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Syrian Military Reinforces Its Positions Near Golan Heights Following Frecent Israeli Strikes: Reports

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Syrian Military Reinforces Its Positions Near Golan Heights Following Frecent Israeli Strikes: Reports


The Syrian military has made a decision to reinforce its positions near the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights, according to pro-government sources. The reported reinforcements allegedly consists of units of the Syrian Arab Army and the National Defense Forces.

On February 11, the Israeli Defense Forces conducted strikes on positions of the Syrian Arab Army [according to Syrian sources] near the Golan Heights. The Israeli side claims that the strikes were aimed at Iranian forces or Hezbollah [depending on the source].

The deployment of reinforcements in the area where the Israeli strikes took place on February 11 is mostly a symbolic move because this step cannot perevent further missile strikes. Nonetheless, it may show that the Syrian military is preparing for further confrontations with Israel.


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Promitheas Apollonious

or that they stupidly, giving more targets to israel and the question is why? To retaliate they dont need more reinforcements they need to just retaliate tit for tat.

Romeo Pesiao

Maybe Syria can answer it tit for tat, but Israel can deliver more lethal blows to the Syrians..

Promitheas Apollonious

that is the impression people have, not the reality if syria decide to attack israel. Syrians and especially the ones that rule them that if they will attack israel must be done as a total war that will not last more than few hours.
israel is hitting syria with out really cause any damage, but if syria attack israel it must be a very devastating blow that settle things once and for all.

This is why they did not respond yet, to my opinion. Then is also the war it is brewing against turkey and her claims for the oil of syria, using as excuse the kurds. many variables in this reality.


Syrian army do what the russian tell them to do, otherwise they would not have been able to win against ISIS. Indeed strange move this one as Israel could not be defeated without nuclear weapons and fall of the US


So far, Syrian hasn’t been able to do anything unde Israel attacks but stopping some missiles. Ground troops close to Golan Heights without air protections is just stupid. Syria tactics looks so naive.

You can call me Al

Who said they had no air protection ?.

Hisham Saber

Then the situation will escalate . And the IDF is no match for the Syrian Arab Army, NDF, Hezbollah, Iraqi PMU’s forces, Iraqi Hezbollah, and an array of other groups that form the axis of resistance against Israel.

And lets not forget, the IRGC. You see, Israel is trying to set off a regional war, so the U.S. , Britain and France would be sucked in to save her from utter annihilation. But said forces will not be able to save Israel this time, as they did in 67′, 73′.

In Syria there are about 35-45 thousand Afghan volunteers too, as well as thousands of Chechen Russian , some working under the Russian MoD. They all make uo the forces of the axis of resistance. And that’s not even including Irans national army, and IRGC , as well as the Basij forces who number about 17 million. All swore an oath to annihilate the Zionist project occupying Palestine.

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