‘me up!

Kire Stojanovski

They first started negotiations for leaving Aleppo and when they got the chance to leave they refused to do it!?! Now go find a common sense in a terrorist mind! I’ll better find a needle in a haystack.

Gue Bjuen

some smaller groups want to leave. the big boys don’t want to leave and i am sure their owner the US would also not allow this retreat.


they just want to chop someone’s else head..not them to chop theirs.


The big groups are getting their orders from people that are not even inside Aleppo, some are not even in Syria. Stupid pawns will die for nothing like cattle.

john mason

If they are for the people then let them go. These idiots have just crucified themselves and given Russia and Syria the OK to completely destroy them. Hope Syria and her allies take no prisoners, bury the filth.

Lord Humongous

They have chosen. They will die. Good riddance. Send them to HELL.


They had their chance.


Let Rusia and Syria help these moderate terrorist to go with Alah and enjoy their 37 virgins as soon as possible.

Igor Ochocinszk

37? I thought Allah offered 72 before? damn shortage of virgins in besieged jihadi paradise?

Lord Humongous

Vlad is sending the entire Northern Fleet. The U.S. mercenary head choppers remaining in Aleppo are going to die in a storm of Russian steel. Thank you to President Putin.

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