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Syrian MoD: Army Liberated 30 Villages In Eastern Aleppo, Killed High Number Of Top ISIS Members

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Syrian MoD: Army Liberated 30 Villages In Eastern Aleppo, Killed High Number Of Top ISIS Members

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The Syrian Ministry of Defense issued an official statement announcing the current result of the government advance in the eastern Aleppo countryisde. According to the statement, government forces have liberated the Jirah military airport and more than 30 villages and locations in the area since the start of the operation.

On Wednesday, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) Tiger Forces continued advancing in the eastern Aleppo countryside and managed to capture the villages of Al-Batousheia, Al-Salheia, Jubbab Massaud Kabir, Jubbab Massaud Sagie and Al-Shamaria after violent clashes with ISIS militants. By this, The SAA is in 6 km from the town of Maskanah, which is the main objective of the operation.

The Ministry of Defense also announced that the operation has so far resulted in the death and wounding of more than 3,000 ISIS militants and the destruction of 19 tanks, 5 BMP-1 and 11 VBIED vehicles, and 6 guns. The Syrian Air Force destroyed 9 ammunition depots, two communications center and 61 field operations headquarters.

Of the foreign fighters who have been killed in the operation of the eastern Aleppo countryside so far:

  • Abu Oday al-Iraqi, Iraqi Nationality: military commander of ISIS terrorist organization in the eastern countryside.
  • Mahmoud Abd Al-Jabbar Ben Hassan, nicknamed Abu Al-Walid al-Tunisi, Tunisian Nationality: Chief Justice of the eastern countryside.
  • The Saudi nationals field commanders : Abd al-Rahman Mutawa’ al-Dakhil, Abu Muhammad al-Najdi and Sultan Abdullah.
  • The Iraqi field commanders : Magali Nizal Qarash Bash and Sufian Mohammed Aboush.
  • Abu Musab al-Masri: the minister of war of ISIS terrorist organization.
  • Abu Abdullah Mohammed Sameeh Al-Kusri, Saudi Nationality: the “Amir” of Al-Hesba in the eastern countryside.

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“””…the operation has so far resulted in the death and wounding of more than 3,000 ISIS militants and the destruction of 19 tanks, 5 BMP-1 and 11 VBIED vehicles, and 6 guns.”””

Really?? Come on !!!


Seems unlikely, I’d say a tenth of all those numbers. Probably 300 Daesh were killed or wounded in the operation, 3,000 is extremely farfetched, they would never put that much manpower in this slightly insignificant area.

Justin Ryan

U think this area is insignificant? Why?


no he said significant

Justin Ryan

Ahh he did too! My appologies :)


no worries :))


It’s half-besieged already, they are wedged between the kurds and SAA and all it is, is just some farmland with one major town. There is not much to defend here, especially when Daesh is already low on well needed manpower.


This is the most significant area for ISIS as it has to form a shield for its brooding mother(USA) to continue its operations in Raqqa.

Bill Wilson

It’s just another sloppy article by SF. They don’t care about grammar, spelling nor accurate numbers.


But you have to admit the maps are way cool. :)


That information was provided by the syrian MOD, SF has nothing to do with the data provided. By the way, in general, SF is keeping up the good job.


Saudi field commanders?! Can’t be! Trump just told us they’re our moderate partners in peace! And Bibi likes them too! Omg omg Putin Iran Putin Hezbollah Russia Assad baby killers [head explodes].

Real Anti-Racist Action

And how many Kurd’s died in conquering Syrian territory to declare their new base of operations to conquer Northern Iran and Southern Turkey and Iraq?
Everyone knows Kurd’s are more blood thirsty then even the Israelis are.




Some people are doubting the figures given by the MOD of Syria. I don’t see why they should. Anyone who has been paying attention to the maps knows that ISUS is rapidly running out of areas to retreat to. ISUS tactics have been based on mobility, almost exclusively. Hit and run, lightning attacks. Next time they run they won’t stop until the gates of Raqqah. So, they are finally having to make a stand and fight for territory – in the plains of Aleppo. 61 Command Posts have been destroyed! You get it now? This is ISUS last stand – that is why members of their high command are there. This is why SAA have the Tigers here rather than on the Deir Ezzor highway! Someone thought this was about a sugar factory! Lol!

Maskanah is not the prize. Because of the water on one side it is even easier to surround and by-pass than Deir Hafer was. If SAA will by-pass Maskanah, and I probably would, they will rendezvous with SDF at Tabqah quite soon. At that point ISUS is reduced to a terrorist group and their time as a political insurgency will be over in Syria and they are reduced to a mere terrorist group. From Tabqah there is also a road to Deir Ezzor…


If this is ISIS’s last stand, going for broke, incurring thousands of casualties, wouldn’t the Tiger advance be much slower than we’re seeing? Just asking, not a military man myself. And how sure can we be that This Is It? Won’t ISIS guys be told “if you’re not sure whether the virgins will actually be into you, try on this shiny new FSA uniform and you’ll even be paid proper dollars for a change”? American policy has a certain… creativity, even if it’s really the same game over and over.


Yes, the uniform change trick has been played before, and who knows what the end game will be. But for now, people need to get that ISUS was never meant to fight an army on a battlefield. They were always a terror insurgency – heavily armed, yes, but mainly so they could bully other salafi insurgents and the local police. But put them on a battlefield defence and they can’t play to their strengths, no element of surprise, no lightning advances unseen, no chance to retreat, stand your ground. SAA is now very experienced in dealing with them, they have air-force, and the Tigers are strong.
I imagine ISUS has lots of fortified strong points all over the place. But the Tigers are very experienced in smashing through defences, and when one point collapses the fleeing defenders get cut down. That’s why they take so many casualties (the figures are probably estimates for now). So where are the takfiri boys going to run? Raqqah is a death trap now. It’s a long way to Iraq through the South-East with Sukhois on your tail. But it’s the only way to reach Saudi Arabia, their spiritual homeland, and the only country in the world that regards them as normal people.


“SAA is now very experienced in dealing with them” It would seem some units more than others; the VBIEDs are still raising bloody hell, when some trenches and tank traps would save many lives even if many units don’t have the good stuff (ATGM). At least, going by what I’m told; grateful I don’t have to fight myself.

“So where are the takfiri boys going to run?” Part of me says back home–to NATO territory. There’s a quote in TES Skyrim “justice can be harsh, but it is still justice”.

Anyway thanks for the clarification.


Good you mention VBIEDs. They have been a huge factor in the success of ISUS offensive operations. Their weakness is that they rely on an element of surprise but when the insurgents are on the defensive that element just isn’t there most of the time. Approaching VBIED is now spotted a kilometre away, which reduces casualties to low levels even if you can’t take it out. (Did you see the video where an Iraqi soldier rammed a VBIED with a bulldozer to stop it reaching its target. The guy sustained only minor injuries.) The value of a mobile ATGM unit is very high in this theatre because they can take out the suicide trucks.
And yes, various SSA units have different capabilities in dealing with the takfiri attacks, but they are all survivors of several years of gruelling war and have seen a lot of action. They all know how to conduct themselves in combat, and that counts for a lot towards survival. I feel that if ISUS takes those casualties for just a few more days (and what choice do they have?) their days as a political entity in Syria are over. It can’t come soon enough.
PS. NATO have just realised that they too will be better off if the insurgents are buried in Syria!


OK I watched the bulldozer video. So much gloating on arabs even from my own family but truly, some people there are clearly better and stronger than us.

Can’t agree on the PS. At least, I don’t know which NATO you are talking about: master, puppets, or sheep? I don’t see a beginning of awareness about, well anything, except perhaps among the very shrewd people who are coldly pushing it all along.


Solo queda, sacarme el sombrero ante el SAA, gran trabajo para liberar su patria del terrorismo patrocinado por países extraños al suelo sirio. ¡¡Siria victor!!

Gabriel Hollows

>3,000 ISIS killed
Bullshit. I doubt there were more than two thousand in the area.

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