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Syrian Military Claims 1 Israeli Warplane Shot Down after Strikes against Targets in Syria

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The Syrian air defense forces shelled Israeli fighter jets, returning after airstrikes on targets, located on the Syrian territory.

Syrian Military Claims 1 Israeli Warplane Shot Down after Strikes against Targets in Syria

Photo: Wikipedia

Fighter jets of the Israeli Air Force were shelled with missiles from the ground after they attacked several targets in Syria, the press service of the Israel Defense Forces reported, claiming that there were no any losses from the Israeli side.

One of the missiles, fired from the ground, was reportedly shot down by an Israeli missile defense system.

“On the night of March 17, Israeli Air Force’s aircraft attacked several targets in Syria. After the task was completed, several anti-aircraft missiles were fired from Syria. The air defense forces intercepted one of the missiles,” a press release reads. “Security of Israeli citizens or the Air Force’s aircraft was not under threat at any stage.”

According to the Haaretz newspaper, none of the missiles hit the aircraft, however, one of them was intercepted by a missile defense system north of Jerusalem. The newspaper also stressed that there were no Israeli casualties in the incident.

At the same time, the Syrian Army claims that one of the four Israeli warplanes, breached the Syrian airspace, was shot down by Syrian air defense troops, while another one was damaged. According to the Syrian side, the Israeli military jets carried out airstrikes on a “military target” near Palmyra.

A number of Arab media reported that Israeli warplanes bombed warehouses in Syria, where Hezbollah stored its missile munitions. There is no data on losses.

According to the Reshet Bet radio station, the Hetz anti-ballistic missile system was used to intercept the Syrian missile. The Jerusalem Post newspaper reported that it was the first combat use of the Hetz 3 (Arrow 3) system, however, this information has not been officially confirmed.

At the same time, it was reported that Syrian air defense troops launched the SA-5 missile on the Israeli military aircraft, using the Soviet-made S-200 air defense missile system.

Jordanian media reported that some fragments of the missile fell in the city of Irbid, located in the north of Jordan, about 20 km from the Israeli border. It was assumed that it was fragments of the Israeli Hetz antimissile, which was used against the missile of the Syrian S-200, fired the Israeli aircraft, returning after the combat operation. Early in the morning, fragments of the missile were found in the northern suburb of Irbid.

Last night, local media reported about warning sirens and sounds of explosions that were heard on the eastern boundaries, controlled by Israel, including in the Jordan Valley. Reportedly, the sounds that were heard at night in Jerusalem, Modiin, Judea and Samaria were sounds of explosions during the interception of the missile, launched by Syrian air defense troops.

“I can say that the sirens were the result of this incident,” an employee of the Israel Defense Forces’ press service told the RIA Novosti news agency.

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Solomon Krupacek

no plane was shot down


U know this how??


If it was we would be seeing footage of the crash site? Not to mention that the IDF would darken Syrian airspace with a massive rescue operation to recover the pilot(s)?

The Israelis do go a long way to recover their service men. Trading even lots and lots of prisoners for even a dead body.


Long time ago Hezbollah troops captured some Israeli soldiers. No rescue mission was started. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2006_Hezbollah_cross-border_raid Futhermore, the plane may have fallen in territory under rebel control.

Dustil schmit

Rebels would of posted videos of the crash site. By now that is all there good at these days anyway selfies.


Dude, that raid started the 2006 war that saw Lebanon flattened. Which in a way could be seen as the biggest rescue operation EVER in history. And if the plane fell in rebel territory there would still be a rescue mission on the way, if only to shuttle him out.

Simplest plausible explanation, the Syrian missiles got intercepted by an Israeli counter missile volley, and the local SAA operators, who are not exactly rocket scientists, mistook it for a successful kill.


Negative. That raid was not a “biggest rescue operation”. “On 27 August 2006, Nasrallah denied in an interview with New TV that the capture of the two soldiers was the cause of the war”


not if the pilot didnt have time or couldnt eject before he was vaporized, otherwise no point in a SaR mission


The IDF goes a very long way to even extract the corpses of their fallen soldiers. And if MH-17 can be used as a guide SAM missiles are not meant to explode against an aircraft and vaporize them, but to explode in their proximity and shower them with debris, thus causing enough damage to bring the aircraft down. If it went down, there are probably human remains and Israel wants those back.

Again simplest plausible explanation works best. What is more simple and plausible then SAA missile operators, who have not exactly proven themselves to be rocket scientists, mistaking Israeli counter missile fire as a kill? Not to mention that even every Jihadi these days has a twitter account, and not much discipline, so a pic of an Israeli crash site would be up all over the internet in no time.


Oh, please. Using the MH17 event as any kind of argument is ridiculous…especially as it’s only the west (and Ukraine) that purports that it was indeed a missile that downed it. As for 2006, it was Israhell that got their ass handed to them by Hezbollah. The only ones that believe the Israelis came out on top is the deceived Israeli/US public…and you. As for this incident, there is no proof either way.


With what internet?

888mladen .

Please inform yourself properly on the topic of MH-17. That completely discredits veracity of the rest what you’ve written. It makes you unreliable source.

John Whitehot

not if the plane fell in israeli or jordanian territory. If an arrow missile has fallen inside jordan there’s the chance that the plane was hit in the same area as well.


Not prisoners, hostages.


Jewish BS, Russian BS, CIA-Yankee BS…

Only the Hezbollah has to shut-up, not to anger “the Great Lebowsky-Vladimir” :-( And by IRAN, Putin doesn’t say anything, right? :-(

Well… I’m glad that Putin is now good friend with RECEP ERDOGAN (!!!!!!!!!) as thank-you, perhaps , that Turley shot down and killed a Russian pilot. .. On the other side… Israel “managed” to kill with a DRONE (??!) a Hezbollah-leader NEAR Damascus. (!!!)

Putin is a very BRITISH political ho.oker, that’s all => has no friends, no enemies, just interests..

And CHINA starts to cool-down the Russian relations => China signed a SAUDI-ARABIA-Contract for 85 Billions US-dollars.. Over the head of the Kremlin. Why? Because PUTIN cooks his egoistic private soup, even if he says that he works in a TEAM..

And the Russkis just sit & look how the Israelis come and go in Syria’s airspace.

So: either Putin is eating sh*t there OR his S-300/400 are garbage. You may take one of the two..

Putin is playing a double-game. Since that “stops & goes” by Aleppo, It STINKS there : something tells us that PUTIN wants to sell Assad for a good price: Crimea, NATO out of the Baltic States, return to the G8-Table (the Raptors -Club) = he doesn’t fight the scum and swamp, he wants to be recognized as PART of them, as in the times after Wien-1815 and Boris Yeltsin. And Assad cannot do or say anything because he is practically at the bid of Putin.

BTW YELTSIN ,… I’m glad that the Americans got their own YELTSIN. The Yankee-Yeltsin doesn’t even need the vodka-bottle, his “turkey”-EGO does the job as well as Yeltsin’s alcohol..

No matter where you look, plenty of Jewish Cosa-Nostra, around TRUMP, around PUTIN.. IMF -Lagarde, ECB-Mario Draghi,,.. the scum in Bruxelles.. Their flag-ship Goldman SUC;KS (sic!) gives the “know-how” and the Joo Yellen -(FED) dances how the Kosher-Nostra plays..

By PUTIN, the possible weak-point in Russia’s governmental structure __ the break- point __ could be the Medvedev-Gang with it’s “Soros-like” friends -that control the Russian Central Bank (!! – was to be expected!!) and are the “very European and NWO-friendly gang)

888mladen .

Excellent observation. A real big picture. Keep it up.


Sweet dreams Putin… But I suppose that Moscow has given Israel a green light to strike Hezbollah http://abcnews.go.com/International/wireStory/putin-hosts-netanyahu-talks-set-focus-syria-46015201


Theyve been doing that already, why would they need permission from Putin? No, I think Putin told satanyahoo to get bent in no unkind words…


negativ, russia demands everybody to go by international law, the problem is Israel isnt flying in syrias airspace! i am pretty sure they work hand n hand with syria and warned them about the warplanes. its getting harder for israel to achieve their goals a few years back, that would be no problem and they would have done it in the middle of the day!

John Whitehot

Exhilarating, you suppose exactly the opposite of what is written in the article you provide.


As much as I wish it was true, I would like to see some evidence.

John Whitehot

if it’s true, any videos or pics etc will come out after a while. It happened in the past.

Mahmoud Larfi

Nothing true never comes out the illegal state of lie and deception.

John Whitehot

true. although israelis and jews in general often don’t feel an obligation to speak honestly, especially to goyms.

Artimus Gray

>jews in general

take your nazi shit elsewhere pls thx

Real Anti-Racist Action

“Nazi” by the way is a reference to Ashkenazi-Jewish people. I am anti-nazi. As is everyone here, except you. Cause you yourself sound like one of those nazis who’s illegally living in occupied Palestine. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GHXQFt4dySY

John Whitehot

lol. Anybody who knew jews and muslims know that they are not inclined to speak out honestly. no need to be nazi to acknowledge that, in fact i’m as far away from nazis as i am from zionists. zionists love nazis, the only ones not knowing it are nazis themselves.


Yeah fuck you – jews are the biggest mass murderers on the planet..











Behold a Pale Horse

All the jets always have their Freemasonic signs and symbols on them.


More S-300s and S400s and Israel warplane will just another flying scums over Syrian airspace.

Toni Liu

Russia didnt want his missile capabilities got uncovered by israel and turks so they just use that missile in emergency only, otherwise it just sit nicely at corner of the base

John Whitehot

Israel instead just made its Arrow missile capabilities known to Russia and everybody listening around Syria

Real Anti-Racist Action

Sadly that is not true. In-fact Russia specially made several S-300 systems especially for Syria, but then Israel was threatening to help foment unrest inside of Russia. Israel told Russia that they had better not deliver S-300 to Syria. So Russia a year ago broke the contract with Syria, and instead used the same S-300 already adapted to Syrian land and skyscape, and delivered them to Iran instead, thus finally fulfilling that other contract the Russian broke with Iran. So now Syria is left 100% without adequate defense against air-invasion. It takes time to adapt a system for a country, and Iran has Syria’s now. Even if Russia decided to customize another system for Syria again, it would take Russians over a year till they were ready.

John Whitehot

Hilarious. Israel used at least an Arrow SAM system. Russia has ELINT capabilities in Syria and recorded those emissions.

Writing ten lines of unrelated bullshit does not change that. In fact, you did not even try to answer.


Israel flying air support for ISIS again.

888mladen .

That’s a part of the package. Medical treatment of wounded monsters and CAS.

Mr. Perfect

Sounds like bullshit to me

Real Anti-Racist Action

If an attacking aircraft was shot down, that would be nice. However Syria is left with Soviet-made S-200 air defense junk, cause Putin has deliberately backed out of a contract to deliver the S-300 system to Syria, and instead delivered that to Iran in 2016 to fulfill that other broken contract. Syria needs to appeal to China to purchase S-400 or S-300 systems which China also makes now. Russia always deliberately delivers antiquated junk that is never any real match to the US or UK or NATO or against Zionist-regimes. Look at the war against Serbia? Against Vietnam? North-Korea? Afghan? Iran? Iran? Libya? All of these nations were armed by Russia, and when it came time to use Russian equipment, it always failed to do its job. Russia makes good equipment, but then never sell’s them till they are over 20 years old and can no longer even shoot down an F-16. ME should boycott Russian equipment, and buy from China or India or Japan or Iran or Pakistan.

I doubt Syria shot down an F-16 aircraft this time. The S-200 air defense system cannot shoot down a hang glider or an F-14, let alone an F-16. Maybe it could shoot down a World War 2 Mustang, maybe…


John Whitehot

Ukraine used the system to shoot down an airliner in 2000 over the Black Sea so it can destroy something faster than a Mustang. Also, since S-125s and S-25 were making short work of Israeli Phantoms and Mirages in the 73 war there’s no reason to not believe that a more sophisticated system can work on F-16 and F-15, especially after having been upgraded recently.

Leon Auguste


Douglas Houck

Based on the news reports we have:

1) Israel sends multiple jets into Syria (no indication of what type of jet, F35?) 2) Syria launches a number of S-200 missiles (The S-200 is known in NATO as S-5) 3) Israel uses for the first time the new Arrow 3 missile and based on the reported loud explosion, most likely hit one the S-200 missiles within Israeli airspace. (reported as north of Jerusalem).

Here are links giving basic specs, etc. on the two missiles. Both are very large and capable of travelling at the same speed of 2,500 m/s (if I did my math right). Both are considered accurate and long range (300 km for the S-200).. http://www.militaryfactory.com/armor/detail.asp?armor_id=149 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arrow_(Israeli_missile)#Arrow_3

The Arrow 3 is a two stage solid fuel rocket that after getting up to speed, drops its first solid stage. I’d guess that the pictures shown of the Arrow 3 in Jordan is the dropped first stage. Based on the loud explosion heard over a very large area, the Arrow 3 second stage hit one of the S-200 missiles. The kinetic energy released would be huge and better to explain the loud explosion than the S-200 hitting a jet.

The Hetz 3 (Arrow 3) system is capable of simultaneously intercepting a salvo of more than five incoming missiles. To increase the probability of hitting an incoming missile it can launch three missiles to go after one incoming missile in a very short time frame.

Raises the question of why only one missile was intercepted. Not sure that is a good outcome for the Israelis. The other question is why didn’t the S-200 intercept the Israeli jets? Couldn’t see it (F-35?), or by the time the missiles were launched were the jets too far away? I’m sure all the major players got a lot of good information on Israel’s latest long range anti-missile system, and the S-200 to Israeli jet match up.


Real Anti-Racist Action

Chances are the only one was intercepted because, that was the trailing S-200 missile that was fired that lose to Israel, and probably the one that traversed closest to Israeli airspace. The others that were fired were probably more inside of Syria, and probably were confused quicker by F-16 on board counter measures thus causing the S-200 missiles to fall from the sky a lot quicker. With only one staying on target continuing to travel towards it;s target as the F-16 flew closer to its home, then the Arrow 3 picked it up as the only one on its radar, and engaged that one.

While Israel will have the F-35 this year, or even if they do already. Israel is not ready to loose one by chance over such insignificant attacks. Israel would chance the F-35 if they could kill Assad with it, or like half of the Tiger forces or something. If Israels F-35 accidentally fell from the sky because of technical issues, or was just by chance hit with an AA missile, the world would be laughing at Israel and the F-35, it is something that they cannot afford at this time. However, if Israel does indeed try and grab more of Lebanon’s land later this year, then I do believe that Israel will be trialing the F-35 in a somewhat Conservative fashion, trying to take very good care of them.

Also, if Israel used the F-35, it would be giving Russia real world opportunity to see if their S-400 system can detect them or not. American would be pissed off. No one really knows for certain till it happens. Russia’s S-400 system is always turned on, and Russia would love to review the data and see if they really are easy for Russia to detect with the S-400.

Douglas Houck

Thanks for the comment, and yes Israel has already received some F35s.

John Whitehot

all wrong. Countermeasures are less effective if the missile is closer as it still retains more kinetic energy to maneuver. Also, you don’t have a clue on how track / attack radars work when stating things like “then the Arrow 3 picked it up as the only one on its radar”

If they really used SAMs (like Arrows) to engage Syrian SAMs it can only mean they were desperate enough as ECM was not working, or was not used anyway which is hard to believe.

Secondly, Israel won’t be able to field F-35s for at least another year, I already presented links on the subject go find them yourself.


The politics he said she said!


A shame it’s probably not true, as in the past this will likely turn out to be nothing. Arrogant Israeli pricks can attack at will because pappa Murica and wussified Europe will never dare say a bad word about them. Russia should sell some Syria some S-350E & Buk-M systems, downing a couple of Israeli fighters might make them think twice.


This must have been a huge morale boost to SAA!!!

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