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MAY 2022

Syrian Military Liberates Two More Villages In Eastern Daraa, Protests Erupt In Militants’ Areas (Map, Videos)

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On June 27, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and the Tiger Force backed by the Russian Aerospace Forces captured the villages of Mulayha al-Sharqiyah and Mulayha al-Gharbiyah in the framework of their military operation against the US-backed Free Syrian Army (FSA) in the eastern Daraa countryside, according to the Hezbollah media wing in Syria.

Currently, the SAA is few hundred meters away from its next target – the town of al-Harak, west of Mulayha al-Gharbiyah. According to initial reports, the FSA began its withdrawal from the key town.

Syrian Military Liberates Two More Villages In Eastern Daraa, Protests Erupt In Militants’ Areas (Map, Videos)

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In a related development, the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) reported that hundreds of civilians, including women and children, took at streets in the villages of Ghariyat al-Sharqiyah and Ghariyat al-Gharbiyah, south of al-Harak, to protest against the FSA. According to the state-run news agency, the protestors demanded a reconciliation agreement with the Damascus government, similar to the ones reached in the region of Eastern Ghouta and the northern Homs countryside.

The SAA will likely capture more villages and towns in the eastern Daraa countryside in the upcoming hours, as the FSA defense there appears to be collapsing rapidly.

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HTS is on the run! Go Tigers :) https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a3d2c0e48c9c1ee5bfdb12b30df04a9226016649f3d09fa6f16c6984267ec197.jpg

Val Shadowhawk

Yes!! Keep up the mop up, SAA. WE ALL STAND in awe of your courage and committment to free your beloved Country and People of this foul infestation!!

Pave Way IV

Be careful, protesters. The US still needs a sacrificial population for the false flag chemical weapons attack. Anyone against the FSA is against US hegemony. We usually Tomahawk folks like you, but gassing will do. Hint: if you see any White Helmets show up, drop everything, grab the wife and kids, and GTFO of there as fast as humanly possible.


Good advise. Unfortunately, many of the victims of gas attacks were families already held prisoners.

John Whitehot

i get the irony, but getting out would mean receiving a volley, or a mortar round in the back.

Aleppo and Ghouta proved beyond doubt that militants are more than willing to shoot civilians if they try to not being used as human shields.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

SAA were also evacuating people from Dael and Itba on the west side of SAA controlled territory. Doing this to reduce the cries by UN and De Mistura about civilians while remaining silent about Yemen is the height of their hypocrisy of the Western Nations.


Nah dude its fake, can’t you see the red color on those flags was painted with photoshop, it was green before, its impossible people support this murdered bashar al-assad, he kills children only to gas their bodies with sarin just then eat them.


jew satanic prick eat shit you whore and stop writing bs………sarin?eat them?LOL satanic jew prick die motherfucker


hmmmm, something tells me you don’t get the jokes irony. I’ll explain it to you, as far as on this website there is a ton of zionist supporters that always complain about bashar killing people and other shit i overexagerated with it. is it that difficult? Also the thing about the flag is impossible to do, its clearly a joke.

John Whitehot

i wouldn’t be sure about anything.

some people is ready to sell their soul to the devil, and their bodies to whoever, to make people think that there are some who believe that Assad is a ruthless dictator..


I think most of the time its because of money, when money controls everything and if you have it you can do whatever you want in life its easy to buy people with no brain.


like me


Dude… he was OBVIOUSLY being ironic. Are you seriously that stupid and dense? Go get yourself a decent sense of humor, your primitive overly sensitive crackpot.

John Whitehot


John Wallace

I think you put this comment in the wrong section. The comedy section is on another page but as you are on a completely different section I can understand your mistake. Read the sign above your head so you understand. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/3c320456f567a3cf5deb2c4df3800d297c22c8d289e1e5674f8cc714a151eacd.png


no, if your life is sad doesnt mean you have to make mine sad too

John Wallace

How would you feel if your sister was killed by a train at a level crossing and I put a picture up of a train coming to a level crossing which had a sign that said ‘ TRAINS> Watch out for cars with women drivers” Can you see the irony and funny side of that.. Some things are jokes some are not so go and be happy but keep your sister out of a car near a railway line…because it would be funny as fack if she got wiped out . I am happy now . Thanks.


Nothing dude, shit happens in life unfortunately and best we can do is avoid it, but if you put it like that then ok.


No they make them into soap to the holocaust horrors…


Selling the soap as “Sarin fragrance” – the New Free World and Open Society flavour!

Michał Hunicz

Absolutely great news, Zionist defences are going to crumble once again!


True. It is Israel losing here (again).

John Whitehot

“the protestors demanded a reconciliation agreement with the Damascus government”

I’m not sure, they are asking for reconciliation or for just the fsa to get lost and never come back, it seems they are chanting the most widely known pro-Syria slogan.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The last part is the truth as they were waving Syrian flags as hundreds chanted Assad and Syria !!


Appears SAA has taken the 52nd Brigade base just to the SE. Threatening the southern road out of Harak. Keep pushing the HTS trash south! :)


The Hero of Syria the President Bashar Al Assad.


While these are quick events in political terms this operation is actually as slow as molasses. The SAA currently is holding a position a few hundred yards from the Rebels? That’s point blank range for modern armies and there’s no major obstacles between. Only in the Muslim world is such collective inaction the norm…

Richard M

Except 4 years of stationary trench warfare in WW1.


Compared to Israel’s lightning attack to Lebanon in 2006, and even quicker retreat after a bloody nose! gusma just loves bad militaries.


Whine and bitch all you like – but in reality the ‘Southern Front’ is actually rapidly collapsing to the Tigers/SAA. The militants basically lost around a quarter of their occupied territory in a matter of days. Time is on the SAA’s side, they be systematic in building-up for each advance and negotiate ultimatums to militants to avoid taking casualties – because for all their public bluster the US is not going to intervene to rescue their proxy factions in south. Bad luck, chump.


The US/Israel now have only 1 supply route in southern Syria, now that Syria has secured the crossing west of Daraa.

I imagine that securing the Jaber crossing will be a high priority, without supplies the terrorists will rapidly surrender.

Kell McBanned

Al Nusra be like https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e6e25dcb8957d96b86a405b10af0262c22675228d9ae5bc0345918fb4f041cee.jpg

Richard M

No one wants to be the last person to die for a losing cause, and turning Syria into Orcistan is a lost cause!

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