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Syrian Military Liberates Large Part Of Al-Safa North of Al-Suwayda From ISIS

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Syrian Military Liberates Large Part Of Al-Safa North of Al-Suwayda From ISIS

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On August 16, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and local fighters captured the southwestern part of the area of al-Safa north of the governorate of al-Suwayda following heavy clashes with the remaining fighters of ISIS, according to the Hezbollah media wing in Syria.

A day earlier, the SAA repelled an attack of ISIS fighters who were planning to break the siege on al-Safa in order to run away towards the Damascus desert.

In a related development, the al-Suwayda 24 blog said that a large unit of the Russian Millitary Police arrived in the northern al-Suwayda countryside. According to the Syria-based blog, the besieged fighters of ISIS in al-Safa may hand over around 30 civilian hostages, who were abducted three weeks ago, to the unit as a part of a secret deal between the terrorist group and the Damascus government.

The SAA advance in al-Safa will likely force ISIS to submit to the terms of the Damascus government and release all the civilians hostages, most of whom are women and children.

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If not, all them will be hanged, and that’s the end of any caliphate.

You can call me Al

Actually, I think Russia should “out-pay” ISIS for their services if and only if they enter Jordon and Israel and teach them a lesson.


Al, no human can play with that, just hang themm I mean those who don’t attempted fo escape. conclusion: it’s more easy if all them attempted to escape, I mean to write the necessary report.

You can call me Al

OK. In hindsight, I’ll agree with you.

It was just a thought !!.


It would be amazing if these captives manage to be saved, would guess they would be the Druze.

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