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Syrian Military Enters More Towns In Western Daraa And Negotiate With Others

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Syrian Military Enters More Towns In Western Daraa And Negotiate With Others

Illustrative image, By SANA

On July 12, units of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) entered the towns of Kafr Shams, Inkhil and Muzayrib in the western Daraa countryside under a reconciliation agreement between the Damascus government and the local Free Syrian Army groups, according to the Hezbollah media wing.

The new reconciliation agreement was reached few days ago as a result of a successful negotiation, which was mediated by Russia. Soon, the Russian Military Police will be also deployed in the towns as a part of the same agreement.

A day earlier, FSA fighters in Inkhil handed over one T-55 battle tank and two vehicles armed with heavy machine guns to the SAA as a gesture of good will. Syrian opposition activists believe that more than 12 battle tanks and loads of weapons will be handed over to the SAA in the upcoming days.

Meanwhile, the Syrian pro-opposition news outlet STEP News Agency reported that the local religious scholars in the town of al-Harrah have called for accepting a reconciliation agreement. This confirms that the local commanders are negotiating with the Damascus government quietly.

These successful reconciliation agreements in western Daraa may end the need for a military operation there and force the remaining fighters of Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) in the governorate of al-Quneitra to surrender.

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good news bravo the russians!!


And bravo the syrians!


Russia president Putin said that Moscow is ready for $50B investment in Iran’s oil and gas sector and that it can replace the western companies leaving Iran, said adviser to Iranian leader Velayati

Christos MK

The American Deep State is in deep trouble…


Pompeo said on Tuesday that Washington may allow few countries to buy oil from Iran after sanctions imposed on Iran from Nov 4. What a sanction. LOL

The three largest importers of oil from Iran, thats are China, India and Turkey have decided that they may continue to buy oil from the Islamic Republic of Iran even after the sanctions are imposed. Now Trump could bark about Iran sanctions.


China is planning to increase crude imports from Iran and decrease all LNG imports from US. This is what happens when the US forcibly tries to expand its own economic war against Iran into an extra-territorial diktat to the international markets.


America is a troublemaker wherever they goes. Better not to deal with them and keep them out of your countries to protect your countries.


As destructive as these battles are there is certainly little direct fighting between factions.

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