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Syrian Missile, Rocket Strike Targets Turkish-Backed Militants Around Saraqib (Video)

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Late on February 26, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) carried out a large-scale missile and rocket strike on Turkish-backed militants advancing towards Saraqib city in southern Idlib.

According to pro-government sources, the strike’s main target was Afis. The town was captured by al-Qaeda-affiliated Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) and the National Front for Liberation (NFL) a few hours ago.

The SAA reportedly launched three OTR-21 Tochka tactical ballistic missiles at militants’ equipment and gatherings around Saraqib. The army’s BM-30 Smerch heavy rocket launchers also targeted the city’s northern and northwestern outskirt.

Aside from the large-scale missile and rocket strike, intense Syrian and Russian airstrikes are now targeting Turkish-backed militants attacking Saraqib.

Saraqib city, which was liberated by the SAA earlier this month, links the Aleppo-Damascus highway, known as the M5, and the Aleppo-Lattakia highway, known as the M4.

The militants’ recent advance around Saraqib is a result of direct support by Turkey, which is providing armament and even fire support. SAA forces in the city are also suffering from many issues, like poor coordination and low morale.

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Looks like TOS :)

Anduin Lothar

Well most of the Russian made mlrs’s can use thermobaric munitions so no1 can tell, since there are no vids from launch site.


True that


Can anybody explain me why these RUssia-Syria air force do not blow up Turkey artillery ? I seems to me so stupid not to do that.

Anduin Lothar

Same reason nato, or any1 rly, haven’t used air force to destroy artilery in many conflicts it fought, if it is not firing or not moving (if it is self propelled) u can hide it rly easy, if it is not moving for like an hr or so u cant even spot it on thermals…

Josiah Isaboke

There is video the Russians released recording them firing at the SAA. SOMETHING DOESN’T JUST ADD UP!By tomorrow Saraqib will be lost and the M-5 blocked from both sides. That’s when the real massacre will begin because these jihadis are moving with ease and with a vengeance …Don’t watch the news tomorrow if you are soft hearted

Anduin Lothar

It is one thing to film arti firing with comercial drone, most likely by the time Russian or Syrian planes got there it was long gone, most of arty nowdays is self propelled, not even the US have real time monitoring of the situation of battlefield they are in, and they have most recon assets, let alone expeditionary force Russians have in Syria. Considering sitation in Saraqib, anything can happen, and everything is possible, its not WW1 with lines and lines of tranches, battlefields tday are fast pacing, teritories under control of one side can change up to 10 times in just 1 hr. It depends on metric shit ton of factors, not just political deals and firepower… BTW im not cheering for either side, my country was at war with every1 that is involved in Syrian conflict except Russia, and im not on their side as well since when we needed them most, they were not there…

Anduin Lothar

One more thing, not sure that some1 that fought in 3 wars count as soft hearted…


Probably showing tens of NATO soldiers bodies on TV would trigger a new wave of economic sanctions

good american

Or worse. No reason to give our enemies a stick to beat us with.I imagine the US would like something along those lines to happen.

Assad must stay

they need to asap, since it is the main torki army that is supplying rats with better equipment

rightiswrong rightiswrong

Another cauldron for Jihadists!

Lead them in, and decimate them.


Low morale? That’s a new one. If true, pretty ominous. I don’t believe it though. Paid mercenaries can have low morale. It’s not like Syrian soldiers have other things to do. Like resign, go home and breed some chickens. They win or die. Them’s the stakes.


They used at least 3 kamikaze on Nayrab assault so it’s not only about money.


Who, SAA used suicide bombers? First time i hear that.


It doesn’t mean suicide bombers exclusively…basically some people remain behind until their last breath for a cause…


There were soldiers in the Russian chapter of WWII who went under a nazi tank with a bunch of hand-grenades strapped around them. I guess you could call them suicide bombers in modern dissipated terms. It’s all about what you die for. They died for their country. Jihadi suicide bombers die for some chimera.


I was talnking about the ones you called mercenaries


I was not talking about Turkish soldiers as such. Nor of their Jihadi proxies. Jihadis can die for their death-cult ideology. I was referring to something like those poor Sudanese bastards fighting for the Saudis in Yemen, for money only (as i understand).


3 kamikaze used by SAA? what??? I don’t blame them. Well, desperate times require desperate measures. I




After a tactical retreat, it is time to go and kick them in the teeth

Al Balog

Good job Assad! Kick Erdogan’s ass and his proxies like its 1998 WWF! Make sure you get every inch back of the land that those green cockroaches just took yesterday. No prisoners, no mercy. Hit Erdogan hard and make ’em bleed ?? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Xj3lFaPSpY

Lone Ranger

Thats the way it should be done. Rain of fire 24/7. Vaporize the demons, hell will look like a decent place for them after that strike ;)


Burn all the terrorists and invaders!

Assad must stay

why is SAA sufering from poor cordination and low morale? did something happened?


Nah, that’s just fake news. Even SF doesn’t always get it right.

Assad must stay

hope so

Luke Hemmming

See I knew the SAA and its allies had a plan. Never count your chickens until they hatch you jihad morons. Your brief moment of glory just got turned into a jihad BBQ! Hasta La vista. See ya, wouldn’t want to be ya!


Hopefully that roasts more than a few jihadi rats, and disrupts their plans to attack.


Light those cockroaches up!


I think the Syrians need better general staff, for starters. I can’t see any decent defensive positions, and tanks are being isolated and used as firing positions, which is just dumb. They’re supposed to support infantry! Basic military doctrine – and I’m hardly a specialist in this field – appears to be ignored. The Syrians have shown before that they can defend positions – for example in Jobar and Aleppo – so I don’t know what has gone wrong here

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