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JUNE 2021

Syrian Military Deploys Former FSA Members From Southern Damascus In Northern Hama (Video)

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Over the last few days, hundreds of former fighters of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) were redeployed by the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) from southern Damascus to the northern Hama countryside as a part of the ongoing perpetrations for a military operation against militants in the province of Idlib, the Syrian news outlet Enab Baladi reported on August 27.

A source familiar with the situation told the pro-opposition news outlet that more former FSA fighters from the region of Eastern Ghouta will be redeployed to northern Hama in the upcoming days. According to the source, these fighters have expressed their will to fight Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) in northern Syria.

During the last two weeks, hundreds of former FSA fighters were redeployed from  northern Homs and southern Syria to positions around the northern governorate of Idlib. Most of these fighters used to be backed by Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

The participation of these fighters will likely ease the SAA’s upcoming mission in northern Syria and facilitate the reconciliation process there.

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Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

Lets hope that all those “convertees” dont turn on the SAA when the battle starts.


they are well guarded


Also consider that they would be broken up into many units.
And would not operate as a group. :)

The Farney Fontenoy

The tide has well & truly turned now, they realise there’s nothing to gain fighting the army, the government cannot be overthrown & most of the SAA & its allies is in Idlib, there is no way out, the sensible ones won’t die for nothing, only HTS feel that way.

Bill Wilson

Shit. Those moderate militias and Damascus realized years ago that they had nothing to gain by fighting each other. They reached an agreement that allowed the SAA to attend to matters elsewhere while the moderates made life miserable for the extremists in their areas so they would leave.


Many who were tempted into the FSA have now seen the horrors of Wahabi Rule at 1st hand and realise the error they made I think

yudha bdg

I hope they will defect and regroup with their true comrades

You can call me Al

Do what, you knob-head ?.


You can hope. But if that’s your best hope you might as well give up as you’ve lost the war. Of course the war was lost three years ago when the Russians joined in, but hey, why give and put an end to this war when you can go Götterdammerung, Hitlerstyle, and get thousands more killed for nothing?


I wish you would Yudha. You could then enjoy being in a Thermobaric blast :)


The Protection and the Right to survive the Syrian culture. This is a big thing to The Russian.
We Must make 100% sure that Syrian Culture must survive.
I do not speak for all Russians, but all Russians will agree with me. Thats the thing.

You can call me Al

All Brits will as well (ignoring the brain dead).


Theresa May even needs puppet strings to dance. Her attempt at looking ‘cool’ during her African visit to a school was one of the most cringing and embarrassing things I have seen. :)

She would have far better to have just smiled and clapped her hands a little .

You can call me Al

I have “man dreams” most nights, but after seeing her, my bits and bobs seem to have given up and dont want to play.

That video will go down in history as a male sterilisation tool.

Remember Clinton (Hillary), same same – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5dlJxixLOSc


Theresa was also ‘very naughty’ when she posed full frontal and stark naked in the mid to late 70’s stark naked by the Baltic Sea in East Germany with Angela Merkel and the current president of Lithuania. I think I shared that image with you a few months ago Al. :)

You can call me Al

Oh yuk, please, enough.


your leaders are insane!!! the brits are about to use clonton isotopes!!!. The americans are tracking all of russias boomers. RAZBEJALIS NEMEDLINA!!. Belarus leader likes to stumble around in his underware, this was before. Send the boomers away from the doll in her wooden box. I think something big is going to hapten…let the russians know. The missile recovery is the perfect ruse. I dont know what they are up to but i can feel something with my arse.. Something is going down


All Brits are overun by muslims! Brit govt preparing FF chem attacks in Idlb!
Best u be CRITICAL of Brits BEFORE u be NICE about Syria!
PLEASE! Lets get real here!
U Brits literally GAVE Palestine to Israel because the Rothschilds SAID SO!

So lets not start sucking each others dicks just yet!


Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

Cool :))

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