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Syrian ‘Moderate’ Opposition in Daraa Receives Large Number of Portable Air-Defense Systems

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According to reports, ‘moderate’ opposition groups in the southern Syrian province of Daraa have received a large number of man-portable air-defense systems (MANPAD), paid for by regional Arab backers.

Syrian ‘Moderate’ Opposition in Daraa Receives Large Number of Portable Air-Defense Systems

A large number of man-portable air-defense systems (MANPAD), paid for by regional Arab backers, has been delivered to ‘moderate’ opposition groups in the southern Syrian province of Daraa, the Fars news agency reported on Saturday, citing the Arabic-language version of the official website of the London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR).

As Fars quoted the SOHR, ‘moderate’ groups in northern Daraa have received hundreds of the 9K32 Strela-2 low-altitude surface-to-air missile systems, also known as the SA-7 Grail and called the Cobra by militants from east European countries. The 9K32 Strela-2 is used to target low-attitude flying planes.

According to the report, a large amount of money has been spent by regional Arab countries to purchase the Cobra systems, which have been used by ‘moderate’ opposition groups in Dael in northern Daraa to target Syrian fighter jets.

At the same time, the report revealed that ‘moderate’ groups across Syria have also received thousands of the US-made TOW missiles and the Gards.

As Fars noted, in September, a field commander of the Jabhat Fateh al-Sham (previously known as the Al-Nusra Front) terrorist group, Abu Al Ezz, said that the US had provided the group with the TOW anti-tank missiles, which were used against the Syrian Army. The commander also pointed out that military advisers and experts in usage of rockets, satellites, reconnaissance and thermographic cameras were provided to the group by Israel, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the US.

“The United States supports the Syrian militant group, but not directly. They [Americans] support the countries, which support us. However, we are still not satisfied with this support. They should support us with sophisticated weapons,” Fars quoted his words.

Al Ezz also claimed that some battles were won by his group thanks to the TOW missiles, and noted that tanks were delivered to the Jabhat Fateh al-Sham from Libya via Turkey.

As Al Ezz said in an interview to the Kolner Stadt-Anzeiger newspaper, the Syrian army surpasses terrorists only with combat aircraft, missile launchers and missiles. He also once again stressed that control over some areas was taken by the group thanks to the US TOW missiles, delivered directly to the group.

Earlier this month, a Russian helicopter, delivering humanitarian aid to the province of Hama, was attacked by the Islamic State (IS) terrorists, who used MANPAD. Reportedly, terrorists received two MANPADS from unknown parties across the border in Iraq on October 6.

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If this is true then these areas should only be bombed from a high altitude with su-24 aircraft using cluster and incendiary munitions. Tell them to stick their little tubes up their butts.

chris chuba

Then Samantha Powers will have a hissy fit and demand a vote on a warcrimes resolution.
I’m not saying that there should not be a strong response. I’m just pointing out that to the loonies in the U.S. State Dept. this is a win/win, even if civilians die.


Once the news about the surrenders and pardons inevitable start rolling in western media, the public will understand that this is the light at the end of the tunnel for the syrian civil war. And these cries for humanitarianism … will not have any traction.

Also, the USA will have their own problems with these elections.

Peter Jennings

What’s happening in Syria certainly isn’t a civil war and you are doing Syrians a disservice by referring to it as that. It implies that the Syrian people are at war with their own gov’t when in fact that isn’t the case at all.


With Dael was a truce, wasn´t it?


Humanitarian aid from Russia? Total propaganda from savages. That is what my countries media will say. I don’ t believe them anymore. I also don’t believe Russia. The truth is in the middle.


Only US, UK and west countries delivery humanitarian aid, right? LOL
Russia, IRAN and black listed countries are devil and inhuman.
You have suffered a brain washing!

Carol Davidek-Waller

The Westside idea of humanitarian aid is giving All Qaida Manpads.


Moderate my ass.
How long before commercial jets will be shot down by these A holes?
The funders of these terrorists need to stand trial for aiding and supplying terrorism.
This is such a hypocritical operation on behalf of the West always crying foul on Syria and Russia.


To late, and of no significance other than to satisfy a need on the battlefield that isnt there, right now, maybe, but not later when they loose the city’s and is forced out into the open fields, even then they arent more than useful on ground targets I ges, since then the invasion army is getting rounded up, small pockets can just be left alone to the starve to death or to they surrender.

Of course High altitude strikes is then the options, while the war narrows its field, the targets gets more exposed, and as son someone fires one of this, the Russian can flat bomb the entire location, since intelligence is easyer to collect and brought into actions.

Whats scary, is the Yankees new angle, where they have morphed into an coming aggressive actions against Iran, to widen the theater. And in my land the propaganda is gone total bonkers, huh, the UssA naval forces are 6000 km from their home land and the Iranians are in the hood, but somehow, Iranians are perceived as The threat, and the Iranians are been blamed for been behind this, ugh….. “attacks” witch I dont believe an word of.
Do notice how suddenly Iran have popped back into the news anyone.
Yeah, to hide what, that the Israeli history is an total lie, as we know it is, confirmed even by them self, the truth is, the homeland of the Hebrews is eastern half of the Arabic peninsula, aka Yemen and Oman, with the most of the Saudi kingdom.
And why dont we talk about Iranian Jews, anyone.
Even NothingBUTyanhoho wants to nuke even them since according to the wackos in Tel-aviv, they arent true Jews, they are just beta-israeli.

This stupidity and downright moronic articles is what they print this days, articles meant for an brain dead Ameristan stupid sheeps, and is directly translated to our language, and that shines thru, because the articles are downright lies, forgery, the map is something Cristofer Colobmbus used to navigae with and the Ameristans dont know where Africa is on top of it.
( hehe, you know, Africa that.tiny little peninsula, west of Madagaskar)

And written in an tense that solely covers the politics of the axis of evil The Imperial banana republic and their whores the Brits and Germs, the French is so low I just get an urge to puke.
The Turks, have to prove everything this time, an turncoat is someone nobody trusts, to then be able to have any-kind of credibility, they have to show it, talk is cheep, costs nothing.

Dunka, dunka,



i love to see how those washington-feed jihadists shot down a KALIBR with their manpads.

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