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Syrian Military Sends More Reinforcements To Its Positions In Hama, Idlib And Lattakia

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Syrian Military Sends More Reinforcements To Its Positions In Hama, Idlib And Lattakia

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On August 23, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) deployed several units and more heavy weapons in the northern Hama countryside, the southeastern Idlib countryside and the northern Latakia countryside, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR).

The US-based monitoring group said that the deployment of these units is a part of the preparation for an upcoming large-scale military operation against the remaining militants in northern Syria.

A source in the SAA’s 4th Division told SouthFront that the operation may begin after Eid al-Adha, which ends on August 24. Furthermore, the source revealed that the SAA will attack from several fronts.

According to a report of the SOHR, which was released a day earlier, Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), the Turkistan Islamic Party (TIP) and several other armed groups have built new fortifications and reinforced their positions between southwestern Aleppo and northern Hama. This indicates that the militants are well aware of the SAA’s plans.

Despite of the military build-up on both sides, local observers believe that a military operation in northern Syria is impossible without a Russian-Turkish agreement, which is yet to be reached.

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Michał Hunicz

SOHR is UK, not US-based. Yes, nearly the same, but still.


1 man sitting in UK…LOL

You can call me Al

Worst than that – Coventry in England.

But have a look at this article that I found rather interesting – http://www.moonofalabama.org/2018/05/sohr.html


Yes, Coventry is not the most inviting city to visit. :)


Assad and Putin says that we are observing the illegal forces of US, UK and France.


Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan says that Turkey has no problems ending relations with countries that prefer to have militants as their strategic partners.

Erdogan, Putin and Rouhani will never allow US, NATO and their strategic partners (ISIS, Israel, Al-Qaeda and PKK) to disintegrate and to destroy the states of Middle East.

These are the heroes that defending our world from evils…
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S Melanson

Erdogan has no problems ending relations with those that prefer militants as strategic partners. A good start then would be Erdogan ending relations with himself.


Maybe Erdogan has cut funding to his Turkish jihadists in Afrin and Idlib !
As doubtful as that sounds, it might be why he hasn’t beefed up the Idlib border.
His financial woes are certainly to Syria’s good fortune.


Yet another unintended consequence for Trumps ‘Art of the Deal ‘ :)


Everything has changed and now its time that you also change. Previously Turkey was a slave of US and of NATO member states but now Turkey is free from the US and NATO influence.


The heroes of our world President Putin and Bashar Al Assad.

Now Assad, Putin and Russian defense minister are planning to eliminate the illegal US and NATO forces and their strategic partners Israel, ISIS and PKK from Middle East.

It will stop further bloodshed and US plot to steal lands and Petrol and to establish illegal military bases in all Middle East countries to rescue their own US economy from collapse.

S Melanson

Local observers believe an operation in Idlib is impossible without Russian-Turkish agreement which is yet to be reached.

This does not fit with facts on the ground. First, Turkey has not positioned its military for possible intervention in Idlib. Erdogan has also been subdued in his rhetoric compared to past bombastic outbursts threatening military intervention. The terrorists themselves are being warned by their own leaders not to expect help from Turkey. The SAA are planning to attack on several fronts as opposed to focusing on specific regions as was the case in Southern Syria. We are now hearing of a probable date after which operations will likely begin as the SAA continue their military buildup.

I am willing to bet that the ‘impossible’ will be possible and very soon. Even if agreement has not been reached, there is obviously some understanding where Turkey is giving Assad a free hand in Idlib. This operation is going ahead, the terrorists are on their own and they know what awaits them… death.


The world all Muslim nations follow the Pakistan government. When Pakistan was allied with US regime by their puppet Pakistani PM then all Muslim nations thought that Pakistan is right but as the Pakistan nation kicked out the US puppet PM and elected new government so then everything changed.

Now Trump regime begging to Pakistani PM to become ally of Trump. If PM Imran Khan accept Trump demand then his nation will defintely fire him from office because they cannot tolerate the US puppet PM. They hate US politicians more than a pig.

Icarus Tanović

And because of Wahhabis that US promotes and products.


With a fair wind the SAA and their allies will prevail. Without Russian protection Erdogan will be deposed by Israel and the FUKUS gang and he would likely be assassinated by them .

The US backed Kurds would love to have US support in any attack on Turkey to avenge the slaughter in the Kurdish enclaves within Turkey by the Turkish army a few years ago.

The US Coalition of Terror nations + Turkey all want a slice of Syria and have paid many billions of dollars in attempts to achieve that theft.

I fervently hope they all lose their ‘investments’ in medieval terror and suffer pestilence and plague at home as their own angry populations smell the fear and rise up against their Zionist loving oppressors:)

Icarus Tanović

That theft didn’t payed of this time.


I think you’re giving the Turks a bit too much credit brother. They are giving Syria a free hand because attempting to intervene will be far too costly for them, especially if things go wrong, let alone if it’s a success.

S Melanson

Agreed, I made it seem like Erdogan has maneuvering room when he rally doesn’t.

I should have said Erdogan is giving Assad a free hand in Idlib because he has backed himself into a diplomatic corner and Putin has basically instructed him to stay out of the fray or risk getting a bloody nose.

Manuel Flores Escobar

Once terrorist have been defeated and expelled from all nest along Syria…US,Turkey,Israel are not in the position of strength as before to dictate what SAA have to do!..we have seen already the same step in Dara..

HighLord Gaz

These shit-eating jihadist maggots will go down like their fellow goat-rapers around Daraa.

Show no mercy, kill them all. Unless they run to Tur(d)key they will end up being food for worms.

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