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Syrian Military to Down Turkish Warplanes Intering Syria without Damascus’ Approval

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Syrian Military to Down Turkish Warplanes Intering Syria without Damascus' Approval

© Photo: SANA

The Syrian Defense Ministry announced Thursday that it will down any Turkish warplane that enters Syrian airspace without approval from Damascus.

The announcement followed intense Turksih air strike on Kurdish YPG units in northern Aleppo that allegedly killed some 200 YPG fighters. Firefights are ongoing between Turkish-backed militants and the Kurdish YPG in the area of Tell Rifaat. Both sides are seeking to set a foothold for advance on the strategic ISIS-controlled town of Al-Bab.

Syrian Military to Down Turkish Warplanes Intering Syria without Damascus' Approval

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Good opportunity to declare a “no fly zone” through out all of Syria.

Syria is not a training ground for new pilots , be they Belgian , or American .

Brad Isherwood

Have to trust that Russia will block Turkey and it’s Mad Sultan….and Empire.
Syria is graduating pilots….Upgrades to aircraft continue.
Pantsir defence on the way .
If Syria’s Mig 29s can arm up with newer Gen Russian air to air missiles…
They could surprise over confident NATO and Israel.
If the missile gets a seeking lock and is in the endurance range….even money they bag
Intruders .
Syria’s military should operate more confident in the future as Russian training builds
The SAA and other forces have Russian cooperation in operations. ..yet…it’s very much a slugfest on the ground.
SAA losses have been low vs Takfiri. ….Syria is clearly winning these contacts.
The arriving Air groups and Helicopters will enable the SAAF to roam out east and maybe have some Russian Su 35 as escorts to trouble Empire : )


I agree with Ronald below! Its not a training ground for whomever, however in this case its not American or Belgian its Turkish! This is just the start of it, sooner or later there will be Turks facing off with Iraqis and Iranian Shea militia. If not Iran directly. So many ancient hatreds it will be near impossible to keep a lid on it.

john mason

It will only take 1 bomb to stop it all.

This makes Syria look like a helpless liar.
Cause Israel bombs Syria’s elite Republican Guard all the time inside of Damascus city limits, and they get away with it.
US/UK planes bombs Syrian Air Force Bases, and never even get fired at.
Now Syria expects us to believe that Syria will shoot down Turkish F-16’s to save a bunch of YPG-terrorist, but will not shoot down Israeli F-16 to save Syrians Republican Guard??
LAMO looser bluffers.


Might makes right, dude. It’s the way of the world. The syrian government has to show a semblance of cohesion.

Bernardo Morais

Sure, if you are in command of Syria there will be only ash by now.

'Sup Bruh!

Just today morning Turkey’s F-16s hit YPG again. Empty words. I like Assad but such threats should be posed to Israel. Not Turkey.


IAF never touches SAA. They hit HA and their friends almost exclusively.
Assad knows not to create another front. Turks are his real adversaries right now. They are recreating Ottoman Empire, as hard as that is to actually believe.


The US does nothing as our Kurdish allies are being slaughtered. History repeats itself.

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