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Syrian Military Expands Its Strikes On Militants To Northern Lattakia, Western Idlib


Syrian Military Expands Its Strikes On Militants To Northern Lattakia, Western Idlib

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On September 9, warplanes of the Russian Aerospace Forces and the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) artillery began striking positions of militants in the western Idlib countryside and the northern Lattakia countryside, according to Syrian pro-government sources.

A source in the SAA’ 4th Division, which is currently stationed in northern Lattakia, told SouthFront that the strikes are a part of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) final preparations to launch a ground attack against the remaining militants in northwestern Syria. However, the source didn’t reveal when the attack will begin.

Meanwhile, the National Front for Liberation (NFL) announced that its fighters shelled a key helicopter base of the SAA in the northern Hama countryside with Grad rockets. The Turkish-backed group said that the rocket attack was a response to the recent Syrian and Russian airstrikes on the opposition-held areas in northwestern Syria.

A day earlier, the SAA began striking the militants’ positions in the northern Hama countryside and the southern Idlib countryside. Local observers believe that the army will expand its strikes on the militants to include new fronts, such as the southwestern Aleppo countryside, in the upcoming few days.



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  • Jamie9260

    Great news!

  • peacelover

    The above mentioned Turkish backed group’s news indicates some possibility of escalation between Turkey and Syria during upcoming operation.

    • Rob

      Please don’t follow news media because mostly they run by Zionist even in Pakistan. Follow state and non state media both and then compare and analize with your mind that is it possible.

      I don’t think that Turkey will invade Syria or SAA. Turkey support SAA and Syrian government. In Syria the UK and US proxies and the other free radical mujahidins have created chaos. Turkey does not support any of these groups. Turkey does not want disintegration of Syria and also does not want PKK to establish state there.

      • gustavo

        I am not sure what you are saying. First, Turkey with the excuse of fighting PKK, has invade already the north part of Syria and there is not indication at all the they want to move back to Turkey and return this land to Syria. Second, Turkey had been making business with ISIS-Daesh with oil and industrial part of Syria industry. Third, Turkey supported the last USA-NATO attack to Syria (under false chemical attack). Fourth, Turkey support and protect terrorists Idlib, that is the reason Turkey have just sent a huge military column to stop Syria attack. Fifth, Turkey has strongly oppose to Syria advance in Idlib. Turkey is a traitor, criminal, and genocide country.

        • Rob

          You are right to some extent e.g. when Pakistani and Turkey governments were slaves of UK and US so they comply to them. But with in couple of years they have changed their alliances.

          Now they are allied with Russia and that is why their power, freedom and dignity that UK and US had taken from them are returning back to the region.

          In this all scenario Pakistan plays a leading role because all Muslim world follows Pakistan. Now we will see that how PM Imran Khan lead the Muslim world because this is a great opportunity with Pakistan.

    • Icarus Tanović

      Ain’t gonna happen.

      • peacelover

        i hope so

  • Gary Sellars

    “recent Syrian and Russian airstrikes on the opposition-held areas in northwestern Syria.”

    Opposition??? I had to check I hadn’t inadvertently connected to CNN or BBC…

    C’mon SF. Call it like it is. Terror gangs.

    • Icarus Tanović

      That’s right Gary!

  • Icarus Tanović

    Nice jump of Abu Sameer on 0:24!


    Someone is keeping Qaida well supplied with brand new out of the box missiles.

    • Bob

      Saudi contracts to purchase (legacy Soviet) weapons and munitions from predominantly Bulgarian arsenals – shipped to Turkey in north and previously Jordan in south – in violation of the Bulgarian export end user certificates that state KSA as the final destination point. Bulgarian arsenals are most profitable manufacturing businesses in that country since at least 2016. CIA is in on whole act too – using Saudi middlemen to avoid violating international arms trafficking laws – and thus protect themselves from any potential future exposure to such charges.