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JUNE 2021

Syrian Military Deploys Reinforcements For Upcoming Operation Against ISIS In Southern Damascus – Reports

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Syrian Military Deploys Reinforcements For Upcoming Operation Against ISIS In Southern Damascus - Reports

NDF troops gather for the upcoming operation in southern Damascus

Syrian government forces are actively preparing for a military opeartion against ISIS in the Yarmouk camp area in southern Damascus, according to reports appearing from the area.

On April 9, a photo of a large group of National Defense Forces (NDF) soldiers appeared online confirming the earlier reports. The photos shows a large number of vehicles accompanied by NDF troops. This force had reportedly been deployed to the area to participate in the upcoming attack.

On April 8, reports appeared that Russia had pressured “moderate” militants in the areas of Yalda, Babbila and Beit Sahm in southern Damascus to assist the government’s effort against ISIS. However, the result of negotiations remained unclear.

ISIS controls a large part of the Yarmouk camp and some nearby areas. The ISIS presence in southern Damascus is currently one of the key security threats to the Syrian capital.

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Any idea what are current plans of Turkey in regard to Manbij?


On hold probably.

Hide Behind

Maybe this is just a used pickup repair shop and they are waiting for next shipments of new Toyota and Nissan pickups.


US may attack anytime soon
So better get SAM protection or be destroyed by US air Strikes.


Bring S400 close to the asses of Netanyahu that it works or not.

Real Anti-Racist Action

The White Russians were not able to outfight the Jewish fighters in Russia and their Zionist foot-solders.
If the Jews have defeated the Russians in over 1,000 battles straight, then the Syrians have no chance against the Jew.

Roger Snellman

About time they got rid of ISIS. Iran will kill off militant Sunni ISIS followers before turning their weapons on all the other militant Sunni’s. That is why moderate militant Sunni’s are reluctant to support the extermination of Sunni ISIS, they know in their hearts that are next on Iran’s extermination list.

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