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JUNE 2021

Syrian Military Showcases Its Air Defense Systems In New Promo Video

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Syrian Military Showcases Its Air Defense Systems In New Promo Video

A screenshot from the video

On April 17, a YouTube channel of the Syrian Defense Ministry released a video showcasing its air-defense systems, including Russian-made Pantsir-S1 and Buk systems as well as some radar systems.


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Now if only the Russians supply some S300’s ASAP. And more Pantsirs. I reckon the latter would have the greatest short term impact as Pantsir is already in use with the SAA, so they don’t need to integrate a completely new system.


Syrian and their allies should not confess to US and UK that they don’t have chemical weapons. This is weakness. Tell them yes we have chemecal, biological and nuclear weapons and ICBM to deter them. Then US, UK and France will never attack Syria. Be smart. US and UK have forced Saddam and Qazzafi both to confess that they have no WMDs and when they have confessed that they have no WMDs, so then the US and UK have decided that this is good time to attack.

Kell McBanned

The line underneath looks sorta cool


US, UK and France have destroyed the strategic balance and stability in the Eastern Europe and in the Middle East. If a country has no S300, nuclear, chemical and biological weapons and short, medium and ICBM missiles then that country is a favorite country for US, UK and France to enjoy their stay there.

Putin should have to provide to Syria at least enough S300 and Pantsir-S1, smart bombs and guided missiles to preserve the strategic balance. Putin could produce their weapons in Syria to reduce the logestic cost. In Syria the labour cost is low and raw materials are available. Strong Syria is good for the Russian security.

paul ( original )

Very good, but what the Syrian air defence need are
S-300 missiles. But here is a point for consideration and comment.
The Iranians claim to have developed a system with the same
capabilities as the S-300. It is called the Bavar
373. I don’t know if this system actually exists in a useable form.
But if it does then the question is why are they not in Syria?

Just too indulge me flustration for a moment I do find the Iranians rather
too full of talk and not action.


Why would they Iranian forces give away their tactics to the zionists? Actions speak louder than words.Where are the israhellI jets that were flying around Syria until very recently?Think about it.

paul ( original )

I suspect that the Isrealis keep out of Syria to avoid the S-200 which
they have. Instread they say over Lebanon and use stand off weapons.
If the Syrians had S-300 or Bavar 373 they they would not even be
able to do that, which is why I think it would be a good idea.

al quaida

Excuse my ignorance, but why doesn’t Lebanon shoot down the Israelis when they do that?

That Guy

Lebanon has no air defence systems and no air-to-air systems.

paul ( original )

That is my understanding also.

Martijn Van Grambeke

Never underestimate the Iranians. They are masters in diplomacy and militarily… they do a lot behind the scenes. Results are the only things that matter.

paul ( original )

You could be correct. None of us know that much of what goes on behind the scenes, For me good result would mean a lot of downed enemy planes. I don’t see this and may be it is too much to hope for.


Well it was really predictable they would attempt cloning the s 300 because they do with all other usable tech and at the time Russia gave then the systems iran possessed no capable cruise missles, much less a cuise missles that can hit a high speed target in the air. And just missle tech in general, Iran never had a good targeting computer, the accuracy of even their ballistic missles had alot to be desired. If they can clone that targeting computer then it can be applied to alot of different missles .


Assad, Putin, Rouhani and all other Muslim leaders must know Israelis are their main enemy. Coordinating, cooperating and allowing them in your countries is like butchering your own nations and destroying your own countries yourselves.

Saudis+US+UK+France+ISIS+Al-Qaeds+Boko Haram+SDF+YPG = Israel

Make nuclear, chemical and biological weapons and ballistic missiles for Israeli morons because without Israel this world will be a true paradise.


Iran need to test their equipments in live combat to know its capabilities and to remove any issue in their missiles. This is a great chance for Iran.


the staff is older in my age but that´s not bad. they know their system and what tey are doing :)
interesting qustion is how Syria managed to upgrade the old systems in order to intercept the cuise missiles. experts say that normally with the ols systems they should have been able to hit only 15-25% of the cuise missiles. perhaps someone can tell me.


Russian’s have been actively updating the older Syrian legacy Soviet systems – integrating and networking them. In all likelihood Russian’s used their advanced electronic jamming systems in background on incoming NATO missiles. Electronic jamming can throw out the missile’s internal guidance systems, that are activated when in close range to their designated target, and jamming also slows missiles down – interference scrubs some speed off incoming missiles and that makes for easier ground to air targets.


today there is some news that the Syrian news agency Sana officilally denied that an attack took place tonight. does someone have the same information?


I have heard that and IF there was an Israeli attack that failed it may well be prudent to ignore it ,as the inflated pride of the Israelis would become one of total hysteria. Until S300’s and more Pantsirs are in place the SAA will not be in a position to inflict real damage in response.

The Israeli’s are also attempting to pull the US further into the war as well.


What’s important is not only do the Syrians have capable air defense systems, but that they’re capable of using them at a high level of efficacy in real life circumstances.


And with all the ‘ on the job ‘ training the Syrian skills can only improve.


Excellent video. The World public can see, what US can expected from
Syria Air Defense system. Syria has fully equipped Air Def Command, digitalized
with modern control and targets tracking radars, they have all needed information
for fight with “predators”. This is the secret of Syria success during last US/West
attack. They were able to down many dozens of cruise missiles. I am coming from
NATO member country, but in my country is not the Air Defence System like this…

Nigel Maund


As long as the USA exists there will never be peace where the USA has put its “foot”:

U.S interventions around the globe (interventions, operations, instigations)
1840 – invasion of Fiji.
1841 – genocide on the island of Upolu (Drummond).
1843 – invasion of China.
1846-1848 war with Mexico.
1846 – aggression against the New Granada (Colombia).
1849 – shelling of Indochina.
1852 – invasion of Argentina.
1853-1856 – invasion of China.
1853 – invasion of Argentina and Nicaragua.
1854 – the destruction of the Nicaraguan city of San Juan del Norte.
1854 – an attempt to capture the Hawaiian Islands.
1855 – invasion and coup in Nicaragua.
1855 – invasion of Fiji and Uruguay.
1856 – invasion of Panama.
1858 – intervention in Fiji, genocide.
1858 – invasion of Uruguay.
1859 – attack on the Japanese fort of Taku.
1859 – invasion of Angola.
1860 – invasion of Panama.
1863 – punitive expedition to Shimonoseki (Japan).
1864 – military expedition to Japan.
1865 – invasion of Paraguay, genocide, 85% of the population destroyed.
1865 – intervention of Panama, coup d’état.
1866 – an attack on Mexico.
1866 – punitive expedition to China.
1867 – attack on the Midway Islands.
1868 – repeated invasion of Japan.
1868 – invasion of Uruguay and Colombia.
1874 – the entry of troops into China and Hawaii.
1876 ??- invasion of Mexico.
1878 – attack on Samoa.
1882 – the entry of troops into Egypt.
1888 – an attack on Korea.
1889 – punitive expedition to Hawaii.
1890 – the introduction of troops in Haiti.
1890 – the introduction of troops into Argentina.
1891 – intervention in Chile.
1891 – punitive expedition to Haiti.
1893 – the introduction of troops into Hawaii, the invasion of China.
1894 – intervention in Nicaragua.
1894-1896 – invasion of Korea.
1894-1895 – the war in China.
1895 – invasion of Panama.
1896 – the invasion of Nicaragua.
1898 – the capture of the Philippines, genocide (600,000 Filipinos).
1898 – invasion of the port of San Juan del Sur (Nicaragua).
1898 – the capture of the Hawaiian Islands.
1899-1901 – war with the Philippines.
1899 – invasion of the Nicaraguan port of Bluefields.
1901 – the entry of troops into Colombia.
1902 – invasion of Panama.
1903 – the entry of troops into Honduras, the Dominican Republic, Syria.
1904 – the entry of troops into Korea, Morocco.
1904-1905 – intervention in the Russo-Japanese War.
1905 – intervention in the revolution in Honduras.
1905 – the entry of troops to Mexico.
1905 – the entry of troops into Korea.
1906 – invasion of the Philippines.
1906-1909 – invasion of Cuba.
1907 – operations in Nicaragua.
1907 – intervention in the revolution in the Dominican Republic.
1907 – participation in the war of Honduras with Nicaragua.
1908 – invasion of Panama.
1910 – invasion of Bluefields and Corintho (Nicaragua).
1911 – intervention in Honduras.
1911 – genocide in the Philippines.
1911 – the introduction of troops into China.
1912 – the capture of Havana (Cuba).
1912 – intervention in Panama during the elections.
1912 – invasion of Honduras.
1912-1933 – the occupation of Nicaragua.
1914 – intervention in the Dominican Republic.
1914-1918 – a series of incursions into Mexico.
1914-1934 – the occupation of Haiti.
1916-1924 – occupation of the Dominican Republic.
1917-1933 – the occupation of Cuba.
1918-1922 – occupation of the Russian Far East.
1918-1920 – the introduction of troops into Panama.
1919 – landing of troops in Costa Rica.
1919 – war against the Serbs in Dolmatia on the side of Italy.
1919 – intervention in Honduras during the elections.
1920 – intervention in Guatemala.
1922 – intervention in Turkey.
1922-1927 – intervention in China.
1924-1925 – invasion of Honduras.
1925 – military operations in Panama.
1926 – the invasion of Nicaragua.
1927-1934 – the occupation of China.
1932 – the invasion of El Salvador.
1936 – intervention in Spain.
1937 – won with Japan.
1937 – intervention in Nicaragua, state coup.
1939 – the introduction of troops in China.
1941-1945 – the genocide of the civilian population of Germany (Dresden, Hamburg).
1945 – nuclear attack on Japan.
1945-1991 – sabotage activity against the USSR. (Invasion of the airspace – more than 5000, parachute assaults –
1940, direct diversions, the total budget – 13 trillion dollars).
1946 – punitive operations in Yugoslavia.
1946-1949 – the bombing of China.
1947-1948 – Reconciliation of Vietnam, genocide.
1947-1949 – military operations in Greece.
1948-1953 – military operations in the Philippines.
1948 – military coup in Peru.
1948 – military coup in Nicaragua.
1948 – military coup in Costa Rica.
1949-1953 – attempts to overthrow the government in Albania.
1950 – punitive operations in Puerto Rico.
1950-1953 – intervention in Korea.
1951 – military assistance to Chinese rebels.
1953-1964 – security operations in British Guyana.
1953 – the overthrow of Mossadegh, who received 99.9% of the vote in the referendum.
1953 – Forcible deportation of the Inuit (Greenland).
1954 – Overthrow of the government in Guatemala.
1956 – the beginning of military assistance to Tibetan insurgents in the fight against China.
1957-1958 – an attempt to overthrow the government in Indonesia.
1958 – the occupation of Lebanon.
1958 – bombing of Indonesia.
1959 – the entry of troops into Laos.
1959 – punitive operations in Haiti.
1960 – military operations in Ecuador.
1960 – invasion of Guatemala.
1960 – Support for a military coup in El Salvador.
1960-1965 – interference in the internal affairs of the Congo. Support Mobutu.
1961-1964 – a military coup in Brazil.
1961 – a terrorist war against Cuba using bacteriological weapons.
1962 – punitive operations in Guatemala.
1963-1966 – coup d’état and punitive operations in the Dominican Republic.
1964 – punitive operation in Panama.
1964 – support for the coup in Brazil.
1964-1974 – interference in the internal affairs of Greece.
1965 – a coup d’état in Indonesia, genocide.
1965-1973 – aggression against Vietnam.
1966 – intervention in Guatemala.
1967 – Support for the coup and subsequent fascist regime in Greece.
1968 – hunting for Che Guevara in Bolivia.
1971-1973 – the bombing of Laos.
1971 – American military assistance in the coup in Bolivia.
1972 – the entry of troops into Nicaragua.
1973 – coup in Chile.
1973 – terror in Uruguay.
1974 – Support for the regime of Moboth in Zaire.

1974 – preparation of aggression in Portugal.
1974 – attempted coup in Cyprus.
1975 – the occupation of Western Sahara, the introduction of troops in Morocco.
1975 – interference in the internal affairs of Australia.
1975 – an attack on Cambodia.
1975-1989 – Support for the genocide in East Timor.
1978 – military assistance to the dictator, financing of the genocide.
1979 – Support for the cannibal Bocas.
1979 – military assistance to the rebels of Yemen.
1980-1992 – military presence in El Salvador, special operations, genocide.
1980-1990 – military assistance to Iraq. A million dead in ten years.
1980 – support and funding of the Khmer Rouge.
1980 – operation “Gladio” in Italy, 86 victims.
1980 – punitive operation in South Korea.
1981 – attempted coup in Zambia.
1981 – military pressure on Libya, downed two Libyan aircraft.
1981-1990 – Contra support, terrorism, genocide.
1982 – interference in the internal affairs of Suriname.
1982-1983 – attack on Lebanon.
1982 – Support for the genocide in Guatemala.
1983 – intervention in Grenada.
1983 – interference in the internal affairs of Angola.
1984 – two Iranian planes were shot down.
1984 – mining of the bays of Nicaragua.
1985 – financing of the genocide in Chad.
1986 – an attack on Libya.
1986-1987 – attack on an Iranian ship in international waters, the destruction of the Iranian oil platform.
1986 – financing and military support of social terror, seizure of natural resources.
1987-1988 – participation in the Iraq war against Iran, the use of chemical weapons.
1988 – financing of terror and genocide in Turkey.
1988 – the explosion of a passenger plane “Pan American” over Scotland. The wine was recognized in 2003.
1988 – invasion of Honduras.
1988 – the destruction of the Iranian passenger aircraft.
1989 – intervention in Panama.
1989 – two Libyan planes were shot down.
1989 – bombing in the Philippines.
1989 – punitive operation on the Virgin Islands.
1990 – the genocide in Guatemala.
1990 – Iraq’s naval blockade.
1990 – financing of the Bulgarian opposition ($ 1.5 million)
1991 – aggression against Iraq.
1991 – the bombing of Kuwait.
1992-1994 – the occupation of Somalia.
1992 – genocide and terror in the capture of the natural resources of Angola (destroyed 650,000 people).
1993-1995 – the bombing of Bosnia.
1994-1996 – terror against Iraq.
1994 – genocide in Rwanda (about 800,000 people).
1995 – the bombing of Croatia.
1998 – the destruction of a missile strike by a pharmaceutical plant in Sudan.
1998 – the bombing of Iraq.
1999 – aggression against Yugoslavia.
2001 – invasion of Afghanistan.
2002 – the entry of troops into the Philippines.
2003 – actions in Liberia.
2003 – clashes with Syrian border guards.
2004 – the entry of troops into Haiti.
2004 – Attempted coup in Equatorial Guinea.
2008 – the invasion of Pakistan.
2008 – The war in South Ossetia
2011 – The war in Libya
2013 – The war in Syria
2014 – The War in Ukraine

2018 – Syria, Africa

Source: VIS MAIOR Mr. Universe Jan 10, 2018 11:51 PMPermalink ( on ZEROHEDGE)


Very comprehensive. The most important one missed in this list was the invasion of federal troops into Pennsylvania in 1791 during the Whiskey Rebellion. This was the “war” that allowed Alexander Hamilton and Robert Morris to bring the new American Republic into the choke-hold of the international banking cabal…. and ALL wars are bankers wars. Every American war since have been the result of this action, and yes George Washington was the man who ordered the troops to invade.


about 20 million killed by freedom loving USA

Feudalism Victory

Well it just sounds bad when you say it like that lol.


That’s good but sooner or later you have to have the ability to counter strike.

Manuel Flores Escobar

Pantsir S2….by the way USA did not show images and videos of the 76 missile hitting barzeh complex….Damascus resident told that no more than 10 powerful explosion were heard!



Washington forces its allies to accept a bipolar world
by Thierry Meyssan

By firing missiles on Syria with its French and British allies, the strange President Donald Trump has managed to force the Western powers to accept the end of their unilateral domination of the world. The insignificant result of this demonstration of force drags NATO back to reality. Without having made use of its weapons, Russia now succeeds the Soviet Union in the balance of world power.

Over the last few weeks, and for the first time in their history, the United States and Russia have mutually threatened one another with a World War. The totally disproportionate character of the crisis in terms of the subject of the dispute demonstrates that what is at stake here today no longer has any connection with what has been happening in the Greater Middle East since 2001, but exclusively with an attempt to maintain the current World Order.

After the gigantic massacre of millions of people over seventeen years, from Afghanistan to Libya, the manner in which about fifty people in East Ghouta (Syria) are said to have died seems almost ridiculous. And yet on 14 April, this was the pretext chosen by Washington, Paris and London to launch a three-party aerial attack.

Let’s avoid getting distracted by the circumstances, and get straight to the heart of the matter – the Western powers are attempting to maintain their domination over the rest of the world, while Russia and China are breaking free of it.

The President of the United States, Donald Trump, did not hesitate to tweet to Russia that he was going to fire missiles of a new generation on its soldiers in Syria. The Russian ambassador, Alexander Zasypkine, immediately responded that these missiles would be intercepted and the planes and ships that fired them would be destroyed. The Turkish Prime Minister, Binali Yıldırım, expressed his astonishment at this « street brawl » and called the participants to reason. All of the actors then began to back-pedal.

The naval group of the aircraft carrier USS Harry S. Truman left its base in Norfolk, apparently to take position facing Syria. It will take several weeks before it is operational. The question of the confrontation between the United States and Russia, in other words the Third World War, will then be raised again.

It goes without saying that the preparation of this naval unit and its 6,500 soldiers began well before the affair of the Ghouta which serves as a pretext for its deployment.

The question is therefore to understand whether, by firing a deluge of missiles on a few abandoned buildings, Washington and its allies have postponed the confrontation in order to occupy a more efficient position, or, on the contrary, have given up on direct warfare and are preparing for a new form of conflict.

The result of the bombing on 14 April is astonishing – 103 missiles are said to have been fired by the Allies. 71 of these are said to have been destroyed in flight by Syria. A decommissioned military laboratory was apparently destroyed, and the installations of two aerodromes were damaged. This deluge of fire allegedly wounded only three people and killed none. If Donald Trump, Emmanuel Macron and Theresa May had intended to show their power, they in fact showed themselves to be powerless.

Seen from Damascus, the message was clear – Syria is in the process of freeing itself from the jihadists, but will not enjoy peace for all that, and will not be able to count on any help from the West for its reconstruction.

The Allies pretend that Syria kept stocks of chemical weapons, despite its membership of the Convention which prohibits them. They claim that they targeted only areas linked to these weapons. And yet, for example, they fired four missiles at the international commercial airport in Damascus, an exclusively civilian target. Happily, the Syrian Arab Army managed to intercept them all.

In total, the Syrian Arab Army, which was only in possession of S-125’s, S-200’s, Buk’s, Kvadrat’s and Osa’s, managed, single-handed, to shoot down two thirds of the Western projectiles. Finally, despite themselves, the Allies had just fought the first battle of their history in which they killed not one enemy. France, which tested its new naval Cruise missile for the first time in a combat situation, was unable to boast of a success to its potential clients.

Of course, the Allies limited themselves. They carefully avoided hitting Russian or Iranian targets, and these two states did not participate in the operation. Nonetheless, the Western armada no longer has the capacity to impose its will on middle powers as long as they are protected by Russia.

Everyone has understood that, as from now :
– the United States and Russia – just as in earlier times the USA and the USSR – will refrain from any direct confrontation in order to avoid nuclear war ;
– and that the middle powers allied with Russia will not be significantly damaged by the West.
– The only military superiority possessed by Washington, London and Paris resides in their capacity to manipulate armed groups and use them as proxies.

By bringing France and the United Kingdom into the fray, President Trump has forced them to accept the reality they were refusing to see.

This grand show, then, was no more than a futile gesture. After a quarter of a century of unilateral domination by the West, its three main military powers have just been down-graded. The world has returned to a bipolar situation like that of the Cold War, although the new rules still need to be defined. The Third World War will have to wait.


“Everyone has understood that, as from now : the United States and Russia – just as in earlier times the USA and the USSR – will refrain from any direct confrontation in order to avoid nuclear war ;” –
Not true, only Russia will try to avoid nuclear war. The US -NATO arrogantly believe that the balance of power is tilted in their favour and wouldn’t hesitate to launch a Nuclear attack on any nation – The US still remains the ONLY nation that nuked civilians at least half a dozen times (Hiroshima, Nagasaki,Basra 1991, …). If the US can buy guarantees from Nuclear power Nato nations for a nuke attack on the Ruskies, WW3 is on.

Rudinei Da Silva

Anyone down to make a Gofund me to provide them with adequate uniform. Woodland camo is too OP

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