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Syrian Millitary Resumes Its Advance In Western Daraa (Map)

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On July 13, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) captured Tafas dam and entered the villages of Khirbat Kasi and Nahj in the western Daraa countryside, according to the Hezbollah media wing in Syria. The deployment of the SAA in these areas is a part of a reconciliation agreement, which was reached few days ago.

A day earlier, the SAA entered the towns of Kafr Shams, Inkhil and Muzayrib in the western Daraa countryside under the same reconciliation agreement. The former fighters of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) in these towns are currently handing over their weapons to the SAA.

Syrian Millitary Resumes Its Advance In Western Daraa (Map)

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Meanwhile, dozens of civilians took at streets in the town of al-Harrah to stress their support for the SAA, according to Syrian pro-government activists. A day earlier, Syrian opposition sources reported that religious scholars in the town called for a reconciliation agreement with the Damascus government.

The remaining fighters of the FSA and Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) in the western Daraa countryside and the governorate of al-Quneitra appear to be unwilling to fight. These areas will likely accept a reconciliation agreement in the upcoming days.

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Paint it all red. Or brownish tan in this case.


Cuzins. It is with great regret that Ivan Sidorenko. One of the most informative and best accounts to follow the Syrian Conflict. Has been suspended by Twitter for Unknown Reasons.


Not just Sidorenko, but the Axis of Resistance by Hezbollah and other critical commentators on Israel. The US-Zionist regime is worse than the Gestapo.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Lot of people missed little news like when on July 6th 2018 SAA captured two SAS british forces inside Syria and handed them over to Iraqi ISF.


Syria and their allies want Palestine back as it was before 1922. Syria and their allies don’t want ISIS and Israel. The child butchers Israel and ISIS keeping Palestinians and Syrians captives in Palestine and Syria.

You can call me Al


Bill Wilson

So they want to be foreign colonies again whose governments ran everything for them?

Mehdi Ali

SF Please provide a complete map of Syria updated with recent developments


Never happen. SF is a Kremlin outlet with explicit orders to downplay Putin’s partition of Syria under the direct instructions of the jews of Israel.

Never forget that Russian forces made it all the way across East Syria, then Putin ordered all the russian forces in the East withdrawn so America and Turkey could move in and begin massive amounts of sectarian violence and ethnic cleansing.

Go google all those sickening images of Putin partying with the demonic jew leader in Russia a little time back, just after this filthy jew ordered jew snipers to butcher and maim as many people in Gaza as possible.

Putin is a zionist monster who has stated in public on many occasions thgat jews are the ‘master race’, and that Russia will always be slave to the jews. Of course, Putin was trained from birth to be a servant of jews- as are all officials in Russia.

Russia, under Putin, has provided active support for every Deep State war carried out by the USA. In Afghanistan, for instance, Russian heavy lifting transport was an essential part of the American war effort.

Putin recently ‘rewarded’ the Russian people by raising the age of retirement way past the average life expectancy of the russian male- just as the jewish bankers commanded Putin to do. Putin’s war on internet freedom in Russia has been relentless. Can’t have the russian plebs trying to organise against things like the retirement age raise, can we?


Total crap and nonsense….the Russians have sacrificed a lot to save Syria from the warmongering American policy of Regime change

Tudor Miron

Than why this Kremlin outlet doesn’t block you but rather provides you with space for spreading your crap?

You can call me Al

I have just tried to get on SANA – I was blocked.

I ended up with https://syria.liveuamap.com/ …………. I am not sure what side they are on, but some of the info is pretty good.


just heard of breaking news…big ambush on SAA while they where heading into “surrendered” towns in total breach of the reconciliation agreements….scores killed,dozens wounded…………a whole convoy came under attack of SAA, totally unprepared……….. and i wrote about these stupid agreements before…they work yes, if the majority of jihadi militants leave to idlib(gotta fight them there again anyway)..but in the case of the Daraa area it was very bad judgment probably overexcited that no “big ” battles took place…here in Daraa area the majority of militants were allowed to stay, and the SAA was not allowed to enter certain areas, just russian police…..and i wrote how that will never work, but only give the jihadi militants time to regroup, reorganize and get new orders of their masters……russian police does not belong to this society,,they can never hear and see whats happening in the community, they dont speak theeir language and not part of that society………we are talking about tens of thousands of “former jihadi militants” that suddenly say ” yeah . was a bad idea to kill,rape,steal and murder, but now we see our mistakes, sorry for all, we love assad and hezbollah,and iran and russia now and are prepared to help rebuild syria in peace” give me a fucking break, total nonsense……after WW2 the allied nations had 10 year “reeducation” programs for former nazis………. these attacks from behind will continue as long as the rats are not taken care of.trust? yeah, give them time and I trust them to start problems again


Potcracker2588, go plant potatoes.



Published on 12 Jul 2018 click on link for better view. Russia and Iran have defeated ISIS in Syria. Now Russia, Iran, China and Pakistan want to stop ISIS expansion in Afghanistan while having questions about unmarked helicopters flying ISIS to Afghanistan and US are ignoring it. Does it not make sense who is behind ISIS and who is against? These 4 countries and others in the region must unite against repeated terrorist activities that backed by US and their nonsense allies. Hope these professional global killers will go down soon.


Ah Rob claiming ‘magic’ victories where none exist. Funny how this poster originally laid down credentials attacking Israel, then settled into the usual disinfo.

ISIS, being an irregular force, was a PAPER TIGER as soon as major powers took them on.

Iran was America’s most important partner in the American invasion of both Afghanistan and Iraq. Iran was directly responsible for the two million Humans who died during the invasion of Iraq.

Pakistan = Taliban, and the extreme islamists that preceeded the taliban.

China doesn’t give an eff what the Roman Empire does in its lands so long as trade continues.

Putin is the ultimate zionist puppet who only wants to serve the jews. He has stated in public many many times that Russia stands behind the jews of Israel, and will NEVER allow the jews to be punished for any of their war crimes.

Jewish and American power is accelerating across the globe at an unprecedented rate. Kremlin outlets like SF exists to sell a false narrative that this isn’t so, or that somehow Russia is countering this. Russia is NOT. Russia is pouring petrol on the fires just as fast as it can (witness Putin selling the s400 to every wahhabi terror state on the Earth).

Putin is currently helping Trump prepare for the Iran War. Russia actually backs the wahhabi and zionist project for the middle east more than the americans.

The FACT of Putin partying with king jew, just after king jew had so many protestors butchered and maimed in Gaza PROVES Putin is evil beyond all Human understanding. You CANNOT fight evil while you refuse to recognise evil.

Russia is doing just one thing well- preparing to fight the Final Conflict- the last war. If you want to praise Putin for this, you are mad.

Tudor Miron

Usual disinfo? That’s more about your and potcracker2588 (and some others) usual BS that you spread around here. You guys seem to enjoy playing clowns.


Iran was a partner of the US invasions? What are you smoking?


While Southfront SLEEPS, the Deep State in the UK is in the final stages of finishing off Russia as an international player.

The second two ‘victims’ of Novichok are about to be announced as a RUSSIAN SLEEPER CELL. The female patsy is dead, the male patsy has just has a bottle of NOVICHOK discovered in his home. These two are the ones who (think they) poisoned the original two russians.

The surviving male patsy is going to declare a story about how the russians recruited the two of them a while back, and provided the novichok to carry out the first attack.

The REAL story is this. 1) Steven Spielberg produces a show called “The Americans” as classic predictive programming. This drama tells the story of two supposed ordinary americans in america who are really russian terror agents. The importance of this show is that it lays down a NARRATIVE in the collective minds of the sheeple.

2) some time back, MI5 agents posing as russians recruited the two junkie britons, on the pretext of having them report back on their extended families, each of whom work on military bases in the area. For giving feedback from discussions with their relatives, MI5 gave them money and drugs. This established a plausible working relationship.

3) MI5, having convinced the two junkies that they were working for russia, and then that the junkies had provided serious illegal information which if revealed would see them imprisoned for life, activated the ‘novichok’ plan.

4) the two junkies took one of their regular trips to the area where the russians lived, and applied the novichok (probably to a door knob, where it was immediately removed by a MI5 agent after the junkies left). The two russians were then dosed with BZ (a non-lethal agent) by MI5 personnel.

5) much later, MI5 dosed the woman (I mean the two who thought they were working for Russia) with a fatal level of novichok, and the male with BZ. The male must live for it is he that is going to relate the story about how the russians recruited him, and how he and the woman applied the original novichok.

It has been clearly decided to hit the aftermath of the World Cup with this play. In the end, the idea of trying to disrupt the World Cup was deemed too dangerous. In a way this is like 9/11, where the plane that was supposed to hit the White House was cancelled at the last moment for fear it would get all the publicity, and the world would cheer at the image of the White House destroyed (see the movie Independence Day).

The entire purpose of this current demonisation project is to give Putin an excuse to stand down when Trump declares war on Iran this September.

Tudor Miron

Finishing off Russia? Lol. If only in your wet dreams.

S Melanson

Well yes. Russia is using the latest cleansing products that have the added benefit of leaving a beautiful attractive finish – Lemon Pledge Special Anti-Terrorist Formula that gets out those extra tough terrorist stains and leaves a nice sheen like finish with a pleasant lemony smell.

So much better now that Russia has eradicated the terrorist stench and all thanks to Lemon Pledges secret active ingredient – Kalibre Cruise Missiles.

Oscar Silva Martinez

So far so good

Bill Wilson

They might as well give up since it appears that they have very small stores of munitions on hand with no chance for resupply once those were shot off. None of them like that ISIS affiliate that’s been trapped in the SW corner all this time so probably don’t mind handing over their meager stocks so the SAA can use them against those Islamic extremists.

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