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Syrian Military Deploys Heavy Rocket Launchers In Southern Syria Ahead Of Military Operation

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On June 21, a source in the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) told SouthFront that the SAA deployed BM-30 Smerch and BM-27 Uragan heavy rocket launchers along with several launchers of OTR-21 Tochka missile in the southern governorate of Daraa.

The BM-27 Uragan has a range of 90km, while the BM-30 Smerch can hit targets as far as 90km away from its position. On the other hand, the Soviet-made OTR-21 Tochka tactical ballistic missile has a range of over 70km and a 482kg high explosive warhead. The Soviet ballistic missile is also known for its high accuracy.

According to the source, these rockets and missile launchers will support the upcoming large scale military operation of the SAA and its allies in southern Syria. Such heavy weapons were not used in that part of Syria before.

While the SAA operation is yet to begin officially, the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) reported that the SAA artillery and rocket launchers shelled several positions and fortifications of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) in the towns of Busra al-Harir and Hirak in the eastern countryside of Daraa on June 21.

The advantage in fire power of the SAA and its allies will play a key role in the upcoming battle. FSA fighters in southern Syria will likely face great difficulties defending their positions, epically in the open areas.

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yeah but watch out for our warning not to touch the south though…


Yeah! United States Headchopping Terrorists will be Protected by NATO, the ISIS-Air Force… Western Bombs will rain upon your heads SAA & Allies…if you dare touchin’ ISIS…remember that!!!

Dušan Mirić

This video is from nineties. US backed Muslim forces decapitated Serbian POW


I’ve seen the film in Holland during the time it happened documentary or news I think…I followed the Balkan War closely… back then… I only had Western Media…as it turns out nowadays a lot of lies…


And how do you reconcile the reason for America being in Syria to fight ISIS with this warning to protect them. The US has forgotten the right of any sovereign nation to self defense.


It ain’t yours to warn about anything. Time is on the Syrian state’s side.


Correction: the US seeks to protect their terrorist/militant investment/proxies in south west Syria. But the US can’t alter the fundamental balance – the southern based militant factions no longer have any offensive capacity to threaten the Syrian state – they are sitting in their entrenched enclaves on borrowed time.


GOOD! Bring in more of them “Neutral” Rocket Launchers… any ISIS-NATO Bird trying to take a shit on Syrian Territory is a Prime Target….without wings a Bird can’t fly…


love americans…..snorting cocaine all day, shooting their own kids in school, and voting in a satanic jew slave with an IQ of 5.dont know if thats alot, a stone has 8.


shame on you lol


They are snorting the blood of the proletariat

Tony B.

You are a total juvenile asshole without one single clue. In your country I suppose there are nothing but angels, correct?
The American people are NOT the Zionist government which has been placed over the nation. Your nation is likely JUST AS OWNED by the Rothschild cabal as is the U.S.

leon mc pilibin

Payback time for the Zionist terrorists, I presume they also have massive air defences in place to deal with the Isis air force.

Saaed Wayan

Something funny aerial force owns Isis


If bombed from foreign territory, appropriate response must happen & be expected.

Saaed Wayan

The son of a prostitute in a country that she does not want, neither as a person nor as a president.and The free army will fuck at the back of Assad.

Feudalism Victory

The free army fights for foreigners including israel to divide it up for conquest.

Think about it.

Daniel Castro

I will say that would be you, but then again I don’t want to insult your mother, the worst thing she probably did to the world is giving birth to you, but we can’t really blame her.

Harvey Swinestein

Does he actually have a mother?

Concrete Mike

I fucked your mom back last night

Empire's Frontiers

Couldn’t have.

His mom was made into lamb chops a decade ago.


Lol – your foreign sponsored, foreign directed, militant factions are effectively defeated. The remnant factions are merely holed up in their disparate, warlord run, fortified enclaves – the SAA has offensive capacity and controls the initiative – the remnant militants do not. Wrong bet.

Richard M

482 kg of hi-ex! That’ll leave a mark! :D

Daniel Castro

Specially if they have thermobaric bombs…

Len Zegelink

bomb the hell out of that salifsen scums.

Concerned citizen

Please destroy those bastards.

Don’t let those Zionist American Fucking Pigs live.

If need be bury them in the sand. Don’t take their bodies.

Burnt their bodies!!!






Tthey should be wrong aiming like the Americans do and sending a termobarica save to the nazisions.

Richard M

The Free Salafist Army Orcs are looking for, and preparing for SAA to try pinching off the eastern Daraa salient at it’s narrowest point. Now would be an excellent time to “Hit ’em where they ain’t”, or as Nathan Bedford Forrest put it ” Git thar fustest, with the mostest”.

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